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Thread: MOTU Classics Battle Armor Skeletor Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    MOTU Classics Battle Armor Skeletor Video Review by Pixel Dan

    Battle Armor Skeletor is here!

    Enjoy guys! If you have any questions, please post! But I apologize in advance if I don't answer right away! This will be a busy week for me, as I leave for vacation on Friday! Woo!
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    great review

    you need to make a blooper reel.
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    Weapons Rack review coming?

    And I also REALLY hope that armor doesn't snap off so easy, either.
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    Boo-ya! Can't wait for this one.

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    I will definitely be displaying this guy atop Panthor!!! Much like I display BA He-Man on Battle Cat Cannot wait!!!!

    Thanks for the review Dan!

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    Great review as always, thanks for putting it together. I absolutely love the purple plastic the armor shell is cast in, it just sells the look so much. I think A LOT of people are going to be quite taken with the figure once they have him in hand.

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    Yeehaw!! Imma get me a BA Skeletor!

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    The metallic purple is awesome and I really think it comes across well in the video. It's very Illumina-ting. (Seriously Mattel, bring on Illumina).

    OMG at Skeletor stealing He-Man's neck!

    I think loose armour clips would be better: smaller possibility of tab breakage. I wrote this before BA Skeletor's armour fell off twice...then the third time. I stand corrected.

    Woah...that Skeletor headswap is stunning looking!

    LOL! I thought "Skeletor got his nails did!" as soon as you showed the nails side-by-side.

    I see he still has the "old ankles."


    1) Are his ankles tight?
    2) Does he have the "ball-stick-ball" neckpeg or the worse, female and Vikor, "loop-stick-ball" neckpeg?

    I think he's very well done. The only thing that would be really awesome to include for both BA He-Man and Skeletor AND the Royal Guards would be laser blast chest! They would show a blackened/scortched "hole" in the middle. I just thought of this! That would be so sweet, since a lot of the characters use lasers and guns.

    I'm really excited for the axe and love the metallic purple.
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    Best figure of 2011!

    I will order him many times

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    Best Skeletor in the line.

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    I think I'm going to use the TRU Skeletor head for BA Skeletor, and the replace the head on my regular Skeletor with the one that came with BA figure.

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    Nice. BA He-man and Skeletor where the only versions I had of these guys, so can't wait for him.

    PS: Dan, the battle damage section of your vintage BA Skeletor looks really purple! As I recall on mine that section was the same color purple as the armor. Is that some variation, or just odd lighting?

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    The armor looks great, and I love the paint job on this figure as a whole. He will indeed look great on Panthor. I'm looking forward to this one more now after this review. Before I was kind of "meh" about it and he was more of an obligatory purchase for me.

    He will also be the final Skeletor variant that I purchase. My collection keeps moving closer to being complete!

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    That new head looks SOOO much better on Skeletor ! And it's also closer to some of the vintage figures.

    Now, that armor that doesn't clasp properly (and if the figure Pixel Dan got to review was not tight, there are high chances that MANY figures will actually have this fault) is a MAJOR let down !

    I mean, come on : what was so complex to manufacture with this figure ? All the pieces already existed, down to the accessory (purple axe) ! The armor itself was just an update/resculpt of BA He-Man's !

    No matter how easy or cool a figure looks, it always seems Mattel (and their vendor) NEEDS to leave a flaw somewhere ! QC is NOWHERE to be improved, apparently...

    And that is SO sad, because otherwise, this BA Sekeletor rules !

    Will we really have to use glue to keep that armor together, on a +$20 figure ? What a crying SHAME !

    I wonder : what kind of neck peg does BA Skeletor have ? The usual neckpeg, or the not-so-good Vikor one ?
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    So, BA Skeletor does not come with a Power Sword? Not that it's a bigdeal or anything, but when you show pictures of an upcoming figure holding a Power Sword, there generally comes an expectation of, say, HAVING A POWER SWORD! Minor rant complete.

    Having said that, still looking forward to this figure. Great review as usual, Dan.
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    Woooww .... great figure. I always wanted a Batte Armor Skeletor as a kid but sadly wasnīt offered in my country. Last year i was fighting myself to leave BA He-Man but now i canīt resist. Hope itīs just you with this loose armor, Dan. Thanks a lot for the reviews. The rack is nice but iīm not sure if i want one.

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    LOL, the armor falling off and Skeletor facing BA He-Man was awesome as is the entire reviews! Great job!
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    Great Review!
    For my tastes the head looks too toyish, but nevermind , i like me some variety Evntually he will get the Havocstaff from Faceless one!
    Still, ax to trash !

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    Nice belly shirt, bro.

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    nice review, im still on the fence about this one. with hssss and the 3 reissues coming out that day, i may pass on this one. then again if i need to wait to get hssss i may get this one instead

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    The damage slashes should have been black. And the double-slash looks bad - there's barely any damage (silver) on it.

    That head looks amazing though. Mattel needs to be acknowledged for listening to us and fixing the green paint application.

    One thing that bothers me about BA He-Man and BA Skeletor is that, if they managed to get Clawful's armor to fit snugly to his torso, why does the Battle Armor look so baloon-ish? I kinda looks they're wearing mini-sumo suits.

    Bring on Dragon Blaster and Terror Claws!

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    Great review, Pixel Dan.

    Really looking forward to adding this guy to my collection. Aside from a Laser Light/NA Skeletor it's one of the only Skeletor variants I really want.

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    Great review as always Dan. Hopefully, BA Skeletor's issues are limited to that figure if it is a review sample and not necessarily the final production run. Otherwise, at least we know what's coming just in case.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prahvus View Post
    I mean, come on : what was so complex to manufacture with this figure ? All the pieces already existed, down to the accessory (purple axe) ! The armor itself was just an update/resculpt of BA He-Man's !
    I can almost guarantee that the armor is in no way, shape or form a resculpt of BA He-Man's armor as they share absolutely no design elements.

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    Thanks for the review again Dan. Really hope the armor doesn't keep falling off like that on all the figures.
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    That's the magical exploding Battle Armor feature.

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