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Chapter 10- Home coming

Teela ran into the woods outside the palace, crying all the way from Castle Grayskull. Her world has been turn upside down, who can she trust? Was her life one big lie?

“Teela,” Adora asked as she walked up, “I know your over welded, I was too when I found out I was kidnap, had a twin brother, destine to be She-ra, and was a princess all within one night.”

“But I was lied to for all these years,” upset Teela said while wiping tears from her face.

“Teela, this could be a blessing. Sure your father and Orko...”

“Even Orko knows about me?”

“Not you, just Adam and myself. I don’t know who knows your secret, besides your father and me. But can tell you, it hard to deceive you; and to tell you the truth—I’m glad you now know. I have someone I could talk to, who I can trust, and hopefully understand the dilemmas that I might face. Sure Adam shares in the secret, but it not the same. He has his guys to talk to, where I feel like the outsider. On Etheria, I could talk to Madame Razz, but here I had no one—until now,” Adora sat next to Teela and handed her some tissues.

“But I have living in a series of lies all my life, I can’t believe the Sorceress is my mother and she gave me away. What was I an unwanted mistake? What was so important that had no place in her heart? Was it so bad that she could raise me? I always known that I was adopted, but why wouldn’t he tell who my mother is?” Teela cried as she held her head in her lap. Her eyes were glazed over, where you couldn’t see her blue eyes.

“But your mother did look after you,” Adora said as she placed her arm around Teela trying to comfort her, “she told me of the time when you fell into the abyss and…”

“I felt her presents, like she was hugging me until He-man rescued me. I know you’re trying to help, but this something I have to work out on my own. You have no idea what it like-- to have your world turn on its top.”

“Say what? I would have no idea, wait one minute. You had everything—a loving father, friends that love and cared for you and nothing less than the best. Your mother even picked who she wanted to raise you. Then you have my story, kidnap at a few days old, raised in a place that was no walk in the park. Sure Hordak did treat me different, but I still had to learn how to survive in that place. Growing up learning how to back stab, lie, cheat, and steal to gain any type of praise. Having no one you can put 100% trust in anyone that is lonely place to be in. Not knowing what love is, until you are an adult is downright cruel, but don’t mind me—I have noooo idea what it is to have one’s world turned upside down.”

“Okay, you made your point. Neither one of us had an easy road. But I find it amazing, is how much we have in common,” Teela said looking towards Castle Grayskull, “both of us were raised as warriors and rose through the ranks quickly at young age, raised in the houses of the ruling parties, and lied to. But how did you deal with it?”

“Well,” Adora stop to think, but soon realized she never did stop to think about it, “I didn’t have time to let it sink in, Adam, I mean, He-man had to go to Talon Mountain to rescue Queen Angella from the harpies. Then when I came here, well know what Skeletor did to me. So I was too busy, to have the time to think about it. I guess I would have been upset like you are.”

“So what should we do?” Teela looked at Adora, “let those in the loop know about me?”

“No,” said Adora with a devilish look in her eyes, “look we need each other, the Sorceress kept referring to me as the queen and you would be my trusted advisor…so this should be our first secret. I show you how She-ra uses her powers and help you learn how to use your power.”

“But my father…he will figure it out! I haven’t been able to keep anything from him.”

“That easy…teamwork and a good cover stories. It worked for Adam all these years”

Teela nodded, “and I would know that for sure.”
The two ladies started to figure out their cover stories and to make sure no one will figure it out their secrets.

At the palace, word of the horde attack at mine comes to the King attention.

“Duncan, any more news?” a worried Randor asks.

“No sire, last I heard was that She-ra was taking Teela into a portal,” replied Duncan.

“Get a search party together, Adora needs to be found as well as Teela,” order the King.

Outside on the balcony overlooking the court yard, Queen Marlena was crying as Randor and Duncan walked out to join Marlena. “Why must bad things keep happening to my daughter? Why does the Horde want her so badly?”

“I don’t know, my dear,” Randor said as he grabbed Marlena and brought her closer to him, “I don’t know why they want with Adora, but by the ancients, Hordak will never have our child again.”
Marlena laid her head on Randor’s shoulder as he hugged, “haven’t we suffered enough from this menaces?” Marlena asked.
Duncan bowed and left the couple, he walked into his workshop, wishing Adam was still on Eternia, when Orko floated in.

“Let’s see, I need this and oh what is that?” Orko was grabbing a lot of stuff but didn’t see that Duncan was in the room.

“ORKO!!!,” Duncan yelled, “What are you doing?”

“Well, making a gift for Adora, ” Orko replied.

“And how many times have I told you to stay out of my workshop?” Duncan said as his face turn red with anger.
Orko stop, scratch his head, and asked “to date? Over 100 times but I think it’s closer to 200 times, why?”

“What !!” Duncan was shock by Orko response, when a guard ran in.

“Excuse me sir, but we have spotted Captain Teela and Princess Adora,” said the guard.

“Where?” demanded Duncan.

“Outside the palace wall near the woods,” replied the guard.

“Orko let the King and Queen know, now,” Duncan said as he followed the guard to the lookout post.

“I’ll never get to finish my gifts,” Okro said as he threw his hands up and floated out of the workshop.

Outside the palace, Adora and Teela are laughing their heads off.

“So you know the plan,” Adora asked

“They won’t know what is going on,” Teela said.

“The two of you had everyone worried,” Duncan stated with a stern look on his face, “where were you, why did you radio in?” Teela and Adora realized that they might be in a little trouble, but they couldn’t stop laughing.

“Father, we are fine. She-ra brought us to Castle Grayskull to get us out of harm’s way,” Teela said as she hugged Duncan, “We’re big girls and we know how to protect ourselves. Don’t worry.”

“You’re my daughter, and I will always worry about you,” Duncan said wiping a tear from his eye. Adora left the two and continue to walk into the palace, unsure what to expect. She turned into the hall way that leads to her room, when a voice yelled out and startled her.

“Oh my, thank the ancients you are alright,” Queen Marlena said with a sigh of relief, “you had me worried.” This was something Adora never experienced before, someone worried for her. She looked at her mother with a puzzled looked on her face. “I had no idea what happen to you after that cave in, and no one could find you.” Marlena said as she grabbed Adora.

“I didn’t mean to make you worry,” Adora said, “She-ra took Teela and me to Grayskull when she saw the Horde bombs, and I had no way of contacting anyone.”

“For almost a week?” Randor question as he walked towards Marlena and Adora.

Adora felt like she was on sinking ship, she can’t tell the truth—it would expose Teela and her secret. So what could she say that they would believe? Hordak never showed this level of caring for her, and the rebellion was so used to her vanishing for days and not questioning her, but this is new and Adam not around to help her out.

“Adora, I’m getting impenitent, where were you?” Randor demanded.
Adora gulped, “we want to be careful after what had happen, so we only traveled at night.” She prayed that her father would buy this, “but if you don’t mind father, but I would like to rest for a while, then I answer all your questions. Please excuse me.” To her surprise, Randor and Marlena allowed her to go to her room; they believe her lie-she believes. Adora now knows the value of her friendship with Teela. Not only to keep her secret, but someone she can depend on for guidance when Adam not around.

Adora was fast asleep, when there was a knock at her bedroom door. She turns on a light and grabs her robe and stumbles to the door. She opens the door, but no one is there—she closes the door and starts to walk back to her bed, when she her a second knock. Adora opens the door again, “who’s there?” she asked. But no one answers. “Something strange is going on, and I’m going to find out what!” Adora walked down the hall, everything seems fine; and then she hears the knocking again. Adora things she just hearing things, when Teela opens her door.

“Adora,” yawn Teela, “what do you need?”

“I didn’t knock, it’s coming from your room,” Adora said.

“I’m too tied to play these games, Adora. Man-at-arms has me on KP duty until who knows when; I need to get some sleep before I see another potato.” And with that Teela turned around and closed the door.

“This is bizarre,” Adora thought, “I can hear the knocking but can’t see anyone doing it? What going on?” She turned around and decided to go back to her room, maybe this in her mind. “A good night sleep is what I need. Plus I need to be on my toes if I’m going to help Teela disappear for her training at Grayskull.”

The next day, Adora was at the stables, grooming Onyx and waiting for Teela. The two ladies figure if they get an early start, no one would notice that missing and Teela would be able to handle both training and her royal duties.

“Good morning, Duncan,” Adora said, “Have you seen Teela, she was supposed to help me today?”

“Don’t worry your highness,” Duncan pointed out, “She should be done with her extra assignments.”

“Extra assignments? I don’t understand,” Adora asked.

“I believe your father has extra assignments for you as well. The two of you had everyone worried. You need to let us know your okay. Even though you saved Teela life, you should have had the Sorceress contact me—I would have cover for you. You might be a great leader one day but you have a lot to learn about responsibility,” Duncan said, “I think you better see your father.”

“But where is Teela?” Adora asked.

“Your father is waiting and you better get going,” Duncan said as he guided her towards the palace doors. Adora thought about what Teela said last night about KP duty and wonder if it was the same thing as KP with the horde. Instead of heading to the throne room, Adora heads for the kitchen.

Teela was busy peeling a ton of potatoes in the kitchen when Adora walked in.

“I guess KP is the same all over,” Adora said trying to make light of the situation Teela was in, “why are you doing this? You’re the captain of the royal guard.”

“I might be the captain, but my father is in charge of all the armies and guards—and I didn’t check in as I was supposed to,” Teela said as she finished peeling the last potato, “finally I’m done. So what did you get?”

“Get? What do you mean?” a puzzled Adora asked.

“As for your “punishment” for not staying in touch,” Teela went on, “Father said the king was upset with both of us, but with you especially. He expected Adam not to stay in contact, but figure you would keep the palace inform.”

“I never thought of that,” Adora said as she sat down on chair, “I’ve been on my own for most of my life, oh my…..I would expect the rebels to have checked in, I should have expected that Duncan would have wanted me to check in if you couldn’t.”

“What did you do this time to punish all of us again,” a voice from the hallway said as a big green blur run past Teela.

“Adam, your back,” Teela said, “and what do you mean by punishing all of us?”

“Well I was sick for a week after your last KP,” Adam said laughing.

“It nice to have the whole family home again,” Marlena said as she hugs Adam, “Adora, your father has been waiting to see you. You can’t keep avoid him.”

“I can try,” Adora said under her breath as see walk out of the kitchen.

“Wait up, Adora,” Adam said as he ran after her, “ So what did you and Teela do?”

“What do you mean,” Adora said with a smirk on her face.

“I know that look, and I think you can face father on your own,” Adam stated as he quickly turn to leave but Adora grab him.

“What are you chicken,” Adora giggled.

“No,” Adam said, “I have seen that look and I don’t want any part in whatever you are planning.”

“Thanks a lot,” Adora said as she opens the door to King Randor’s office.

************************************************** *****
Randor was sitting behind his desk, were he was reading his daily reports from across the kingdom.

“Adora, come in and sit down,” Randor said, “Do you know why I have summon you here.”

“I failed to check in after the bombing at the mine?” Adora said looking down.

“That is only part of the reason, I know you are still learning about how things run around here, but I don’t think you understand how worried you made us.”

“Sorry, father. I’m not use to having people worry about me. I was just worry about Teela. I know I should have sent word, but …. I didn’t think.”

“Adora, you are a great warrior, thanks to Hordak but now you need develop your leadership skills.”

“But I am a good leader and lead the Etherians to freedom against the Horde.”

“Yes you did, but if you are to queen one day, you must become a great leader.”

“I thought Adam would succeed you?”

“I haven’t decided, it could be you-- But Adora, you need to learn to trust people around you. I watch you over the past few months, and notice you are guarded expect around Adam and Duncan.”

“I guess that comes from growing up in the Fright Zone. Trust was seen as a weakness and was always used against you. Even after I left, Hordak used my friendship with Loni to get to me. After that I swore I wouldn’t allow Hordak to us anyone close to me.”

“He gone and you don’t need to worry anymore...”

“But he not, She-ra told me the bombs at the mine had the horde symbol and Teela and I ran into Leech and Mantenna. I need to find out how they got out, and then plan how to recapture them.”

“Adora, we will do this together and Hordak won’t use those who you trust against you again.”

“If only I can believe that, you don’t know Hordak like I do.”

“And that is a plus in our corner,” Randor got up from his chair and walked over to his daughter, “and you must trust those who you lead.”

“But how can I do that, it goes against everything I was taught.”

“Give it time, they will trust you,” Randor said as he led Adora to the window and pointed down to the royal guard, “as you must trust them—for they will put their lives on the line for you. Do you understand, this is the main difference between us and evil armies be it the horde or snake men or my brother.”

“I think I understand.”

“I hope so, my daughter. Now if there nothing else, I believe you have your duties haven’t been done yet.”

“One thing, how did you know that I know who Skeletor really is?”

Randor just laughed as Adora left his office.

Chapter 11- Self Doubt

Later that evening, Adora was sitting in the court yard, trying to catch up on her Eterian history when Teela sat down next to her.

“So, how mad was the king at you?” asked Teela

“No,” Adora said stilled puzzled, “he just talked to me about trust and being more open.”

“That it!?! And I got a week of KP on top of my duties,” Teela said as her head into her hands, “life isn’t fair!”

“What if I help you out with KP duty and drilling of the guard, it would give you the time you need for training with the Sorceress?” Adora asked as she tried to pick up Teela’s head, “I’m just as responsible for what happen as you were, and that what friends are for.”

“But what if my father finds out, I don’t know,” Teela got up, “I could get in bigger trouble for not doing my duties yet I need the time to go to Grayskull. Maybe I should just tell him.”

“And if you tell him, Adam will know,” Adora pointed out.

“Oh my,” Teela said as her face turn bright red, “You don’t how many times I flirted with Adam as He-man not knowing they were the same person. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be,” Adora giggled, “Let see Castaspella has transport Adam a few times, Frosta has thrown herself at He-man, and then there is Glimmer. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed, I’ve corner that market on that. “

“You made your point,” Teela agreed, “But I will need your help with keeping my secret. So tell me more about Adam problems.” The two continued to talk for hours. King Radnor watched them from the baloney, and he wonder if Adora was starting to open up and accepting her role as princess. Marlena walked out to join her husband, “Sweet heart what is troubling you?”

“Nothing to concern you,” Radnor said as he turned towards Marlena, “honest my dear.”

“I know you to well, Radnor, what aren’t you telling me?” Marlena said as she looked over the balcony, “What has Adora done to have you concerned?”

“I don’t know,” Radnor said as his escort Marlena back inside, “I just trying to figure which child should follow me. I guess I expect more from Adora- she just let me down with what happen at the mine grand opening.”

“Radnor, we don’t know everything that happen that day. You put Adora in a situation that she wasn’t ready for, she did her best. Unlike Adam, she wasn’t raised with responsibilities that go with the crown. Remember how difficult it was for me, how many of our people wouldn’t accept me in the beginning. It takes time, so give it to her; she won’t let you down,” Marlena said then she gave Radnor a kiss, “let’s go to bed.”

“I hope your right,” Radnor said as he followed Marlena down the hall to their bedroom.

Next day, Adora kept her word to Teela. The two were in the kitchen peeling potatoes when Adam walked in.

“So Father and Man-at-arms is still punishing all of us,” Adam stated as Adora threw the potato she was pealing at him, “well, you never eating Teela’s potato salad.”

“What do you want,” Teela said as she tried not to laugh, “I have two more bags to go.”

“I was looking for you sis,” Adam said while tossing a potato, “but I guess whatever you did must have been a something major—I never had KP as a punishment.”

“I’m helping out,” Adora said, “So what do you want?”

“Not much. Just that Frosta will be coming here next week,” Adam continue, “And I might need some sisterly help.”

“Oh really? Some sisterly help… so what did you do to get Frosta mad at you?”

“Sis, let’s talk somewhere little more private, please.”

“Teela do you mind,” Adora said and Teela nodded, and Adora followed Adam into the dining room, “So what did He-man do this time.”

“I sort of promised Frosta ….,” Adam mumbled.

“What did you promised?” Adora asked as she placed her hands on her hips, “spill it, now!”

“That He-man would show her around Eternia,” Adam said, “and you know how she is with him….and I want...”

“Don’t go there,” Adora went on, “you got yourself into this mess, and I’m not cleaning it up. If you promised Frosta, then you need to live up to your promises. I have to get back to the kitchen.”

“But I need your,” Adam tried to finish, but Adora quickly turned around and entered the kitchen. Adam wonder why Adora gave him the cold shoulder, she always has helped him out. He figure that she tired of run interception between He-man and Frosta and maybe it’s time he must come up own plan to deal with her. Adora was right; I need to fix this mess.

************************************************** *

Later that day, Adora was watching Teela run the Royal Guard through their paces, Adam and Duncan are outside the motor pool repairing the Wind Raiders, when Zoar was spotted over head.

“Did you see that,” Duncan asked.

“Yes,” Adam said, “it’s strange she didn’t make connect, maybe she just checking in on her daughter.”

“You’re probable right,” Duncan said, “let finish this and then I’ll check up on Teela.”

“Company halt,” Teela commanded when all of a sudden she started to hear a voice. She shook her head, but the voice was still there. “Am I going crazy?” she thought.

“Teela are you alright?” Adora asked worried about Teela, and then she notices a hawk flying above them. Adora walks closer to Teela, “Teela, I think your mother is looking for you?”

“What?” Teela asked but notice Adora pointing to a bird. She closed her eyes and heard her mother’s voice call for her, “Adora, I need to go but I can’t just drop everything and go.”

“I’ll finish the drill, take Onyx so the guys don’t see you,” Adora said, “I’ll cover for you.”

“Thanks,” Teela hurriedly turned and ran towards the stables. Adora started to work the guards. One could see why Adora rose through the Horde ranks so rapidly. Her pose and grace truly showed as the guard followed her command, but it soon ended as Adam and Duncan ran over parade grounds.

"By The Right Flank, MARCH,” Adora commanded.

“Why isn’t Teela running this Drill,” Duncan demanded.

“Excuse me,” Adora turn with a look that could chill anyone in their footsteps, “how dare you address me that way in front of the troops, Man-at-arms. Teela was asked to do something for me and I told her I would run this drill.” Adora walked over to Duncan and pointed her finger at him, “Are you trying to show these men that they don’t need to respect the royal family? If nothing else, you are dismissed.” Duncan was taking back, no one ever talk to him that way. Adam couldn’t believe what he saw, it took him back to the first time he met Adora. Duncan left the parade grounds, but Adam stay behind. Adora finished the guards’ drill, when she notices Adam staring her down.

“Adora, we need to talk,” Adam said as walked over to her, “What in Eternia has gotten into you?
First this morning when you wouldn’t help with Frosta, and now the way you talked to Duncan.”

“Nothing is going on,” Adora said knowing she must keep Teela’s secret, “why are questioning like I’m the help.”

“This isn’t you, what happen at the mine. You are acting colder than the Icer. You can tell me.”

“Why does everyone think something is wrong? I hate all this, you must act this way, you can’t do that, you late for this and that. I can’t take it anymore. Some days this place is worse than the Fright Zone. I want to be myself, but I can’t. This is me, running the army, planning the next move and working with the people…but her it a princess does this and doesn’t do that and you need to trust others. You have no idea how hard it is, ` cause this all you know. Just go!!” Adora started to cry and ran out of the gates to the parade grounds. Adam was left speechless; worried about Adora he goes to the commutation room to call Glimmer, for her insight.


At Castle Grayskull, Teela struggled with control her telepathy.

“Teela, you must master this,” the Sorceress said, “if not then anyone with a little bite of magic will be able to confuse you, again.”

“I remember what happen,” Teela said as she walked towards the window, “Evil Lyn had me so convinced that she that Skeletor was going to attack in the sands of times. But why didn’t you ever answer me, when I asked why was this happening to me. Why did you push me away?”

“You were so young,” Sorceress went on, “and you still had a lot to learn. Here,” the Sorceress pulled out a necklace, “wear this whenever you aren’t in these walls. It shield your psychic abilities.”

“I must go; I don’t know how long Adora can cover for me,” Teela said.

“But your father knows about your secret,” Sorceress said, “haven’t you told him.”

“No I haven’t,” Teela said, “I’ll tell him soon, when I’m ready.”

At the palace, King Randor was in his office. He was going over the plans for Queen Frosta’s visit, when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Randor said as he finished signing some papers, “make sure these plans are followed.” He handed the page a pile of papers, “So Duncan, what’s the matter old friend?” Duncan walked in and took a seat.

“Well, sire, it’s Adora,” Duncan said.

“What did she do this time?” Randor said as he rolled his eyes. He can’t believe how difficult it is with Adora around.

“It is the way she spoke to…” Duncan said when Adam rushed in.

“Sorry to barge in, but,” before Adam could finish Randor interrupted, “let me guess Adora. She going to be the death of me.”

“Is this an all boys club or may I join,” Asked Marlena.

“Of course not my dear,” Radnor smiled as Duncan got up from his for the queen, “We were just talking about Adora.”

“Mother, father –I’m worried about Adora,” Adam said, “I think she overwhelmed.”

“You call that overwhelm, Adam,” a shocked Duncan said, “You were next to me when SHE spoke down to me.”

“She did what!!” Randor said in a stern voice, “Where is my daughter?”

“Father, she ran out of the palace. Adora is over whelmed, after you left and she had dismissed the guard she was working with; she broke down. She can’t handle the stress.”

“That no excuse for her address Duncan that way,” Randor said.

“I think I understand what Adora going through,” Marlena went on, “Duncan and Randor, you should remember the hard time I had; I could only image what is going through her mind. Let me talk to her. Sometimes a little girl time might be what she needs.”

“But dear,” Randor tried to interrupted but Marlena gave him a look that put him in his place.

“Adam which way did she go?” Marlena asked, and Adam shrugged shoulders. Marlena walked out of Randor’s office leaving the men dumb founded.

“What just happened,” Adam asked.

“Son, one thing I have learned over the years—never stand in your mother’s way,” Randor told his son.

Outside the palace, there is a small wooded area with 3 gorgeous waterfalls. It reminds Adora of Crystal Falls.

“So, do you want to tell me what is going on,” Marlena walks up to Adora who is sitting on the ground next to the base of the largest waterfall. Adora looks up and quickly looks away; she doesn’t want her mother to her crying. “Adora look at me, you need to open up. You have three men very upset with you.”

“No one understands,” Adora said as she wipes her face, “this isn’t me.”

“Look sweet heart, I do understand. I was over whelmed in the beginning. You learn how to take control.”

“It’s easy for you to say, you never had the Horde after you. All my life, the Horde been there. I thought I would have that fresh start, without them. Do I get it…NO. Somehow Leech and Mantenna are here. At the mine, I hear Catra. Not to mention, Man at arms always on my case. Today, I asked Teela to take Onyx out for me, my arm was bothering me. So I took her drill time, which allowed to evaluate how are guard performs. Could I, no I didn’t Duncan and her tries to put me down in front of the guard. He gave no choice, I had to put him in place, and I wasn’t going to lose the respect that the guard was giving me. Then there is Adam, he means well, but he always takes Duncan side. This morning he had to take cheap shots at Teela and myself. Teela shouldn’t have gotten KP duty, she was injured and I was the one who didn’t contact the palace, so I’m helping her out. Maybe I should just leave; I wouldn’t have them running to father because I turn left when I should have gone right. I don’t know why he is so hard on me. ”

“Adora,” Marlena hugged her daughter, “They just not use to you. Duncan was the same way with me when I first came here.”

“He was?”

“Yes he was, but he means well. There was this time, shortly before the two of you were born and the Horde had just invaded and I wanted to take a walk outside the palace.”

“Let me guess, he ran to father.”

“Yes, he didn’t I should be out of the safety of the palace, well Skeletor was behind one of the trees in the court yard and tried to take me. Needless to say, he didn’t expect me to fight back at nine months pregnant. Like you, I too was raised with a military household, my father, your grand father was a general in the US Army, plus I was a major in the air force before entering the space program—so I knew how to protect myself, but what I didn’t expect to go into labor. Sure Skeletor ran off, but if it wasn’t for Duncan keeping that close eye me, who knows what would have happen. It was later that night; your father and I were blessed with you and Adam.”

“But why must he be on my case?”

“That might go with the time Hordak and Skeletor came into the nursery and took you. I don’t think he ever forgave himself for that day. It was such a dark day for the kingdom. He tried to get you back, but Hordak was always a step ahead.”

“But he knows I’m ok and he has Teela.”

“She was a blessing, when she came 6 months later. She brought a lot of joy to all of us, but she never could replace you. You’re my daughter who I love dearly, and I don’t want to lose, again. I know this life can be a burden, but like an old earth saying ‘when life hands you lemons…make lemonade’”

“You want me to make lemonade?”

“No my dear, it means try to make the best out of a bad situation. Maybe you should show Randor your ideas for the guard, let him see what you can offer. Adam never wanted anything to do with the guard or military, he always wants to play around and be the ladies man. I feel you are what this kingdom will need—a smart fearless leader especially if you’re right about the Horde being here.”

“I’ll think about what you said, but I need time to think.”

“Don’t be too long; chef hates it when someone is late for supper.” And with Marlena got up and left Adora at the waterfall and return to the palace. Adora thought about what her mother said, wondering if she doubt herself abilities as a leader. Will the Horde always haunt her life? Can I put them behind me and focus on the future? Am I ready for this? Adora knew only she could answer these questions, but could she face the truth? She knew she would have to face her father and Duncan about what happen earlier, she composed herself and got up. She drew sword and thought how it change her life once before, could it help her or will it be her down fall? The more she looked at the more she doubt herself—was she the leader or was she depending on She-ra to lead. Adora never notice that Teela snuck up behind her and tap her on the shoulder.

“Miss me,” Teela said in a playful way, when she saw Adora’s face, “what happen?”

“Don’t worry,” Adora said as she put her sword away, “But if your father punishes you for leaving your post –I want to know.” Adora realized she is the born leader; she can’t allow Hordak to miss with her mind and shouldn’t allow Duncan to intimate her. “Let go home, I hear that the chef hates it if someone is late for supper.”

“He does,” Teela said as she noticed a change in Adora—as if her spirit has just return to her, “the last someone was late; they had to do the dishes.”

“Who was it?” Adora asked.

“Your Father!!” Teela said, the two burst out laughing as enter the palace grounds.

Chapter 12-One night

At the palace supper time is a big deal. Its family time, Marlena had set the rules years before the twins were born. She was tied of her father-in-law, King Miro always continuing royal business at the table, it had remind her of what her father would do, and she didn’t want that to happen under her watch. Randor agreed, it’s a time to share their love with each and their family. Over the years, it became a time to relax, laugh and have fun, but this is no ordinary meal—the tension was thick that trick Orko tried could get a chuckle.

“That it’s!” Marlena said, “Adora and Duncan…let’s clear the air now. Yes I know its breaking my rule about dinner, but this requires this forum.”

“Marlena, this can wait,” Randor stated.

“No, this ends here. Adora, I believe you have something say,” Marlena said in mother voice, which stuns Adora. She only heard that tone with Chakra, the horde nanny who raised her.

“I have...” Adora started to say when she was cut off by her mother.

“YOUNG LADY, don’t you even try to go that way,” Marlena stated. Adora saw that she wouldn’t be able to push it to the side. “I’m waiting.”

“Duncan, maybe I should have asked you first before relieving Teela from her duty,” Adora went on, “but I’m not sorry for the way address you in front of the royal guard.” Everyone was stunning to her say that.

“Explain yourself,” Randor said.

“Since I was drilling the guard, I expected rank to matter. And the last time I check, a princess is higher rank than a man-at-arms according to uniform code of military. After what happen to Teela and myself going to Stila and at the mine, I wanted to see how prepared our guard is,” Adora stated.

“Adora, your right—I shouldn’t have addressed you like that in front of the guard,” Duncan said humbly, “and I accept your apology.”

“And I want to met with you about the level of readiness of our troops, I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last from the horde,” Adora said as she look at Teela, who seemed to agree.

“You don’t need to worry,” Randor said, “our guard defeat them once before and they will again if need be.”

“I think Adora’s background will give us the edge we might need,” Teela said, “I would like it if you would join me during the practice drills?” Teela knew Adora would jump at that and it would give her the added time she needed to be with the Sorceress.

“Now that the air is clear,” Marlena said, “my rule is back in effect and this is over.”

Later that night, Randor was working late in his office, when Adora came to the door.

“Father,” Adora asked, “my I come in?”

“What is the matter?”

“It might be nothing, but from what I have seen, I don’t think the guard is up for the challenge of the horde.”

“My dear child, they are up for it.”

“Father, I feel they rely too much on He-man. Their response time was slow.”

“Slow? How?”

“By a half a minute. Which by Horde standards is unacceptable?”

“Why all this interest? I would think you would be tired of the military life.”

“I thought the same way until Leech and Mantenna attack Teela and I. You need my expertise on the Horde, maybe that my purpose here. All the balls and dress isn’t me, today I realized I miss working with the guard.”

“You are defiantly my daughter, my father—your grandfather couldn’t keep me away from the guard.”

“I read that you lead the Masters during the Great War."

"Let me talk with Duncan, you might be valuable offer insight on the Horde. But you need to make nice with Duncan.”

“I will, and thank you.” With that Adora gave her father a kiss before leaving his office. Radnor shook his head and wonder if he just got played by his daughter. But also knew Adora was right, she does have much to offer on the horde and they are train. Maybe she is also right; we do depend on He-man a little too much. Randor wrote a note to himself to talk to Duncan about using Adora skill and knowledge of the Horde to their advantage. Then he turns off the light and went to join his wife.

Outside Duncan was getting the new weapon prep for master testing in the morning when he sees Zoar. At first he thought the Sorceress was just looking in on Teela, but he started to get message from the bird. The Sorceress wanted to speak with him at Grayskull alone and not allow anyone where he is going. This was unusual request of the Sorceress, so he knew it must have something to do with Teela. He quickly ran for his wind raider and went to Grayskull.

“Duncan,” The Sorceress asked, “has Teela told you what is really going on?”

“What do you mean?” Duncan asked puzzled.

“By that answer, my fear is right.”

“What are talking about, Sorceress. What wrong with Teela?”

“I have started her training to take my place.”

“What do you mean?”

“Her wounds from the mine explosion, the injuries were worst than I thought. Not like when she was 16 and I gave her a blood transfusion. The Castle gave her part of the powers she will have.”

“And you’re afraid that Evil-Lyn will detect it again.”

“Yes and no. I gave a necklace to hide her power and Adora also pledge to protect her.”

“So that why the two seem to be buddy buddy.”

“Yes, so please make sure Teela will able to see me daily.”

“But is she ready to handle this?”

“Duncan, I hope she able to forgive me? She was extremely upset about the secrets that were kept from her all these years. “

“Sorceress, you have trusted me all these years with raising your daughter—I will make sure she comes everyday and I know Teela will come around and forgive the two of us in time.” With that Duncan realized why Adora was working the guard, but it still doesn’t excuse she treat him. He knows he can’t confront the girls-then they would know the Sorceress told him.

At the Palace, Adora and Teela were going over the party plans. This will be the first time Adora will be able to help plan the celebration of the twins birthday. In the past, she would travel from Etheria to Eternia with her friends—and always worried what Hordak would do. But this will also mark six months of freedom from the horde for her. Sure there been some minor attacks but nothing has happen on Etheria to raise any alarm.

“So I heard back from almost everyone,” Adora said with excitement in her voice, “I just can’t wait.”

“And what about Hawk,” Teela teased, “Is he still coming?”

“And he off limits!!!” Adora stated, “Hopefully father will allow me to take the yacht out while Hawk is here.”

“Oh look at the time,” Teela said in a panic, “the Sorceress will be upset with me again, I so late.”

“Teela, calm down, she hasn’t come looking for you yet. Come on let me give you a ride, Night Wind hasn’t flown in long time…give me a minute to change….FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL…I AM SHE-RA” She-ra pointed the sword towards Onyx, and with a flash of light he transforms into Night Wind, the black unicorn and She-ra jumped on to his back.

“You know, the transformation is just amazing, I don’t think I will ever get used to it.”

“Are you coming?” And with that She-ra held out her hand for Teela, and the three took off into sunset towards Grayskull. Adam notice Night Wind and wonder where the trouble was when Duncan walked up to him. Adam figured if there was a problem, he had better change—but Duncan stopped him.

“Duncan, why did you stop me? There must be trouble, She-ra and Night,” Adam was saying when Duncan interrupted.

“No problem, just the girls going on patrol. I need your help with the security for the upcoming parties.”

At the Temple of Hordak, on the dark side, Hordak gathers his troops. Catra, Leech and Mantenna argue with each other who messed up at Stila, Shadow Weaver consults her magic books when Double Trouble walks in. Double Trouble was never made as a double agent, the rebellion thought she was an ex hordes men who look up to the Great Rebellion leader Adora but instead she felt betrayed by Adora. When Adora left the horde, Damijana was young and eager girl studying to be like her role model and Hordak took advantage of that. Damijana was trained in hand to hand combat and how to blend in and be a spy. Her innocent look made it easy for her to gain the trust of Glimmer, princess of Brightmoon and dear friend of Adora and was known as Tisiphone. Hordak made sure that she would fit into rebellion camp by having her escape from the prison at Horror Hall. When the horde was capture Damijana Tisiphone stayed uncover until she was needed once again.

“Hordak,” Double Trouble said as she walks in, “I’m glad to see you free again, master.”

“DT what news do you bring me from Etheria?”

“Not much, just plans that the traitor…Princess Adora is to have a ball in her and her brother’s birthdays. I can’t believe what she did to you.” DT turned away in anger with her head down in shame, “will you ever forgive me, Hordak for fighting alone side her and imprisoning you?”

“My child, you had to do that. I wouldn’t want your cover blown. So does Glimmer still see you as a friend?”

“Yes, and she dating Prince Adam.”

“Oh, and what other information do you know?”

“Well, Glimmer have confided in me that Adora is having problems in the palace. Many fights between her and a person call Man at arms and her father. Mostly on what they expect her to do and what she wants to do.”

“So Adora hasn’t changed--still causing trouble like always, this news pleases me.”

“I’ll be escorting Glimmer and her mother in two weeks for the ball, would you like me to find out anything in particular for you.”

“You know what I like, but you better get back—I don’t want your cover to be blown.”

“As you wish.”

“That suck up,” Catra said, “she doesn’t know what it is to be a horde’s man. Hordak how can you trust her? How do you know she not telling Glimmer about us.”

“Now Catra, I don’t trust her anymore than I trust you can get Adora. How could you mess up an easy job? Adora was only with one guard and you just had to blow up the mine? I would expect Skeletor to ruin this plan.”

“It wasn’t me. Mantenna didn’t ….” Hordak was sick of Catra’s lame excuses for failure. She always blames the others for what she couldn’t do, but Hordak had a plan to get her out of his sight. He reaches for his controller and pushes a button and Catra goes flying through the air and out of the building. “Anyone else wants to tell some bad news…well whose next!”

“Hordak,” Shadow Weaver floated in, “Adora has no clue that you are here.”

“Well duh, I haven’t left this temple since we came here. Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Their guard will be down on Etheria, perfect time for us to reclaim what belongs to the Horde.”

“No, I don’t want to return to that appalling place. If Horde Prime wants it, he had better get off his lazy *** bottom and do it for himself. I am tired of all problems I have had with the house of Grayskull and Adora will be mine at any cost.”

“You mean with Randor not Grayskull,” Shadow Weaver corrected Hordak only to be met by a blast from his arm gun. This was the first time Weaver has ever been discipline for speaking out.

“I know what I said. I had been here before, when Castle Grayskull had no Sorceress, no muscle bound female or males riding in to save the day on unicorns and oversized neon green tigers. No, my fury goes back to D’vann Grayskull, the first king of Eternia.”

“So what do you have in mind?”

“In due time, Weaver, first Double Trouble needs to get into the palace. Adora and the throne will be mine!”

On Etheria, Glimmer was going from shop to shop throughout Brightmoon. She looking for something, what she wasn’t sure of—but she loves to shop.

“Princess Glimmer,” the shop keeper said as he ran to greet her at the door, “I just got this amazing cloth from Mysticor; it would make a lovely gown.”

“That it will, what am I saying, I’m looking for a gift for a dear friend. A birthday gift.”Glimmer stated when Double Trouble came in, “Demi, where have you been. You know I need your help with Adora gift.”

“Glimmer, you know her better than I do. All of this is not her,” Double Trouble said as she looked at all the crystal, “Isn’t she more down to earth than this, or is this--another excuse to shop for yourself.” Double Trouble notices a small wooden box in the back of the store. The box was inlayed with gold, the top had two porcelain roses—one yellow and the other red. It was very simple and perfect…too perfect almost as if she saw this before, but where. Glimmer notice that Double Trouble staring at the box.

“You did again Demi, I knew you would find the perfect gift. Will you send it to the castle, and…your rights about the cloth—send it also.” Glimmer grabs Double Trouble and ran out of the store, “Now, we need to find you a dress for the ball. Eternia is so beautiful this time of the year and I can’t wait to see it.”


At the Kingdom of Snow, Frosta prepares to go Eternia. She realizes her kingdom needs this trade agreement with King Randor, but her hopes are that she will run into He-man.

“Your Majesty, will you need an escort to the portal?” Summer asked.

“No, I need you here. Summer, as my Lady in Waiting, you must stay here, just in case something happens to me.” Frosta picked up a picture of He-man and sigh, “You can come and rescue me any time.”

“Did you say something, my Empress,” Summer asked as she was leaving. Frosta turn and gave her a look that would freeze anyone in their footsteps. Summer realized that Frosta was daydreaming again of He-man. She leaves the royal chambers and goes down the hall to her office. She wants to make sure everything will go smoothly for this trip. But has a bad feeling something going to happen, Summer wonders if she should call Adora about this—but chooses not to.


At the palace, Teela and Adora are in Adora room. It is the only save place that allows the two talk without any interruptions.

“Let me take this off,” Teela said as she removes the necklace that shields her powers, “Now, the Sorceress said you should be able to telepathy with me.”

“I can’t, but if you give me a minute to change,” giggled Adora as she drew her sword, “For the Honor of Grayskull……..I am She-ra! Ready” The two practice for what seems to be hours, but Teela unprotected powers were being picked up by two others.

At Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn recognized the telepath signature, and a very evil grin came across face. “So dear Teela starting to use her use her powers. This could be useful information for me and maybe I share with Skeletor.”

At the Temple of the Hordak, Shadow Weaver also senses a new power. “Lord Hordak, I bring you news of a new untrained telepathic at Randor’s Palace.”

“And how is this good news for us?”

“I will consult with my books, but this might allow us to see within palace without being in the palace.”

“I love it when your wickedness shows.” The two laugh like crazy.

“I think I had enough for now,” Teela said as she reached for her necklace, “plus we still need to go over the plans for Empress Frosta’s visit.” She yarned and started to doze off, She-ra transform back to Adora. Adora grab the blanket and placed it over Teela, and tiptoe out of her room. Adora turned around after closing the door—just to run into Man-at-arms.

“Duncan…hum...what a lovely night,” Adora was trying to get out of there but kept tripping on her word.

“Adora, I know about you and Teela,” Duncan said, “why did you girls come to me?”

“Duncan, it not that easy, Teela felt betrayed and alone. Adam always had you, but I was alone with my secret and I understood where Teela was coming from. Plus I blamed myself for her accident at the mine—I couldn’t save her.”

“You didn’t plant the bombs, you couldn’t stop them.”

“But powers weren’t able to heal her.”

“She is very special.”

“I know, and I promised the Sorceress to protect her and her secret. Teela doesn’t want you to know and I ask that you respect her wishes.”

“I understand, but I need to make some changes to her duties.”

“No, you can’t, she know I told you. Teela and I will figure it out but don’t you dare change her responsibilities.”

“But it too much for her.”

“I know, but this is what she wants, and I’ll be helping her until the day she decides to tell you. Right now I need to double check the plans for Frosta’s visit.”

“Just do me one thing Adora.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t allow Teela to push herself too much. I don’t want her to get hurt. She is still my little girl.”

“I promise, but this never happen, okay.” Adora quickly ran down to the commutation center. Duncan shook his head in amazement.