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Thread: Prince Keldor in MOTUC

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    Prince Keldor in MOTUC

    The new mini comics featured in the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line are every bit as exciting to read now as the original mini comics were in the 80's! Skeleton's origin was beautifully laid out in one such comic book, and we were treated to a look at Keldor in his youth, fighting alongside his brother Randor against the villains of Eternia. Prince Keldor features a very stylish design that would translate perfectly to a Classics figure, including his golden armor lined with polished emeralds, green plumed helmet, and matching cape, complete with gemmed sword! The design really pops against his blue skin. A must have! Give Prince Keldor your vote in Poll #9 and show your support!

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    Very YES on this version. Toss in a melts head for the Keldor we already have and it's a hit!

    I really hope to get this figure eventually, alongside Prince/Captain Randor, Miro, and Old/Cursed Marzo!
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    I don't love this design, personally, but I'll take any Keldor I can get my hands on as he's my favorite character

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    This is one of my top ten of figures not made. His design is great I love the blue and green But more than anything, he is a big part of the story.
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