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    WTFWTK 2.53 - Ask your questions here!

    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know:
    • Each user is limited to 1 question per Q&A.
    • Posts that repeat questions from other Q&As or from earlier in this thread, or posts that contain multiple questions, will be deleted and the offending user will no longer be permitted to participate in that particular Q&A. So check to see if your question has been asked and help everyone out!
      Be sure to check the posts in this thread before you, as well as previous Q&A sessions!
    • This is for question submission only; not discussion. Please save that for discussion threads, and Q&A answer threads.
    • We will start a new Q&A thread when it is time for more questions, approximately every 2 weeks. So please don't start new Q&A threads.

    The figures that can be produced are figures that were in the original MOTU, POP and NA lines, as well as in the mini-comics for these lines.
    Characters that appeared in the 2002 MYP cartoon are also fair game.
    Filmation characters are off limits!
    Who will be produced will remain to be seen.

    We will pick up to 5 questions we feel might get answers at that time. Please do not take offense to your question not being asked.
    Also, we also edit questions to make them more concise, to be more specific, etc. Please take no offense to this either, as it's only meant to help.
    It's nothing personal.

    ***Important note: Mattel has limited the questions to 5 from each site who submits Q&As.

    Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


    This past round of questions were selected by oICEMANo,
    and proofed against old Q&As by Uncle Montork.
    Thanks to them for their help!!!

    The questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

    1. robaczek:
    With the Vikor figure we see a new take on ankle joints - the pin is no longer visible and the middle part (the loop) is visibly thicker. What can we expect in terms of improved joint tightness or is this purely an aesthetic change? Fans are tired of loose ankles especially in the right ankle.

    2: oICEMANo:
    You said before that “We have thought about adding in some all new characters, but if we did so it would take a special event or release.”
    What kind of "very special event" would it take to go ahead with a few completely new characters? The Masters of the Universe 30th anniversary perhaps?

    3. grenadaspice:
    With the 200+ bios that have already been written up for MOTUC figures, do any of these bios include Filmation characters that you presently have no access to but were included "just in case" the characters become available in the future?

    4. Zodak74:
    It looks like the DCUC Wave 17 Wonder Woman variant has some new torso tooling, helping to make her look less "insectoid" and giving the female action figure an overall better appearance. Will this type of torso articulation be considered for future female MOTUC figures, which would also give them more movement? Teela, Adora, Evil-Lyn and She-Ra's plastic dresses have hindered that area of movement.

    5. Power Sword:
    Is the 2002 Battle Sound He-Man figure an option for a MOTUC He-Man variant? I want to make it clear that I'm not asking for any anime styling or the sound feature. I like the armor over the fur loincloth, the chest plate armor with chain mail underneath & the cool fur sword sheath. If the "H" symbol is a separate piece that's glued on, the armor could also be used for a 2002-inspired King Randor MOTUC variant.


    So ask those questions!

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    The head of The Faceless One we saw in the NYTF 2011 is the final version or it is still possible to introduce it some changes? I think it would look better with his head done in translucent plastic, giving him more aspect of "no face" being.
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    In terms of figures from the mini-comics, we've been lucky enough to get the Goddess & Preternia Disguised He-Man, but those 2 figures consisted of a Teela repaint & a He-Man variant. We assume that Oo-Larr will make an appearance some time in the future, but that will be another He-Man repaint. Fans of the min-comics are craving for original characters like Lodar, Geldor, or Grammynar (sp?). Any chance we will see an original mini-comic character this year?

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    as we've seen with the 'powers of grayskull' and 'princess of power' stickers on characters such as king grayskull and she-ra, do you have any plans to put a sticker/banner on the 3 movie-based characters (saurod, blade and gwildor) to acknowledge that they appeared in the 1987 movie? ...
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    Since I would never ask a friend or family member to weather a matty sale date, have you thought of offering gift cards?

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    The original statement on She-Ra/Princess of Power (PoP) figures in MotUC was that they would, first and foremost, be based on the vintage toy designs. Since then, Adora, She-Ra and now Catra's designs have been almost entirely based on the 1987 licensor kit* (a.k.a. "styleguide") designs, and Bow takes it as his foremost (though not sole) influence. Should we now presume that all future PoP figures in the monthly part of the line will take the styleguide as their first and foremost influence, and that the vintage toy designs will be considered only for limited influence in the monthly figure and/or variant figures at a later time (the former being shown in She-Ra's masked head and Catra's alternate silver mask; the latter being Toyguru's officially-stated position on the She-Ra & Catra toy designs).

    [*NB: I phrased it as "1987 licensor kit" here because that's how Toyguru phrases it. The "(a.k.a. "styleguide")" was in reflection of that being the most common fan term.]

    Quote Originally Posted by Morningstar View Post
    We saw the image of Panthor's package with his head looking to the right. Shouldn't be package looking to the left (reverse Battle Cat)?
    Already answered (in short: "No, because the vintage Panthor & Battle Cat faced the same way")

    Quote Originally Posted by zodak74 View Post
    Now that Orko is well out of the way, what does Mattel have planned for the release of the other smaller-sized characters such as Kowl, Loo-Kee, and Gwildor in the MOTUC line? Will they end up being introduced as a new SKU and not part of the subscription, or will they take up a monthly character slot? Has consideration been given to including these in a set similar to what Mattel is doing with the upcoming Green Lantern set with the squirrel-headed Lantern and the cat-headed Red Lantern character?
    Second part already answered: (Q: "With the upcoming Green Lantern 3-Pack of B’Dg, Dex-Starr and Despotellis having the usual figure price...could a 2-pack of new figures (not repaints) around the size and complexity of Orko make it into the $20 MOTUC price point, and thereby theoretically be part of the monthly sub?" A: "No...")
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    Recently, fans have been discussing alternatives to the Captcha-system that Mattel is about to implement, and one of the ideas is to use several on-sale times on Matty.

    I.e the items of the month are divided in different sized piles, and sold at different dates. On the first and biggest on-sale date, the Captcha could be in place, keeping bots and scummers out, but on the secondary on-sale dates, the Captcha could be turned off, allowing disabled fans to order figures as well.

    Is several on-sale dates something that Mattel have considered as a solution for the traffic-problems? Or is it simply not logistically (i.e economically) feasible at this time?

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    When - and if - Slush Head will show up, is possible to make a removable water-tight helmet? In this way it can be filled with water directly by collectors, avoiding all the security problems that came with toys sold with liquid.

    Plus, if you make the helmet 'lock' on the torso or the armor, the neck ball joint would be preserved.

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    I noticed the series two DCUC vs. MOTUC two packs fail to cross promote the lines as they are supposed to. On each pack there is no mention of the other, or series one, or even They do not let the buyer know there are any other MOTUC figures available or how to obtain them.

    Wasn't the purpose of the two packs to raise public awareness of the MOTUC line at the retail level and draw more people to More fans purchasing the figures will hopefully lead to faster sell-out times, upped production, and ultimately more profits and even more MOTUC toys.
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    Hey Scott thanks for answer our question, here is mine... Is the reuse of the big statue really one thing affecting the choice for the con exclusive? Will there going to be a different statue? Thanks!

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    Spinnerella is a very rare, hard to come by, and extremely expensive PoP figure that I'm sure many people (especially PoP fans) would like to see down the road in MOTU Classics since they'd never be able to obtain her vintage figure. So if Spinnerella is released in MOTUC and you aren't doing any fabric, how would her attire be done? Would it be done in soft plastic rather than fabric?

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    Hello Toyguru,

    When MossMan was flocked you mentioned that you flocked some test-figures prior to that just to see how flocking works with all the MOTUC articulation. Did you try to test flocking on BattleCat/Panthor too? In case you did try could you please post pictures of this test-flock so that fans can see how a flocked MOTUC Panthor can potentially look like? This could actually change opinion of many of fans about the flocking in both ways.
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    The Palace Guards as army builders are fantastic because of thier many variations. What I remember about the Horde Trooper, there is not much, or any variation to them (comics/show etc), now let me make sure my question is correct:

    When and if you guys get to the Horde Trooper, do you think there could actually be enough "variation" to make him a 2 pack, or just a single monthly figure with a VERY large production run.

    Thank You.

    MY Feedback Thread :

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    We've had origin stories for the Battle armor for He-man and Skeletor now. I'm wondering if we are ever going to get to know the origins for the techno vest and Grayskull's axe and shield?
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    Teela, Goddess, Adora, and Evil-Lyn all had hinged ankle articulation that allowed for wide side to side movement of their feet. She-Ra and Catra both share ankles that do not have the same range of side to side movement. What was the reason for this change, and on future female figures which type of articulation can we expect?

    For the record, I much prefer the Teela type to the She-Ra type.

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    Im sure ppl have been bugging you about this here and on other sites: Have you considered a weapons pack geared towards the Palace Guards, for example, 4 extra undamaged chest plates, 4 blasters, 4 new variant heads and other weapons. The possiblities are endless. Or if not a weapons packs, would you consider 4 new heads if and when you re-release the palace guards with all new weapons.


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    Since Whiplashes tail removes so easily, would a 200Xish one with the round club end be a possibility for a weapons pack? And to comment on that, if Ceratus gets a classics release he could include both types as well.

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    Is there any reason that Mattel and Matty have remained silent on all the recent subscription cancellations? Most have been able to get them back on track but not with out much hassle and lack of real answers from the 1-888-GoMatty people, or cookie cutter e-mails that do not solve the problem.

    (feel free to reword, I do not want it come off as negative or accusatory, just looking for a answer/solution)
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    I have actually gotten into he-man for the first time through the classics line these last couple of weeks through characters like Molar and Vikor... i have been lucky scoring past figures through a friend. are their any plans to help this line be more new buyer friendly... i loved the ghostbusters 2 box set of all the main characters... any plans for something like this for instance?

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    Will the Faceless One come with a cloak that hides his legs? The cartoon version seemed to float, which I thought made him look more majestic, and had a long robe. I'd be very disappointed if the MOTUC version changed this.
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    Faceless One is a great looking figure but the head is just a bit off. Would you consider changing the headsculpt to eliminate the mouth? Here is an example by Mike Bock;

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