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Thread: MOTU Classics Preternia Disguise He-Man Review by Pixel Dan

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    MOTU Classics Preternia Disguise He-Man Review by Pixel Dan

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    Awesome! Very impressed! I'm loving Tallstar right about now. Yeah, that's right. I said I'm loving Tallstar right about now.

    Too bad about the rigid tunic piece.
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    Awesome review. I also love, love, LOVE that cosmic key! I really wish he was a regular monthly figure, because I would buy get two keys. Just like in the movie.

    I never thought of the sword holster until you mentioned it! That is very disappointing. Maybe he also suffers from Prince Adam syndrome (4H sculpted the holster but something happened and it didn't get made).

    I figured the slits in the "skirt" wouldn't help poseability much, if at all. It kind of looks like he would have had the same leg articulation if there were no slits. That could just be because of the harder plastic. Hard to tell.

    I love him though! I'm not sure why there's so much hate for Preternian Disguise He-Man. When he was revealed at SDCC, I freaked because he's awesome, all his accessories are awesome, and I never, NEVER thought we would get him! Such a gift.

    One thing I thought's kind of funny is that we only get 1/2 guns he uses. If we get Bionatops, I'm sure we will get both. It's just a pity PD He-Man won't be able to ride him (as demonstrated on Panthor).
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    Another awesome review! I wonder how he will look on a vintage Bionatops? And I couldn't help but notice his hood would look perfect for a 200X style Skeletor head. But we know that won't happen.
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    2 thumbs up, Dan.
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    This review helped me appreciate the figure more.

    I had gotten excited for OO-LARR, and when Preternia He-Man was revealed, I felt very strongly about not liking him.

    Well, it's a good figure. Not my favorite, that that cosmic key is pretty terrific.
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    I will likely appreciate this figure more when it's in hand. As of now, I'm not sure about it.

    Thanks for the review, Dan!
    I'm hoping for a Disco Skeletor for the next subscription exclusive! Fully flocked!

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    Good review. You really got me looking forward to this figure. I was like "who the hell is that" when I saw him at SDCC. He has really grown on me and I love the key. I cant wait to get him.

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    So did they not send you a map to review? Not a big deal just wondering.

    Overall it's actually a pretty nice little bonus figure I think my only aversion is really that I don't want a bunch of He-Man variants. I got more than enough of that in the 200X line.

    But that Cosmic Key! Wow! That is so sweet. Kinda wish it was detachable from the handle so you can display it more movie accurate (really it should have a shoulder strap instead of a handle) but that is definitely the highlight of this figure.
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    I find that I like this figure for his accessories more than the figure himself.

    Great review as always and I hope I can score one off of someone who isn't trying to make $100s off of it.

    Yeah, I don't have a sub for various reasons, yet I buy just as much MOTUC stuff as if I did have a sub. I just don't want to be handcuffed into it.
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    Great review, But it has convinced me that I really dont want the figure, so I wont open it! Ill keep one for MY MOC collection, but the other one will go into the 'Trade' pile!



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    Still not a fan, only thing I like is the cosmic key.

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    very nice, enjoyed the review. I am convinced now more then before that I want this figure a lot.

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    Your third review in 24 hours and it's finally a toy I have no problems with.

    I shouldn't want this one as much as I do since it's full of so many odd details:

    ** Preternia makes about as much sense as Prearth but I still love that MOTU's prehistoric-like era has such a cool looking name. Prehistoric, that is, if our dinosaurs were cyborgs armed with guns.

    ** He-Man looks like the cross between a monk and a superhero but it works for me. I feel bad for the people who already thought Prince Adam turning into He-Man was too superhero-like for a franchise steeped heavily in sword & sorcery fantasy. Now he's even got a mask.

    ** Even though other MOTU characters have guns, He-Man using one seems odd. Considering that gun is usually carried by a triceratops looking dinosaur makes it seem even odder. I'm still happy the toy is coming with it though.

    ** This He-Man from a late-in-the-line mini-comic comes with a time traveling device that previously was used in a live action movie by an Orko replacement. I still agree with Dan that this is one of the best weapons to have come with any MOTUC character so far.

    ** The Sorceress is extremely powerful and, besides the fact that He-Man shouldn't need to hide his appearance while going into the past(it's not like there are photogaphs hanging around that will give away his identity), shouldn't she be able to disguise his face with magic? I still dig the old school superhero mask.

    Like I said, I should have problems with this toy but it all works for me for some reason.
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    It might be a disguise against King Hsss, since he's coming back with a secret to defeat him.

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    wow! - awesome review dan! i simply cannot wait for this figure ... when i saw the cosmic key accessory, i knew that i would be anticipating this figure greatly ...

    i love love love the movie, so finally being able to own a movie-accurate cosmic key is just absolutely amazing ... it may only be a small accessory, but it's importance in the movie and it's nostalgic feel make this probably the best accessory we have seen so far in MOTUC ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    Awesome review. I also love, love, LOVE that cosmic key! I really wish he was a regular monthly figure, because I would buy get two keys. Just like in the movie.
    totally agree! ... i'm a single subscriber so i will bag one, but 2 would be amazing! ... we just need some more movie figures to play with! ... ...
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    Your reviews of late have been really good, Dan. Thanks!

    I really like this figure. I don't care about the lack of sword holster. I am disappointed to see the old ankle joint and that the tunic isn't all that flexible. And it looks like even your figure has some dodgy paint apps (smudge on his right shoulder and the paint apps on the sword don't look that tight)

    Dan, does the sword have "made in china" on the handle?

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    Cosmic Key! Woo-hoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCB View Post
    It might be a disguise against King Hsss, since he's coming back with a secret to defeat him.
    This. And if they're planning to follow mini-comic cannon, I think Skeletor isn't supposed to know he's in Preternia as well.

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    Great review Dan! That Cosmic Key looks AWESOME!

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    Well, I haven't watched the video yet, But I will soon. What I will say is that it is a very cool variant and I like how it bridges the gap with the Powers of Grayskull characters, who are all deceased, except for the Goddess, Moss Man, Zodac & Kar-Tor. However, the whole disguise doesn't make sense. Sure, maybe it makes sense to disguise himself from KG, but wouldn't characters like He-Ro & the Goddess know who he is? And, wouldn't his cover get blown, per say, the minute he draws his Power Sword for battle?

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    Good review again, shame he wont be able to sit on Bionatops if every get one in Classics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joseephus View Post
    I couldn't help but notice his hood would look perfect for a 200X style Skeletor head. But we know that won't happen.
    I noticed the same thing! I need an extra PE He-man head so I can put it on my extra Scareglow head to finish my custom
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    I only dislike the removable chest part of the hood.
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    Awesome review as usual...I agree that Cosmic Key is incredible!

    Seeing this figure makes me wish Skeletor had that bigger hood looks better than his!
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