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Thread: POWER-CON! Programming Schedule & guest appearances, ticket & exhibitor sales & more!

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    this would be awesome for a roadtrip whereever its being held!

    exclusive t-shirts, posters and if at all possible a figure of some sort?!?!?

    toyguru & the 4horseman would be an awesome addition to the already great line up of Val & Emiliano being there.

    a toy gallery of all motu collections under lock and key w/ ninja's guarding them of course!

    a dealer room and maybe an artist alley?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerec350 View Post
    Here are a few things that I'd like to see:
    • Held on the East coast.
    • A Mattel display.
    • A Four Horsemen display
    • Exclusive Item(s)
    • Stars from the shows/movie (Actors, writers, producers, etc...)
    • Custom figure contest
    All these and...
    • Panels-movie/comic/cartoon/toyline
    • open bar
    • Roast Gooble Dunk Tank to raise money for the org
    • Invite Filmation(Classic Media)? have a few more of their IP's
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    This sounds great and hoping for NY obviously. I'd definitely want some exclusive artwork by Emiliano. Be able to purchase figures from all eras, stactions, comics, mini comics etc. Exclusive MOTUC figures would be great but I doubt Mattel would get involved with it. Love to see the 4H also...

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    This is great news for the community (especially our US fan contigent). I've worked with arranging cons over here, so here are my suggestions on what makes a con "fun":

    * Panels. Listening to creators talk about MOTU and being able to ask questions directly is always a great idea. Doesn't really matter who is at the panel, as long as they have some kind of creative connection to MOTU.

    * Dealers. Would be awesome if you could set up sales of some MOTU-related merchandise. Heck, even if Matty came in and sold Mo-Larrs it'd be good.

    * Artist's Alley. Closely related to the panels, having a semi-permanent area where you can meet and chat with artists who have worked with MOTU over the years is usually very welcome. Also a good place to sell prints, posters, T-shirts and such (if possible).

    * Some sort of exclusive. This may or may not be possible, given Mattel's desire to focus on SDCC and

    This isn't so much a "feature" as it is a convenience thing:

    * Centralized location. While a major city isn't vital, it helps if it's located in a place that's fairly easy to get to, with good possibilities for lodging.

    I'm tempted to go. It really depends on where it would be, though. Chicago area would be lovely.

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    Things to see at the con:

    Toy collector section: Provide an area where fans can go hunting for MOTU, POP, NA and 200X figures old and new, as well as other collectors' memorabilia (posters, comics, videos, DVDs, etc), to add to their collection.

    Actors Panels:
    Invite writers, producers and actors from the various cartoons and movie to give fans some insider scoop.

    Mattel Panel: Bring Mattel in to give the scoop on what's to come, and what has come to pass.

    MOTU Time Line: Where did MOTU come from, where did it go, where is it going?

    TV/Movie Room: Have the fans vote on the top favorite He-Man, She-Ra, NA and 200X episodes, and air them. Have Movie rooms for SOTS, XMas Special, The Motion Picture, and NA: The Beginning.

    Customs Room: Hold a customs contest, and let the fans put their creations on display. Maybe they can influence Matty...

    Fan Movie/Cartoon Customs: Hold a contest for fan video customs.

    Fan Fiction: Have a contest for fan fiction, maybe we can get a good MOTU movie script out of this one...

    Four Horsemen Panel: Have the 4H discuss their MOTUC creations, and other creations.

    More to come...
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    Allow me to express my excitement about this news in the most mature way available to me...



    That is all.

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    1. mark taylor concept art along with the history of MotU
    2. interviews/panels with the creative teams & whatnot (cartoon, movies, comics, toys, advertisements/commercials, concept/design, etc)
    3. since matty used castle greyskull & he-man statues for sdcc, snake mountain w/ a skelly statue would rock! (...just sayin')
    4. any & all prototype material in it's own special showcase
    5. raffles via attendence BUT also available to the internet
    6. live tweets and podcasts
    7. gorpo could be a nice touch
    8. fan contests galore
    9. somehow i'd really like to see some MotU in cgi (ie: video game intro, fake commercial or cartoon pitch, whatever it takes)
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    1. Figure Unveiling
    2. Power-Con Exclusive (not necessarily a figure...but maybe a small beast, accessories that had to be cut due to budgeting reasons, etc.)
    3. ToyGuru and the 4H available for Q&A's, panels, and signings.
    4. A complete line of all figures, vehicles, and playsets (vintage, PoP, NA, 200x, MOTUC)
    5. Vendor/Dealer booths
    6. Concept Art
    7. Maybe have stars from the movies for signings and photo-ops.
    8. Characters for a kids meet and greet (Maybe Orko, He-Man, and Skeletor...or even just a diorama for a photo a giant Battle Cat that you can sit on (I know, I'm dreaming)...or the front of Grayskull where you can raise a prop Power Sword)

    I know the budget wouldn't allow this...but if it's successful, more money could be thrown at it year after year.

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    "I survived Power-Con" T-SHIRTS!!!!!

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    Wow!!!! I would totally go for this!!!

    I vote for NYC personally. That may be a bit cost prohibitive given it's the first one and all, but there's so much to go and see there. Sign me up!!!!

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    Nathan Bitner.

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    I vote for somewhere in the midwest where the majority of fans can reach it by car with a reasonable drive. These east and west coast cons leave out a lot of people on a budget considering how expensive airfare is this year. What about Indianapolis?

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    Guys, you don't know how happy you all are! I see many wishes here, like "please, may it be on east coast, may it be on west coast, may it be north, may it be south", but let me tell you one thing. You are all happy to have such things as conventions in your "crazy" country...

    There is a bunch of us he-fans here in Serbia that would like to attend even one of those cons more than anything, but we can hardly collect enough money just to fly over there to the USA, not to mention the expenses while being there... For us, it would be an enormous task, like Frodo taking The Ring to Mount Doom, or something like that...
    So, that is why I say again - you guys living in the USA are SOOOOO happy to enjoy such things.

    Hey, MOTU was/is very popular in Europe, too. How 'bout making a Power-con in Europe, as well, so that we European fans might attend?

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    I'd like to see a big Matty booth with MOTUC stock available to purchase. I'd also like to see ancillary merch: posters, shirts, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodach View Post
    I vote for somewhere in the midwest where the majority of fans can reach it by car with a reasonable drive. These east and west coast cons leave out a lot of people on a budget considering how expensive airfare is this year. What about Indianapolis?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinggreyskull2011 View Post
    Wish we had one here in Oz...

    Quote Originally Posted by Swanmarsh View Post
    For the 10 people that might actually go?

    It is good to see someone actually start this up. I remember when it was discussed a year or so ago.

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    Val - PLEASE - Hold the first con in the town that YOU live in! The hotels are reasonable, its fairly scenic, and the economy here needs the boost!

    (Of course, my reasoning has NOTHING to do with the fact that we live in the same town as you.... )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manteegroo View Post
    Hey, MOTU was/is very popular in Europe, too. How 'bout making a Power-con in Europe, as well, so that we European fans might attend?
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    I think it's a little too early to ask for an exclusive. What about an MVC artbook? Y'know, unused sketches, pages, designs, and what not? Lay out the story that was going to be told in it?

    I echo the words of Zodach. Somewhere in the midwest would awesome.
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    Here is what I would like to see with Power-Con:

    *Held in Kentucky (Lexington or Louisville) or somewhere close
    *NOT held on east or west coast.
    *Vendors that sold MOTU figures, comics, etc.
    *Ability to purchase MOTU t-shirts
    *Mattel with display of MOTUC there (though I doubt they would come on short notice)
    *MOTU artists
    *Fans dressed up as their favorite MOTU character..maybe even a contest
    *Toyguru, 4H, Pixel Dan, Val, etc.
    *Exclusive item for Power-Con attendees
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    It needs to be held in Minneapolis/Saint Paul area! And we definitely need chicks dressed as Evil-Lynn!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodach View Post
    What about Indianapolis?

    YES!!!! This please!!!

    You know, the convention center downtown just had a huge renovation/addition completed. Previous SW Celebrations were held there because of the ability for the maximum amount of fans to easily get to the city. Gencon is there every year as well and seems to be a popular event. Also, the downtown area is getting some nice upgrades in preparation for next years Super Bowl. Just seems like a no brainer.

    I'm sure the location has already been chosen though. Hope we can at least hear where and when it will be soon.

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    By the ancients!!!!! This is soooooooooooo over due.
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    I'd like to see it in NYC. Have the Four Horsemen there. Prototypes. Cosplay. Voice Actors. Writers. Dealers Room. Showing of the MOTU Movie.

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    Have it in Michigan somewhere, or new york even. Anywhere close enough to the Canadian border that us canadians can get there easily too. If you do it near the ontario border somewhere, you'll get the best numbers, as most of Canadas population is in ontario.
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