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Thread: Has it been confirmed that the vehicle that we're getting is NOT the Battle Ram?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FAKER II View Post
    If we were to only get one vehicle in this line, I'd like it to be that Battle Ram. As iconic as the Wind Raider is, I actually want the Talon Fighter more, especially if they give us a really cool Point Dread.
    If we only got 1 vehicle I'd want the Talon fighter with/without Point dread. But for it to hold 2 figures I think it'd fall into the large catagory.

    But I'm hoping for Wind Raider this year.
    As much as I truley love this line, it's taking up my whole toy collecting budget. So I'm fine if they just drip feed us these more expensive items.

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    I love the update of the Battle Ram!

    Id love to see the FHM do an update of Bashasaurus or Land Shark!

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    I would love the Battle Ram but I have a feeling the Wind Raider will be first. My question is how many to get? I should try and limit myself to two but it will be a challenge! This applies to both vehicles as they both have value in multiples. If they release the Battle Ram I am hoping that the Sky Sled portion is available separately because that's an army builder vehicle right there! I can just imagine how cool the royal guards would look on those!

    If it is neither then give me Attack-Trak or the Talon Fighter. Those two are nice because I can't see why you would own more than one. Talon Fighter without Point Dread would be a downer but I would take it.
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    I think it could be the road ripper. I think that'd be the easiest to make of them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightboy1984 View Post
    hasnt battle bnes been trademarked for a while? maybe they are considering battle bones a vehicle and not a beast?! just my guess
    According to the trademarks thread, the "Battle Bones Transport" TM is a hangover from 200X (TMed mid-2003). The only vehicle name listed there that's been TMed during MotUC is "Battle Ram Chariot", but even that's from a full year before the 4H presented their spec BR at SDCC.

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    I think it's going to be the Wind Raider, and they'll release it with the figure of the pilot seen in the cross-sell art for the model version - that way, for people who are thinking of just buying the figures only, it'll make them want to buy it for the figure so their figure collections will be complete.

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    I'll throw out the random guess of: Battle Bones

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    I must say that I'm not as excited about vehicles in this line. I would much rather have the focus be on smaller diorama sets such as the weapons rack, Skeletor's throne, Randor's throne room, etc. A Four Horsemen Land Shark would be a must buy for me though.

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    But doesn´t a vehicle also work as a kind of diorama?

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    I think it would be wrong to do anything other than one of the first vehicles, but I'm prepared to be disappointed. Wind Raider, Attak Trak or Battle Ram... any of those would be great.
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    I want the Battle Ram, Wind Raider and Talon Fighter. Those are my favorites from the vintage line, but if I had to choose only one it would be the Battle Ram.

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    For the first vehicle in the MOTUC line I'm really hoping for the Wind Raider. I would consider the Battle Ram to be a large vehicle.
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    Take a look at this awesome vehicle again!

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