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Thread: Now you've seen Pixel Dan's review of Preternia Disguise He-Man, what do you think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killian View Post
    I like that it comes with a Cosmic Key, but if they were going to do a hooded human figure I would much rather have had Eldor or a random villager.
    I'm thinking maybe this is a view of things to come?

    Agreed. That plus Eldor would have gotten me to buy the Sub, but that almost seems like extortion.

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    I was apathetic before and am still apathetic towards it...
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    If he had the new improved Vikor boots I might have tried to pick him up if I could find him for a good price. But since he has the standard craptastic floppy ankle boots I think I won't bother.
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    Im not really down with all this time travel malarky. I prefer characters stay in their seperate time zones. I don't even consider Primus or Denebria to be in the future, just in a different galaxy to Eternia.

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    I went with other, I don't have a subscription. so while I like the idea of the figures and think he'll make a good subscription exclusive. I am in no way interested in acquiring the figure in my collection. Pixel Dan's reviews are always appreciated because it it gives me an in depth look at figures I would otherwise not get to closely see.
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    I love my disguise He-Man. He stands in the back of my Preternia team.
    Great variant in my opinion. Very happy.
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    the many protectors of the sword of he have been based on archetypes we've got beserker he-man in grayskull, viking he-man in vikor, gladiator he-man in vykron, and buck rogers he-man in wun-dar so im using him as a robin hood he-man

    tra-ker he-man of the forest
    tray was an palace guard banished from eternos due to his disagreement with the current rulers he bcame an outlaw who stole from those who passed through the evergreen forest but that all changed when he was chosen to protect the sword of he by the goddess.
    in order so he was not recognised as the bandit tray-ker disguised himself with a mask now known as the he-man of the forest he protects the secrets of grayskull while atoning for his past thievery

    this also ties into my idea that the he-men were not altogether on the side of eternos
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    Other. I bought him on the cheap to customize into someone I actually want....

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