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Thread: Loos in MOTUC

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    Loos in MOTUC

    On the blog page linked above, super fan James Eatock beautifully describes the Filmation episode "Not So Blind", which features a blind boy who goes on an adventure with He-Man and Ram Man to visit a cave filled with magical singing crystals. This has always been my favorite episode as it frames an important moral message about the social stigma surrounding people who are blind. The story is very unique in the series, focusing on only two primary characters and with no mention of Skeletor or any of the other villains we see in every other episode.

    Loos is another great character choice to include with the Classics line's grouping of smaller figures, which is currently comprised of Cringer, Loo-Kee, Orko, Zoar and Screeech. I imagine Loos being packaged alongside a full-sized figure, along with his walking stick accessory and singing crystal accessory (which is very similar to the crystal Mer-Man delivered to Skeletor), a Ram Man head with eyes open (an alternative to the closed-eyed head, which oddly enough would work great displayed alongside Loos considering the cartoon episode's plot), and a blind He-Man head, which looks almost exactly like the head of Faker in the vintage cartoon! In the Classics storyline it would be fun for Unnamed One to at some point possess the child's body, adding more focus to UNO's character as an evil spirit. The singing crystal itself could be used as an important plot device, and the figure's body could be reused for other child characters in the MOTU universe. Vote for Loos in Poll#10 and show your support!

    Character: Loos
    Appearance: Episode "Not So Blind" (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe DVD set, Season 2, Volume 2, Disc 1)
    Quote: "Gee, Ram Man, where's your neck?"
    Trivia: Loos was voiced by Lou Sheimer's daughter, Erika Sheimer! [Referenced from the unofficial cartoon guide written by James Eatock!]

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    I really hope that we get to characters like Loos. Though some will say "Bland", I think it really rounds out the world and am looking forward to them. Thanks for the campaigning and all your help on the Who's who threads!

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    Would you want him exactly as depicted, or with a design or something more "toyetic"?

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