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I don't like this unlikely teamup of Mr. Shokoti and MGM in this thread.

Bout time they found something they could agree about Teela on!
I have frequent team-ups with my opponents. Join me, Marzo! Or get laid out in the middle of the ring with a cattle prod as 200X fans spray-paint "200X" on your bare chest, as the audience throws food and soda! (Holds up a 200X Gang Jacket)

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She-Ra almost showed up in the He-Man film. She has the wicked awesom concept art! They probably felt He-Man needed his own movie without She-Ra so it could focus more on him. I bet she would have been in the sequel! Not sure if a script for that is floating around anywhere.
The thing about She-Ra is that they have to explain her presence unless BOTH characters are being promoted simultaneously. She-Ra could easily be her own movie or a sequel.

I still think something was screwed up in NA and She-Ra was supposed to visit He-Man and they accidentally said "Teela" or someone saw She-Ra and thought that WAS Teela.
I wish we could ask Jack Olester about her appearance, but Misty Taggart wrote that episode. Maybe he does know something.

If MYP had continued, She-Ra would have been introduced. It was cancelled before she came into the picture. She always has to make a grand entrance.
Unfortunately the nature of Adora/She-Ra is that she has to be this "Everything you know is wrong; you really have a sister that we never told you about" reveal. While The 'Ra is absent, Mattel can use Teela is the alpha female.