View Poll Results: Who Is The Female Lead For The Masters Of The Universe Franchise?

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  • Teela!!!

    181 44.04%
  • The Sorceress!!!

    36 8.76%
  • She-Ra!!!

    188 45.74%
  • Other(please explain)!!!

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Thread: Who Is The Female Lead For The Masters Of The Universe Franchise?

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    I think a lot of people voted for their favorite character. But that was not what this poll was all about! It's not 'do you prefer Teela over She-ra' or 'who is more important to the mythos, Teela or She-ra?'.

    It's 'who is the lead in the franchise?' and that can only be She-ra as she was the lead of two seasons of episodes AND a feature film. She is He-man's equal. The fact that she came later in the franchise is not a valid argument.

    Xena was introduced later in the hercules series then as a spin off. She became way more popular than Hercules himself. Had Teela been a natural leading lady character in terms of story telling, they would have done a Teela spin-off, instead of creating a brand new character like She-ra.

    People have also argued that Teela is more of a lead because she was in the dolf lundgren movie and the 20x series and not She-ra. But that is a weak argument because in both the movie and the 200x series, Teela's role was that of a supporting character! not a leading lady!

    it would be like saying that Lois Lane is the leading lady of the whole superman franchise just because she's been in every comic movie etc. Supergirl got her own book, movie, etc. that makes her more of a leading lady than lois lane, that's all.

    My favorite comic book character of all times is Jean Grey \ phoenix. i love her to death. But if I were to answer a poll about 'who is the leading lady of the whole x-men universe' I would never vote for Jean Grey. in fact she might be the most popular female and like Teela, she was "the first girl" in that mythos but she never was a leading lady! i have no problem with that as I love her, and qi think she is the BEST. You guys should come to terms with Teela's role in the franchise! It ain't always bad not to be the lead!
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    The harsh reality is that the Horde were originally intended for POP, and they have always been intended for POP. Filmation developed the characters for the POP cartoon. It's a fact.

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