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Thread: 200X Faker Mailer Box?

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    200X Faker Mailer Box?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums, but I love MOTU! I wanted to ask, does anyone know what the mailer box for the Faker figure looks like? I had assumed it would resemble the Snake Teela and Mossman mailer boxes...with the big black writing on the sides, but I guess it doesn't? Please let me know as I'm about to buy one of these Faker's on ebay and the box is a standard white box with somebody's address on the least from what it looks like. Thanks in advance for a reply!

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    I am not sure how does the mailer box for the 200x Faker looks like.
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    My Faker Mailer Box is just plain white, no special printing on any side. The return address on the rectangular postal label (above MY name and address) is

    Wizard Entertainment
    151 Wells Avenue
    Congers, NY 10920

    Hope this helps? :^)

    Oh, and welcome aboard! [^D
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