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Thread: MOTU Classics Battle Armor Skeletor Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    Great review.
    The figure itself is awesome (except the armor, I really hope that's not a wide spread issue), but I'll be the odd man out, as I feel that the head is horrible.
    Too bright for my tastes. As I already said in the Fwoosh review thread, I'll be using the 1'st release Skeletor head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    That's the magical exploding Battle Armor feature.
    Battle Armour Skeletor: Who's Blast Attack now, *****!?
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    Sweet review! I'm pumped for BA Skeletor. Those classic line variants are the best variants of all! I can't decide if I want Dragon Blaster or Terror Claws next when it comes to Skeletor. Not to mention a couple of his 200x variants were pretty sweet!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    The metallic purple is awesome and I really think it comes across well in the video.

    I'm really excited for the axe and love the metallic purple.
    I agree. Purple is such an awesome MOTU color for some reason. This metallic purple on BA Skeletor is definitely awesome. I hope they use that metallic paint for future things. It's definitely an eye catcher, as if MOTU figures didn't have eye catching color schemes to begin with!
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    "Nice belly shirt, BRO!" that had me rollin! keep up the good work Dan. I really enjoyed these 2 new reviews.
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    Good job, Dan! Funny review!

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    I personally think the paintjob on the BA Skeletor head looks terrible and removes most of the fine details from the sculpt. I much prefer the green wash on the orginal release.

    That said... I appreciate that Mattel is doing different versions of the head for each release, this one just isn't for me.

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    great review. of course, now i'm going to have to track down battle armor he-man.

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    Probably the funniest review yet. It really looks like you were having fun with this one Dan. I won't make the obvious comments about my concerns, because they are the same as everyone else's, but they are there.

    Again with the old ankle joints.

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    The more I look at him, the more I recognize his awesomeness...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    I see he still has the "old ankles."


    1) Are his ankles tight?
    2) Does he have the "ball-stick-ball" neckpeg or the worse, female and Vikor, "loop-stick-ball" neckpeg?
    I'd like to know this as well.
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    Skeletor loves to go shirtless. He looks awesome, and yeah it can't be stated enough: love that metallic purple! Fun review, thanks Dan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BadVermin View Post
    I personally think the paintjob on the BA Skeletor head looks terrible and removes most of the fine details from the sculpt. I much prefer the green wash on the orginal release.

    That said... I appreciate that Mattel is doing different versions of the head for each release, this one just isn't for me.
    I agree with BadVermin on the head's paintjob, it looks a bit too washed with yellow and not much details are showing, at least in this particular video!... And the teeth are goofy looking with those bold black lines IMO, however the rest of the figure is simply awesome.

    Thanks Dan, your reviews are always enjoyable to watch and very thorough.
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    Dan, can you check if the BA He-Man plates work on BA Skeletor?
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    Those of you who do not like the paint on his face, well it's all about options. You have other Skeletor heads to choose from. Original, second release, TRU, Mo-Larr.

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    It looks like Skeletor needs a little Weight Watchers. He can't even get his armor to stay on anymore. All he has is his loose fittting shiny club shirt underneath.

    But a definite welcomed addition to my collection.
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    Good review, still not very excited for this figure though. I do love the new paint scheme on the head and might do as Dan suggested and use it for my regular Skeletor.

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    Great looking figure! Great review! Can't wait!
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    Easy pass for me. Not a fan of varients anyway especially if it's 20 just for a different piece of armour.
    Also much prefer the original release Skeletor head. The bright yellow makes him look to happy, especially as his eyes are not blacked out.

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    Great review Dan, but I'm sorry about your armor situation!

    I think BAS looks great; the new head painting looks pretty fantastic.
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    That new head is awesome. I have to admit, I am more excited for BA Skeletor than I was BA He-Man.

    Now that this variant is done bring on Dragon Blaster Skeletor

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    I'm really looking forward to BA Skeletor! I'm REALLY happy I won't have to wait very long for Panthor, because that's definitely how he'll be displayed…on Panthor!
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    Definitely getting two of these so I can upgrade my current Skeletor's head to this new and improved one!

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    Great review! Hopefully Matty has my address for my subscription sorted out in time for this figure! I'm surprised that the differences in weapons between the new version and the vintage version weren't mentioned in the comparison section though. Aside from that - keep up the good work!

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    I'm getting one for sure, maybe two. I can't decide if I want to switch stuff out and make ba faker or not.
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    Thanks for this super funny review. I really hope the armor works well in the rest of the batch.

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