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It would have been nice to have all figures in the same scale like 6". I don't mind the larger scale on the ThunderCats anymore. MOTUC are taller and muscular than most figures, and the ThunderCats are even taller now but slimmer. Just keep in mind that Lion-O is at least a head taller than the other cats which means they would most likely be the same height as MOTUC figures, so it shouldn't matter that much imo.
Interesting, I guess I hadn't though about that. Maybe it'll be less obnoxious than I think then.

In collecting figures there are TWO things I've REALLY wanted figure wise and those are a He-man and Super Man figure that fit in perfectly together and a MOTUC and TCATS line that do. Superman didn't happen, and its looking like the TCATS is about to be out of scale too so its sad for me. But yea maybe this gives me new hope on this issue.

The way I see it;
Eternians are all equally muscular and tall. A lot more than Earthlings (unless Earthlings live for over 10 years on Eternia, then they will grow taller as well *Marlena*). This is because of the gravity, the suns and the center of the Universe. ThunderCats are just a taller race of Cats from Thundera and the Mutants grow taller on Plundar. Both races have a standard/slim bodymass unlike a muscular body from the people of Eternia.
I've heard people mention this a lot in how they rationalize the DCUC MOTUC difference... and if it works for you thats all that matters. For me I just think they look ridiculous ... and I don't like to have to rationalize why my figures look weird together. Its not as big of a deal with merman or beast man or characters that are creatures ... but putting the human characters next to each other they just look really out of scale.

I realize I'm being a bit... ocd about it maybe haha