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From a storytelling perspective, Teela is not wonder woman.
Instead, she is very much like Steve Trevor, i.e. someone whose essential role in the stories is to get into trouble so that the real hero of the franchise - He-man / Wonder Woman - has to intervene to save her from the bad guys.

In this respect, Teela is occupying the same 'function' as Bow or Glimmer in POP. I know people cringed when someone said that earlier on, but it's the truth! It doesn't mean Teela is 'inferior'. It's just the role that she was given in the mythos. She's a supporting character.

A very important character (with a lot more backstory than Glimmer or Bow in my humble opinion) and we all love her because she was the first woman in this MOTUverse with an important role. Teela is great. I love Teela. But she's not the lead.

She-ra might be a spin-off. So was Xena. So was the bionic woman. It doesn't take away the fact that people remember them a lot because they were the main protagonists of their own show. So She-ra is much more of a wonder woman than Teela will ever be.
Here's one of the reasons why I think Teela is the lead. If we have a movie or cartoon, Teela will be the main female heroic lead who will be there from the beginning. She-Ra has the main disadvantage of appearing later on in the mythos, due to her nature as a "GASP, I have a sister/Everything you know is wrong?" reveal long after we've established the status quo for He-Man.

In the world of MOTU, Teela is "Wonder Woman" because she's the only heroic female. He-Man is Superman, Man-At-Arms is Batman and Teela would be Wonder Woman. MOTU's trinity is similar to DC Comic's DC Trinity. As for the damsel in distress, everyone gets in trouble, even He-Man himself needs help from his friends--like the Slime Pit example.

This thread asks 'who is the female lead of MOTUC'. That's simple.
Take the Filmation cartoons. Kill Teela. Can the show continue? Yes. I can't remember for sure but there must have been episodes in which Teela did not even appear. Now take She-ra. Kill her. Can her cartoon continue? Nope. She's a lead character. It's as simple as that... :-)
That's She-Ra's cartoon. If you killed She-Ra in the mythos, MOTU could still continue without her, as we see in MOTU's original mini-comic mythos where there is no POP mentioned. That's where 4 Horde members can take over Etheria without an intergalactic empire or robot troops.

As for the Comic Con BG Teela, well I can remember a She-ra parading in costume at some ancient comic con edition. I think Mattel did 'Battle Ground' teela this year because it would save bucks thanks to the rather skimpy costume she's wearing. :-)
As a Mattel employee? We saw Teela at SDCC twice--once during 200X, once during Classics.

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How many chick fans dress as She-Ra at SDCC and other cons (more than 1)

How many are paid by Mattel to dress as "Battleground Teela" and hand out buttons? 1.

Case dismissed.
Your last statement wins this argument. Mattel chose to use Battleground Teela out of all the other MOTU females to advertise MOTUC. Not their "biggest" female. At their biggest SDCC appearance ever. Ironically the one where they announced the Filmation Rights.