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THAT statement is what I was answering. Maybe it's my interpretation, but I read as if the good guys are too busy worrying about the Evil Warriors to do anything else non-war related.
You used vanity, which in itself is a negative definition. Empty and conceited. Your own words. Was it a poor choice of words? I'm saying that she didn't have to be vain in order to change up her look.
Like when she snuck off to the Darklands against MAA's wishes and got in over her head? Teela is known for getting in trouble due to her recklessness. And that's the old series. Although she's alot more practical in MYP, she tried to stop Zodak despite MAA's warning.
We don't see Teela wearing any other clothing, so it's hard to say what else she would wear. Well, besides in the DC mini-series where she is seen wearing both outfits and acting as she normally would.
One more thing...are you guys sure this is YOUR Teela in MOTUC? Is she the reckless Filmation gal who has a history of disobeying MAA or the inflexible MYP gal who followed orders?
I still stand by what I said. Nothing even CLOSE to vanity. That means she does not worry about her appearance. Nor, again, did I say that MOTU characters don't know how to relax. You obviously misread it, which is ok, it happens, but dancing and around and trying to split hairs now isn't helping you. As far as her disobeying her father, that does not make her anything other than pragmatic. She had an assesment of the situation, and took what she thought was the best course of action. Getting in over her head does mean she still is not pragmatic. You still have not answered my main point. Teela would not have any interest in dying her hair, or throwing on the 80's Madonna bikini when her normal clothing is much more servicable. Neither one of them would have any practical value, and therefore it would be wildly out of character for her. You obviously really want this figure to be Teela, but that doesn't change Teela's character enough to make her do the things I mentioned above. BG Teela being Teela just doesn't make sense given her character. There is no getting around that. It would make a lot more sense for this figure to be Teela-Na, or some other character entirely.