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  • Skeletor and his team

    34 29.31%
  • The Evil Horde

    52 44.83%
  • The Snake Men

    30 25.86%
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Thread: The Evilest Evil

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    Heroic Warrior Ivan's Avatar
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    The Evilest Evil

    All of these guys are bad but who is the worst?

    To me, Skeletor's team has always been kind of naughty, but they never really scared me, even back in the 80s.
    The Horde was always too cool to be bad. I mean I loved them, but if someone's evil then you are not supposed to love them, are you?
    However the Snake Men - I never really liked them, but I must say that they kind of scare me. Maybe it's the whole snake stuff (like many people I am afraid of snakes) but I have to say that if I had to choose between evils they are by far the worst.

    What do you think? Who do you perceive as true, serious evil?

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    That guy Sir Reilly's Avatar
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    None of them can compete with the Evil that is PLUNDOR!

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    Tha Reverend Dave-Man's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Reilly
    None of them can compete with the Evil that is PLUNDOR!

    Well, I can see how he would be quite dangerous to He-Man and the heroic warriors. I mean, all he has to do is say something evil, and they will be rendered helpless with laughter!

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    Heroic Warrior Kogamitsu's Avatar
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    Skeletor -> Psycho -> Unpredictable -> Most dangerous -> Most evil
    Perpetual hate generator
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    Hakujin discosupafly's Avatar
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    An interesting discussion...

    I think you may have a point about the Snakemen being the most evil of the lot, ivan (if indeed evil can be measured..) And I think, at least in my case, I know why someone would think that:

    Looking at Skeletor and Hordak, they are beings whose evil is represented as might and magic; their methods traditionally being to directly opposing "good". They are more or less the muscle-men of evil whose first and foremost tactics have always been to use brute force to fight the heroes.
    The Snake Men, on the other hand, were always represented as being more underhand - more insideous. The Snake Men, moreso than any other evil beings in the MOTUverse, were the primary double-crossers - the most treacherous of all. Perhaps it is this reinforced image of distrust that subliminally makes us percieve them as .. well, untrustworthy (and therefore, dangerous/evil).
    Even by comparing their physical bulk, the Snake Men were always drawn as more lithe and slender -compared to the hulking forces of Skeletor and/or Hordak. This of course also fit in with their snake-like image. There's something about the smaller men that makes them come across as the brainer of the lot - the ones more likely to devise an evil plan as opposed to crashing down them Grayskull gates. I think the "Glassman" described it best in Unbreakable during his talk to Bruce Willis when he described the two classic supervillain types of brains and brawn.

    Ultimately, however, you've probably hit it on the head with your original thought there, Ivan. Most people naturally fear or hate snakes, therefore we subconsciously transfer this fear over to the Snake Men.

    Just my thoughts, anywayz.

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    Public Enemy #1!
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    The Evil Horde. Hordak and co were an evil bunch with no equal. Plundor however is in a class of his own.
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    That Marvelous SOB sonofblaine's Avatar
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    I voted for the Horde.

    Skeletor is my favorite of the three, but he's done things like team up with He-man, help little kids in the snow, shoot down Horde Prime's ship, and has a sense of humor.

    King Hisss (strictly going by the classic show and comics, After Fisto became Teela's father, I swore off most of 200X as canon ) always came across as evil and insidious, and indeed he was, but it always felt along the same scale as Skeletor, while he did lack that little twinge of ...well... ti wasn't goodness that Skeletor had, but you know what I mean.

    Hordak, however, and his group just seem totally evil. He's an evil ruler of a planet which he took by force, He doesn't fool around like Skeletor would, and most of his plans seem like they would work! Not just a plundered plan du jour.
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    Movie Machine shigsy2003's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Reilly
    None of them can compete with the Evil that is PLUNDOR!


    As another huge Plundor supporter I completely agree.

    Hail King Plundor kill all thee cretins in thy path of disrespectfulness!!!!

    Anyway....on topic....Skeletor and his Band of Merry Men

    Chris M
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    KNOCK-OFF MESSIAH galaxy warrior's Avatar
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    hey you guys can support plundor! he was my selection. i scrolled down and was shocked to see the name plundor. but hell yeah he's the baddest of the bad and what makes him the worst is the fact thats hes pink and visually non threatening which makes him a threat to all ALL HAIL PLUNDOR - INTERDIMENSIONAL CONQUERER!


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    Master of Power Suction Killian's Avatar
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    In an episode which I think was entitled "Wizard of Stone Mountain" He-Man meets a being called 'Evil', an entity of pure evil who is supposed to represent a kind of Eternian 'devil' arcetype as the source of all evil. He was kind of a wuss by MOTU standards, but talking in terms of the classic Masters show, he was the most evil character ever....
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    The evil Horde is the choice!
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    The Horde's menacing nature is almost as fickle as Skeletor's as anyone whose seen "Flowers for Hordak" can attest.

    I think it's really hard for any one villain group to appear as the Ultimate Evil when they appear on the show too consistently. Over time, they all get watered down.

    For my money, I'd say Shokoti and Mask were the worst evil we saw.

    Of the groups listed in this poll, I think they're all pretty much equal.
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    The SNAKE MEN get my vote. And for the record, I happen to like real snakes, but the SNAKE MEN are just really unlikable to me. They didn't get much representation (that I saw) in the Classic MOTU (I never got to read most mini-comics, and Filmation didn't seem to know what to do with them), but in the Modern Age MOTU, they came across as really evil. They seemed like above all else, they were biggots, and that feels way more evil than just some nut who wants to be more powerful.
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    The Snakemen. King Hsss eats people for crying out loud.
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    Where's the Evil Mutants?

    I think Count Marzo is the most evil, he gives drugs to kids for crying out loud!
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    Heroic Warrior braxsis364's Avatar
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    Skeletor by far, if you ask me.

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    A big fan of Slush Head
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toymaker
    Where's the Evil Mutants?
    Yeah they should be a part of the Poll.

    But no body is more Evil than "The Evil Horde"!! The Evil Horde people!!

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    The Un-named One.....he was pulling the strings behind all the front-runners

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toymaker
    I think Count Marzo is the most evil, he gives drugs to kids for crying out loud!
    BLK FLWR!!!!

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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    The Horde conquers all!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toymaker View Post
    I think Count Marzo is the most evil, he gives drugs to kids for crying out loud!
    Count Marzo's really Michael Jackson trying to emulate William Shakespeare with a cape.

    The Horde comes in second on the evil scale.
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    Heroic Warrior evil-lyn167's Avatar
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    Skelly the evil Geezer & Evil-Lyn the Queen Darkness with their team is the evilest.

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    The Cerebral Assassin hhhelmsley's Avatar
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    The Evil Horde.

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    Heroic Master of 200X MegaGearMax's Avatar
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    The Horde.

    As bad as Skeletor is, Hordak is his teacher and even Skeletor fears him. And he beat King Hiss. And Hordak killed a He-Man-like guy.

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    Heroic Warrior Mark At Arms's Avatar
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    I agree. The Horde is the most evil. Old bone face was scared of him!

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