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Thread: Has it been confirmed that the vehicle that we're getting is NOT the Battle Ram?

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    Has it been confirmed that the vehicle that we're getting is NOT the Battle Ram?

    I was wondering if Toy Guru was pulling a red herring on us and that maybe the 4 Horsemen showed off the Battle Ram before it was announced. Now, assuming we are getting an all new vehicle, I would expect we would see a Battle Ram as a next vehicle since the prototype has been crafted. However, since it was crafted so long ago, and it just so happens that the 4H make a Battle Ram at the time that Toy Guru announced we're getting vehicles, it seems too much of a coincidence. Granted, you could say the same with Toy Guru & co wanting to bring back MOTU again & the 4H crafting a MOTUC He-Man proto, but I find that one more believable than the coincidence with the vehicle. So, with that said, are we truly getting a new vehicle, or did we find Battle Ram as are Christmas present too early & Mattel is trying to play it off. Mind you, I'm not complaining, because I love the Battle Ram, and sadly, it's one of the vintage vehicles I never owned. And with the Wind Raider being as iconic a vehicle as BR & a good candidate for 1st vehicle, I know in my heart I'd rather a mobile missle launcher with sky sled over a plane with a grappling hook.
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