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Thread: WTFWTK 2.53 - Ask your questions here!

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    Spinnerella is a very rare, hard to come by, and extremely expensive PoP figure that I'm sure many people (especially PoP fans) would like to see down the road in MOTU Classics since they'd never be able to obtain her vintage figure. So if Spinnerella is released in MOTUC and you aren't doing any fabric, how would her attire be done? Would it be done in soft plastic rather than fabric?

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    Hello Toyguru,

    When MossMan was flocked you mentioned that you flocked some test-figures prior to that just to see how flocking works with all the MOTUC articulation. Did you try to test flocking on BattleCat/Panthor too? In case you did try could you please post pictures of this test-flock so that fans can see how a flocked MOTUC Panthor can potentially look like? This could actually change opinion of many of fans about the flocking in both ways.
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    The Palace Guards as army builders are fantastic because of thier many variations. What I remember about the Horde Trooper, there is not much, or any variation to them (comics/show etc), now let me make sure my question is correct:

    When and if you guys get to the Horde Trooper, do you think there could actually be enough "variation" to make him a 2 pack, or just a single monthly figure with a VERY large production run.

    Thank You.

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    We've had origin stories for the Battle armor for He-man and Skeletor now. I'm wondering if we are ever going to get to know the origins for the techno vest and Grayskull's axe and shield?
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    Teela, Goddess, Adora, and Evil-Lyn all had hinged ankle articulation that allowed for wide side to side movement of their feet. She-Ra and Catra both share ankles that do not have the same range of side to side movement. What was the reason for this change, and on future female figures which type of articulation can we expect?

    For the record, I much prefer the Teela type to the She-Ra type.

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    As a completist, I make sure I buy every item that is released, including reissues so that I can get the product with "The Original" starburst on it. The Greyskull stands that I received did not have it on it even though the Mattycollector page said it would. I figured I just received the left over Customer Service stock, but after searching the net, I haven't heard of anyone receiving a box of stands with "The Original" starburst on it. Were they ever made?

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    Since Whiplashes tail removes so easily, would a 200Xish one with the round club end be a possibility for a weapons pack? And to comment on that, if Ceratus gets a classics release he could include both types as well.

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    Is there any reason that Mattel and Matty have remained silent on all the recent subscription cancellations? Most have been able to get them back on track but not with out much hassle and lack of real answers from the 1-888-GoMatty people, or cookie cutter e-mails that do not solve the problem.

    (feel free to reword, I do not want it come off as negative or accusatory, just looking for a answer/solution)
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    I have actually gotten into he-man for the first time through the classics line these last couple of weeks through characters like Molar and Vikor... i have been lucky scoring past figures through a friend. are their any plans to help this line be more new buyer friendly... i loved the ghostbusters 2 box set of all the main characters... any plans for something like this for instance?

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    Im sure ppl have been bugging you about this here and on other sites: Have you considered a weapons pack geared towards the Palace Guards, for example, 4 extra undamaged chest plates, 4 blasters, 4 new variant heads and other weapons. The possiblities are endless. Or if not a weapons packs, would you consider 4 new heads if and when you re-release the palace guards with all new weapons.


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    Will the Faceless One come with a cloak that hides his legs? The cartoon version seemed to float, which I thought made him look more majestic, and had a long robe. I'd be very disappointed if the MOTUC version changed this.
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    Faceless One is a great looking figure but the head is just a bit off. Would you consider changing the headsculpt to eliminate the mouth? Here is an example by Mike Bock;

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