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Thread: Do The MOTUC Bios Affect What You Buy?

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    Do The MOTUC Bios Affect What You Buy?

    While it seems like practically every forum member here has had at least one issue with something revealed in a Masters Of The Universe Classics bio, it affects some more than others. I'm curious as to how much of a difference the bios make when it comes time for you to buy a toy.

    Did the changes to Orko's history make you want him more, less, or about the same?

    Did Evil-Lyn's "real name" make you decide not to buy her?

    Did you not plan on buying Panthor until his bio won you over?

    Do The MOTUC Bios Affect What You Buy?



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    They don't affect what I buy.

    I'll be getting every figure regardless of what the bio says.

    If I let the bios influence my decision to get figures, I'd probably only have about 4 different figures.
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    They should not affect the manner in which anyone buys. MOTUC's are just toys with fictionalized histories.
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    I read the bios when the packaged pictures are revealed, then I never think of them again... I'd worry more when these silly write-ups make it into the next cartoon!
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    Don't care: I buy toys. These aren't books, after all. They're whatever I want 'em to be. So the bios don't have even a tiny bit of an effect on what I buy, but I do like them.
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    I may not like certain things in certain bios, but the bios never affect what figures I do and don't buy.

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    My answer isn't very straight forward. My answer is never, sometimes, maybe, no...not really.

    If I don't care for a figure but that figure has a decent bio, that helps warm me up to it. Like Gygor for example. I didn't care for him as a good guy, so when they made him evil with the bio, it sold it to me a little bit more than it would have the other way around.

    Oh and Count Marzo creating the Shadow Beasts in the MOTUC bio sold the Shadow Beasts to me even more than the Filmation-likeness of it alone.

    It's rare instances, but for the most part the bios are pointless. I'd rather have straight card art like the vintage line with a one liner on there describing the character and his abilities.
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    The bios are great, I think they're very interesting to read. However, the figure gets me to buy.
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    I voted: I love everything about the Bios!

    Honestly, I do, from the silliest Real Name to the most interesting bits of information. Of course, they do not affect what I purchase, since I am a diehard and will buy everything in Classics until the line shudders its last deathy gasp and we are again left to banter about what once was.
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    I'll step into the firing range here. Let me first clearly state - this is just my feelings and choice and I love that everyone here has different approaches.

    The bios totally affect what I buy. I love the MOTUC line and for me the line has an official story that I'm enjoying very much. That story is being played out exclusively in the bios released with each figure and I look forward to that these days as much as I do the actual figure release. I have always also been a very character driven collector when it comes to MOTU. Even when I was 5 and 6 I never cared about having different versions of the same character in action figure form, only about having the version that I considered the primary look.

    As an adult for me I haven't changed. I don't have unlimited space to display nor an unlimited amount of money so my MOUTC collection consists of only one displayed version of each character. The one I display and or buy is the one that best represents the character in my minds eye.

    I loved 200x and had every figure minus the variants. When MOTUC was released I had no problem blending the two collections and I only replaced the 200x figure for a MOTUC figure if I FELT it to be a better representation of the character. To date MOTUC figures have won out every time and my 200x collection has been sold.

    Who knows, perhaps someday we'll get a blue skinned Hordak, and you know what, I'll buy that figure and replace the original release MOTUC Hordak I now display. For me the blue skinned Hordak is how I see this character in my mind. I didn't buy BA He-Man however because, that for me is a variant of He-Man and not the definitive look I see in my mind - even though a VERY cool action figure.

    Battle Ground Teela, while also a great action figure is now officially a Teela variant. I can't wait to read the bio and have it expand on Teela's role in the MOTUC canon. I will not however be buying the figure because when it comes to Teela, this action figure version of her is not what I would display to represent Teela. If she had been a new character, I absolutely would have purchased.

    Like I said - just my thoughts and explanation as to why I make the collecting, purchasing choices I do and no offense meant to anyone who makes other choices.

    At the end of the day, I'm just thankful we have all this to even debate about. MOTUC is a great line with something for everybody.

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    Nope, the bios have no influence on what I buy. Honestly, I read the bio once they're revealed online and then pretty much forget about them. I don't think I've read any of the bios on the actual card backs in a long time.
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    Doesn't affect me one way or the other. Should it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    I voted: I love everything about the Bios!

    Honestly, I do, from the silliest Real Name to the most interesting bits of information. Of course, they do not affect what I purchase, since I am a diehard and will buy everything in Classics until the line shudders its last deathy gasp and we are again left to banter about what once was.
    This covers my thoughts perfectly

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    While the bios do play a large part IN MY CANON, there are aspects I do not consider at all, mostly the real names. I did not want King Randor at first, but his bio sold me on him. Other bios really annoy me like Panthor being an evil Battle Cat all the way down to his bio. Goddess' bio is the one I really hate, because of this "other He-Men" thing, but learn to adapt it in a way that I can accept it. I just look at it as these other protectors were called He-Man by storytellers and that Adam is the only He-Man, just their stories make him seem immortal. But overall if I like the figure, I'm getting them and with the sub I don't really have a choice. I'm a vintage fan, moreso a Filmation fan, but I like the inclusion of 200X characters to help flesh out the line. Minicomic figures are cool, but if they aren't explained well it might change my want of their inclusion.

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    Never - my Classics get the back story that I decide, just like always!

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