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Thread: MOTU Classics Panthor Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    MOTU Classics Panthor Video Review by Pixel Dan

    Panthor review is live! WARNING: I may have wanted flocking a little.

    Any questions, just ask!
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    WOW! So soon after Bow! Awesome! Your reviews are great as always and can't wait to see your review for King Hssss!

    I too wish Panthor would've been flocked. I think the flocking done on Moss Man was great and totally made the figure great. I'm sure that the flocking could be done the same way with Panthor so as to allow for all the articulation. I'll have a few months yet to decide whether to get the unflocked Panthor or hope & wait for the definitive flocked version someday...

    I agree that the face sculpt, though, really makes Panthor stand apart from Battle Cat. For lack of a better term, Panthor's face seems much more psychotic if not 'meaner' than BC.
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    awesome review dan! i just watched it over on PCN ...

    i've gotta say that i totally agree with you here ... the absence of flocking really takes away a lot of panthors magic, as it was the flocking that made him look so cool in the vintage line ...

    i really don't like the helmet - so i'm glad it's removable ...

    whilst i'm glad to be getting a panthor - it's really just so that skeletor finally has his mount, like he-man does ... i'm not overly excited for this figure ...

    by the way - great review technique, was cool to see that you were really a little disappointed with this one as it shows your passion for what you want to see in MOTU come through vividly ...
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    Great review! I"m thrilled to have him. I was among the people who DIDN'T want him flocked. I thought it would really take away from the 4H's awesome sculpting. (like with Moss Man)

    He looks great. At first I couldn't stomach the helmet but it's been growing on me. I think it's pretty cool. It does complete Skeletor and it's another awesome addition to the line.

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    Thanks Dan, good review.

    Man, I love the headsculpt. He looks as he should look, like the old toy and boxart. And the helmet is just an awesome addition. April will be a great month!

    I'd prefer he was flocked but after seeing more images of his face, I can see the arguments for both versions. The flocking would hide all those details.

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    Thanks for the review Dan.

    I'm not fond of the helmut.

    Not a fan of Panthor NOT being flocked but still a nice looking figure.

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    Great Review Dan! Not impressed with Panthor though
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    The figure looks far better than I thought it would, but I feel ya on the flocking. With that said, that face does look awesome. Would it look better flocked?
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    ill be skipping this panthor in hopes for a flocked version in the future.

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    Well Dan with the fur obsession you seem to have... all I can say is... go flock your self. But seriously, you're alittle over the top with that, but it's alright, still a good review as always

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    Bwahahahaa! I am so glad to see that you are not biased or anything! heh,heh I have to say that the helmet is growing on me too. He is big enough that it doesnt look TOO unwieldy anyway. I would never have thought that I would be looking forward to the ongoing movement of time so much. It is hard to live in the day when you look forward to good things in the future!~
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    Decent review and yes I agree the non-flocking does seem to take something away from him. Does the glare on the figure stand out as much in person or is that the lighting?

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    Would like to know if panthor's armor works / looks good on Battle Cat.
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    I still can't help seeing the poor thing as being bald (another posthumous vote in the pro-flock camp) but, of course, I'll still buy him. Curse you, Matty!

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    Panthor looks awesome! I personally, don't miss the flocking. Battle Cat isn't flocked, and if one cat is flocked the other should be…they both have fur! The detail and paint apps/air brushing are great! I'm really looking forward to getting THIS Panthor!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmc1984 View Post
    i've gotta say that i totally agree with you here ... the absence of flocking really takes away a lot of panthors magic, as it was the flocking that made him look so cool in the vintage line ...

    i really don't like the helmet - so i'm glad it's removable ...
    ^ I agree with all of this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Man-E-Toys View Post
    ill be skipping this panthor in hopes for a flocked version in the future.
    This would be the first MOTUC item I would have passed on if I didn't have a sub for the same reason you mentioned.

    Seeing him next to the other Panthors...I wish he was closer to them in colour.

    He still looks fantastic though. Good job Dan!
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    They need to continue the trend and make Clawdeen even more vicious looking.

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    Thanks for the review, Dan.

    Bit too much non-flock complaining, but at least you were honest about it up front lol.

    Not too bothered about it myself, as flock would have hidden the awesome fur sculpt. If they do a flocked one in the future i'd happily buy it, but for now this is an amazing addition to add to my MOTUC display!

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    Great review as always man & as cool as Panthor looks with all the awesome detail the 4H put into him, he needs the flocking.
    Panthor was my 1st cat when I was a kid. My brother had Battle Cat & I always though Panthor was so much cooler because of this fuzziness.

    I'll be getting him for sure, but if Mattel releases a flocked Panthor, he'll be my main cat again.
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    The helmet seems cumbersome, but it looks okay. I agree that lack of flocking has taken away that special something that we all remember from the vintage toy. That being said, it's still a great piece. For those of you thinking of passing on it, I wouldn't hold my breath that a flocked version is on the way anytime soon. (Or, at all.)

    Thanks for the preview, Dan.
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    great review. and you made me laugh at ever one of your flock comments.

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    Wow, you really know how to beat a dead horse... err... cat.
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    I love that he's NOT flocked... On the other hand Mattel should've made sure that the paint job on Panthor matched the color of past Panthors...
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    flock panthor!! :-) great review

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    I'm passing on Panthor too. Hopefully the handful of people that "voted" against it at SDCC buy up all these non-flocked Panthors so we fans of flocked Panthors can get what we want down the road.

    Glad you did the comparison with vintage and 200x showing how Panthor was flocked each and every time he was released. I'd also like to add that the commemorative Panthor was also flocked as it shouldve been as well as the 200x variant Mecha-Bite Panthor.

    So basically every Panthor EVER released is flocked except for the MOTUC version would should be the utmost ultimate version. Makes no sense to me so color me disappointed.

    Still not gonna take away from the Four Horsemen's work though. The sculpt is awesome, as is the purple and green paint job.
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