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From what i've read, they are going back to a point where there is a split in the time stream. So the road they are on leads to a different "future" leaving theirs intact.
i don't know that they are on a past earth. didn't the commander say he hasn't talked to the people in the future about the sixers because he doesn't know who he could trust? that made it sound like there's the possibility of going back and forth between settings. but if they were truly in the earth's past, the future would be so different from the one they left. they shouldn't be able to either travel to the future or even communicate with the future. i can't buy the self-correcting time stream thing, not in this instance. they went too far back and brought too much technology for everything to just right itself.

i think they created a wormhole to a world similar to prehistoric earth. it would help explain the time discrepancy between leaving the "future" and entering the "past". it would allow communication to their previous world and even travel back and forth, as long as they don't explicitly say it isn't possible. it would even allow the makers of the show some degree of inaccuracy, like if they show two dinos from different regions or eras or if a discovery is made that proves a dinosaur looked or acted differently from their portrayal on the show.