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Thread: 2009 SDCC - What is this figure?

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    2009 SDCC - What is this figure?

    I was browsing through the Mattel MOTUC 2009 SDCC photos on and came across these two pics... I don't remember seeing them before... What is it?

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    A variant called "Anorexic He-Man".

    Just kidding, I don't know what it was meant for.
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    'Harry High Pants'?

    'Shady Pines He-Man'?


    but whatever its called its Dang Ugly!!
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    Going back to my memory bank which sometimes fails me it was a furturistic He-man (other known as Hulk Hogan He-man ) and yes the statue IMO was ugly.

    If my memory serves me correctly there was going to be a Mattel sculptor/sculptors on hand, then go back to the factory and come back with 8 of these and would be given away as part of the SDCC raffle. Ive never heard of these again or seen them on ebay. Would be nice to know where they are.
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    Lorde Trooper has it right.

    You can find more information about it in these two threads.

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