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Thread: What would the only original "Darius" figure be worth these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnneBrockhaus View Post
    Yes, but you´ve once said that Mattel didn´t introduced Darius to you, so that he was never a part of the series at all.
    The way Mattel positioned Darius in the comics let him look very strong. I mean he used to be the leader of the galactic council.
    You could (and probably are) right, Anne. It was a long, long time ago and I've written hundreds upon hundreds of episode of television since then, so my memory dims a bit. The only reason I said he was a minor character in the series is that I seem to remember someone once said he had a single line in an episode. But as I think about it now, it was probably in reference to another character. So you're probably right about this.

    Sorry for the confusion. Put it down to my having a 'senior moment' if you wish.
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