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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread--February 2011

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for February 2011!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    Why are you listening to the 4H instead of you're consumers?

    Since the you and the 4H aren't buying the majority of these figures, why aren't you listening to those who are? The vast majority of people have seen what the inside of the hood would look like black and like it. We don't care (no insult intended) what you and the 4H think about how it looks. Even if we can't get a GID head, which we should, at least Mattel could listen to their consumers and make the inside of the hood black to better match his cartoon appearance.

    P.S. Nice face on the FACELESS one, though he does kinda look like Skullmaster who was pretty cool.... but I'd rather just get a Mighty Max 6inch toyline made.

    It is not that we "listen to the Horsemen" over the customers, it is that together we reviewed several decos and the version we are putting out really did look the best.

    Other times the fans clearly outvote both the Horsemen and Mattel.

    The Horsemen wanted to do Man-E-Faces with his mini comic colors, I personally wanted to do the full orange suit version. But the fans voted for the half and half, so the fans win and get it there way.

    You stated the MOTUC line was planned until 2017 N recently said that a few MINI-COMICS characters were planned .
    As it seems the MOTUC line is the ultimate where we can get " never done as figure before " Characters , can you tell me if i can hope or forget to finally see before the end of the line a figure of the purple werewolf from masks of power , please ?
    I'm NOT asking for a date at all , you can't reveal that , but i try my chance N claim directly to you my interest for this character !!

    Always a possibility and he would not need that much tooling (maybe the Beastman body?) but nothing to announce right now!
    Faceless One with black hood Fan Poll

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention, fans are voting on what the
    Faceless One should look it.

    Is it possible to make the hood black with glow-in-the dark skull at this point?

    Here are the current results:

    do you want a black inside of the cowl/hood?

    5 (4%)
    no, keep the inside of the hood purple
    65 (47%)
    yes, make the inside of the hood black
    67 (49%)
    yes, make the inside of the hood black + make it a glow-in-the-dark head

    The Horsemen actually tried this paint scheme and were unhappy with it. They tried out 5 different decos on Faceless One. The version we presented looked the best!
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor??

    Will they ever remake this figure? I loved the water squirting gimmick!!

    Only time will tell!
    He Man variants always for subscriptions?

    I would like to ask if a He-Man variant is planned to always be the figure that comes with the MOTUC suscription?

    If you mean will the club figure (like Preternia He-Man) always be a He-Man variant, the answer is no. This year it was (and sorta last year, kinda) but it won't be in 2012! 2012's club figure will be a totally non He-Man figure/variant.
    Why does a 5 days poll is still open after almost 8 days?

    Hi ToyGuru, Catra, Mc Jodie and all other mods.

    I just want to remind that the 5 days poll for man-e-faces color scheme is still open after almost 8 days now.

    Shouldn't this poll be closed already?

    I hope no one feels offended for what I'll say but if the poll results change drastically in the end in comparison to the results after the initial stated 5 days it wouldn't make any sense to open it in the first place.

    We ran it a bit longer to give as many fans a chance to vote as possible.
    Prince Adam reissue?

    Since Adam was Orko's accessory, if you release Adam on his own card, would this be considered a new sku? And if it is a new sku, would that allow you to have the attachment added to his back to hold the Power Sword?

    Yes, it would be a new sku as it would require a new pack out configuration and work would need to be done on his package. Additionally, if we changed any of the accessories or the deco this would also require some work. Re-releases are just that, the exact same figure, the machines just need to be "turned on" with no additional work assigned to them. If we assign any type of work we need a "development slot" not a "reissue slot" which we have fewer of.
    Weapon Paks

    Hi Toy Guru!

    Would appreciate if you could answer these 2 short and simple questions :-)

    1) Will previously released Weapon Paks be reissued?

    2) Would it be possible to include a repainted (perhaps in black?) Bionatops Blaster in a future Weapon Pak?

    Thank you in advance!

    At this point we are not going back into production on the weapon paks.
    The Original Skeletor???

    I picked up a Skeletor that has the first run left hand but also a "The Original" startburst on it.

    Can you please tell me how this would have happened?

    This was the version sold at SDCC (due to the wrong hand being used we didn't want to sell this version online) giving fans the choice to purchase this version in person.
    The Faceless One's hood question

    We know that a GITD head is off the table, but many fans where asking if it was too late to have the interior of, The Faceless One's hood colored black to more resemble his appearance in the animated series?

    It is not a sense that it is too late (which it kinda is) but the Horsemen actually tried this. They did 5 different decos on the Faceless one including an all white and a glow in the dark version an none were cutting it. The version shown was the best looking and the most impressive of their paintjobs on him. Quite a lot were tried.
    When will Man-E-Faces and Megator's secret accessories be announced?

    Do you have any idea when the "secret accessories" for Man-E-Faces and Megator will be announced? You don't have to be date specific, but approximately; like this month or the next, etc. I have no problem waiting for the news, but it helps when I have an idea on when I'm gonna find out, haha.

    Actually, we might just let fans discover them when opening the package!
    Thanks for Battleground Teela!

    Thanks to you and the 4H for helping to make my dream figure come true, Toyguru! I've been wanting this figure since I first read that comic!

    My question is similar to Rockinhard's question about Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man: how come Battleground Teela was chosen? I'm totally not complaining, but I never expected her to be seen this early since she's so obscure so seeing her yesterday was a COMPLETE SURPRISE. If anything, I was expecting 200X Evil-Lyn to be released alongside of the Faceless One.

    I think this was covered by me in the video Pixel Dan did at NYTF, but the short answer is, she is a kick *** cool variant of Teela.

    When we first launched MOTU in late 2008, the team went through all the material we had legal access to. While flipping through the DC comics we saw this outfit and immediately wanted to get her into the line! I was actually personally hoping no one was going to bring up the DC comics (and no one did for almost a year and a half into the line) so that when we revealed Battleground Teela she would be out of left field and a cool surprise no one was expecting.

    Sigh. Can't win em all! Clever fans (I believe yourself included) started asking for her pretty quick and the cat was out of the bag that we had access to this design.

    So while fans have been asking for her for a while, she has been slotted in as the June 2011 figure for almost two years when we first put the line together around Feb 2009 (when we knew the line was going to go past the first 6 figures and needed a long term plan to ensure we still had enough good characters to last into the future - we didn't want to get to 2014 and go "oops, all the goods ones have been done"). We have very deliberately spread out what we assumed back then would be the fan demanded characters, and for the most part we have been right on. Battleground Teela, like all the releases, has been planned from the start.
    Time inconsistency on King Hsss bio?

    Looking at the new product page for King Hsss on the store site, I read his bio a little more closely, and I see where the reference to the time in the void is five centuries. It also looks like that's what is printed on the package bio. I assume this is a mistake, and it should have been five millennia? Or did the Snake Men "exist" for a long time after Grayskull's death?

    Yes. The change/request from the MOTU franchise group to make it 5,000 years between Grayskull and Adam (form 500 years) happened after the Hssss package went to print.
    Any chance of NA figures appearing in the next year?

    Hi, Is there any chance that the NA Era will get some love sometime in the next year?

    Going by the timeline ending in 2017, we may need to start seeing at least 2 (preferably 3) NA figures per annum, and so far theres no one for 2011.

    And Optikk is such a superb Figure,we are looking forward to what else the 4H can do with this under appreciated era.

    A member of the Galactic Protectors will be in the 2011 monthly slot line!
    Battle Armour Skeletor

    Pictures of Battle Armour Skeletor on the Matty Store page show him with a grey Power Sword, is this something included with the toy?

    No. We'll look into this and get it fixed!
    King Hsss

    Toy Guru You stated that aside if PE He-Man having the old peg ankles that all new figures going forward from Vikor on would have the new non peg ankles.

    My question is why was King Hsss given the Skeletor Greavs and Keldor boots with the OLD ankle peg when he's a new figure?

    When you make the statement that going forward all new figures will have the new ankles then we see a new figure like King Hsss with the old ankle parts used it's disappointing.

    Are we going to find this practice going back & forth all through 2011 with the new figures or are all NEW figures getting the new NON PEG Ankles?

    We will look into introducing new boots for other characters when logistics allow, but for King Hssss he has the Keldor boots.
    There's Some Confusion On The Upcoming She-Ra

    Will the new 2011 She-Ra be dressed in the outfit she came with in the first release, or will it be one of the variants from the classic toy line? The explanation in the presentation video was a bit open to interpretation.

    It will not be the same as the original She-Ra, but by mixing and matching parts from the original and new release you will be able to create quite a few She-Ra variants.

    That is all we are saying for now, you'll just need to wait for SDCC for more!
    Ultimate Battleground Teela and Teela: are they the same person?

    Maybe this question we might have to wait until the bio of Ultimate battle ground Teela to be reveiled, but fans have been wondering, with the blond hair and the aged facial features, many people are wondering if UB Teela and Teela are in fact the same person. Can you shed some light on this issue, or do we have to wait for the bio?

    Yes. They are the same person much as Battle Armor He-Man and standard He-Man are the same person.
    Is Battleground Teela the same woman as the October 2009 character?

    Due to the intense debating about this character on the forums:

    Is Battleground Teela the same character as the October 2009 figure?

    The reason why I'm asking is this... because more than one character has the name of Teela.

    Yes. For the record Battleground Teela is a variant of Teela much as Battle Armor He-Man is a variant of He-Man. Different color hair, different outfit, same gal.
    Why does Faceless One have a face?

    Why does Faceless One have a face? His face does not look as how he appeared in the cartoon since this figure has definable features.

    It is how the Horsemen interpreted the character. They actually tried about 5 different paint jobs including a glow in the dark one and the version shown was the best of the bunch!
    Man-e-faces... only ONE weapon?

    Will Man-e-faces only come with ONE weapon, as shown at the NY Toy Fair? Or will he have other accessories included with the final product?

    As announced at NYTF, he will come with a secret accessory. (as will Megator!)
    SDCC Exclusives

    Since they weren't announced at NYTF, can we get any hints at the DCUC and MOTUC SDCC Exclusives? Also, any idea when we can expect an announcement?

    April-ish. Just like last year.
    Clawful 2nd Head?

    Surprised no one else has asked this but here goes, are we for sure NOT getting an additional head with Clawful? The one we got looks great, but there are a lot of fans, myself included, who would like to see another head that isn't completely vintage inspired. The vintage head features bushy eyebrows and large eyes, making him seem more muppet than menace. I'm not asking for a completely 200x style head here, just one that is more intimidating than the vintage head, kind of like when we got a calm head for Moss-Man ( to universal praise). Thanks for all the goodies shown at toyfair! I know we are a demanding bunch of fans but you guys are doing a great job!

    Clawful only has one head.
    Clawful 200X Head Request!

    I'm aware of the extra costs to extra heads and the fact that 200X is retired. I was wondering if there was any discussions on doing a 200X Clawful head behind the scenes?

    question about the new she-ra figure and sub inclussion

    TG said that there is going to be 4 female characters released this year so far is catra,blonde teela, and 2 supposed more is, the new she-ra included in the 4 females of the year?
    So if she-ra is not considered a re-relase nor a corrected re-release, but her body is going to be brand new one ,don't that make she-ra a new figure over all with the exception of her name which She-ra like the other figure previously released?...I believe she should be included in the sub and if not then the sub holders should at least have a discount code for her ..Can her inclussion in the sub be possible?

    She will be an additional figure outside of the sub and is not one of the four female figures previously announced.
    4H and the vehicles

    Is it true that the MOTU Classics vehicles won't be sculpted by the 4H?

    No, it is not true.
    Beast Men...first appearance???

    I was wondering, have the actual beast men (not to be confused with Skeletor's henchman, Beast Man) ever made a visual appearance in any of the mini comics, books, or various cartoons? If so, where?

    One place they appear is in an issue of the DC Comics 1983 MOTU mini series.
    Orko as the Accessory

    I was just wondering something. If Mattel decides to release Prince Adam outside of being the accessory for Orko, well they then turn around and make Orko the Accessory for Prince Adam?

    You know, so they can put the bio for Prince Adam on the package, but supply the same figurines.

    No. If we did another Prince Adam or reissued the existing Adam on a single card he would not come with Orko as that would push the price over the $20.00 basic figure price and try to reserve "odd" priced items for conventions to keep the sub fixed.
    Dear MattyCollector, Regarding your Motuc series

    Is the Motuc serie much more popular than you could predict or thought it would be?.

    I mean, i se many re-releases some action figures go for crasy prices, specialy in Europa where you cant order from (they dont ship).

    Prices goes from 50$ to 149$ for one Action-figure!, the prises are just insane.

    Considering our original plan was to put out 3 two-packs and a NYCC item, the line has done very well indeed!
    Burst on the reissue stands?

    I know that when ordering reissues, that there is a chance you may receive leftover stock from the first run. With the reissue stands though it seems that no one has received any with "The Original" burst on the package.

    I was wondering if the "reissued" stands were even produced with "The Original" burst on the box, like stated in the description of them in the store section?

    Most believe that the stands with "The Original" on the box does not exist. So we would like to know for sure. Thanks!

    We did request "The Original" be added to the package but it looks like it may not have been. We usually do not get samples of the reissues into our corp office, so we don't see the final reissue figures/items until they ship.
    Slime Pit He-Man

    If you were to make a Slime Pit slave He-Man, would he come with a plastic can of slime to pour over him as well as a matching clear green power sword?

    Doubtful he would come with slime. It is very expensive! (well, compared to plastic or even soft goods)
    Was a Bio created for Prince Adam?

    I know that the SDCC 2010 Orko/Adam only feature Orko's bio, since it was his release and Adam was the accessory.

    But, in the creation of the 200+ bios that you had mentioned previously, was an individual one made for Adam that just hasn't been released yet?


    What are the chances Cringer will one day show up in the MOTUC line? Adam's old buddy needs his own figure.

    I imagine one day we will get to Cringer. But nothing to announce right now. He certainly deserves a figure after 29 years!
    Unfair question

    As you surely know how awesome the 4 HM-Battle Ram at the last SDCC was, we fans have high expectations at the new vehicle.

    So some of us are concernd of hearing, that the 4HM will not sculpt the MOTUC vehicles.

    Can we expect a vehicle, that fits the awesome MOTUC design that the 4HM had always delivered?

    The Horsemen are sculpting the vehicle. But we aren't saying which one it is yet!
    Mini-Comic Characters in MOTUC?

    Will there actually be characters that were unique to the mini-comics such as Geldor or Lodar? What about Randor as he appeared in the mini-comic, but not the older, white-beard Randor (more as he looked in the FILMation series since he also looked this way in the mini-comic)?

    Yes, quite a few are planned in the next few years.
    Will Swiftwind be called "Swiftwind" or "Royal Swiftwind" on his package plus tagline

    Was wondering since we know that Swiftwind will be painted "Royal White" instead of "Classic Pink" from the voting results at SDCC 2010, will he also be named Royal Swiftwind on the packing, or since he is basically replacing the classic paint job, will he just be called Swiftwind? And which tagline would he carry?

    Honestly, we go back and forth on this one. We'd love to do the pink original toy version one day as well. What say you She-Ravers?

    with both the release of whiplash and now buzz off will we see in the
    future a possible clawful. being they alll share the same body style, and
    if so can we asume that all characters that share body types get a look at
    first,like teela,evil lynn, beast man,moss man

    Clawful is an awesome character and one I am personally a huge fan of (having owned the vintage figure when I was a kid) but just because the "shared" parts for a character are available does not really have a relation to when that character will come out.

    The releases for MOTUC have been thought our well in advance strategically placing characters from different "factions", genders and eras in each year to ensure each year has a robust offering. We don't want to get to 2014 and go "shoot, we're out of cool characters to release!".

    Sure some characters with shared parts will be released close to each other "Like say Trap Jaw and Optikk sharing a crotch piece) but they were released to put out a Skeletor crew members and a NA character, not because they shared parts. That was just a nice coincidence.
    (Editor's Note: We need more answers like that Clawful answer. Beats "We can't comment on anything past Catra right now")
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