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Thread: Want list (Marvel, Transformers, Spawn)

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    Trade list- Have DCUC wave 14 Want Marvel, Transformers, Spawn

    Have: Entire DCUC wave 14 NMOC


    G2- Megatron
    Energon- Optimus Prime, Omega Supreme
    Universe- Devastator this one:
    Alternators/BT/KP- Nemesis Prime, Jazz, BT BroadBlast, KP optimus Prime, BT Clear Mirage
    Other- Masterpiece Megatron Add-On**, Masterpiece Optimus Prime trailer**, Crazy Devy parts for yellow G2 Devastator**

    Marvel Legends MOC:
    1-Iron Man variants
    3-Thor, Ghost Rider
    5-Silver Surfer
    9-War Machine
    15-Destroyer **
    16-Thor**, Captain Britain, Kitty Pryde, Warbird

    Loose- Mystique
    Accessories- S7 Ghost Rider bike, S8 Black Widow base, S8 Man-Thing base, S11 Task Master vehicle thing, S11 Wonder Man vehicle thing, FO Punisher/Jigsaw guns
    BAF- Black Apocalypse

    Marvel Select:
    Thanos**, Mephisto**

    X-Men Classics:
    Colossus MOC**
    Bobby Drake MOC**

    Hulk Classics:
    Absorbing Man**

    Marvel Universe:
    Wave 1: Bullseye- light blue
    Wave 2: Iron Fist-Black Dragon
    Wave 3: Ms Marvel-classic short hair
    Wave 4: Blade**
    Wave 6: Warpath-X Force**, Vision**
    Wave 8: Havok variant**
    Wave 13: ALL!!****
    Comic Packs: Black Costume Spider Man
    Gigantic Battles: Goliath & Iron man**, Goliath & Iron Man-red/blue goliath, Skrull Giant Man & Captain America**
    Masterworks: Dark Galactus with Silver Surfer
    Mail Away: Nick Fury,X Force Archangel
    SDCC: Captain America, Captain America-ultimate,Captain America-black and white,
    Namor, Human Torch, Red Skull, Galactus, Thor, Spiderman
    3 packs: Daredevil, Iron Man, Silver Surfer

    S22- Skullsplitter
    S31- Nightmare Spawn**, Spawn 11, Lord Covenant
    Others- Urizen

    *** are High wants!!!
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    Silver Surfer and Angel

    I have MOC Silver Surfer w/Duck and Angel(Blue/white uniform in package minus Sentinel piece). Pics can be seen under my post bmoore

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    I have a crapload of what ye seek in the Hyve.

    Prices can come down as your order grows.

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    The Hyve is all that is right in the world!

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    Ill get back to you guys about ML as I'm currently going through a deal on another board.



    Bump, only really want to trade for ** items right now.
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