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Thread: Grayskull-Convention 2011 - the ULTIMATE fan-event in Germany!

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    Grayskull-Convention 2011 - the ULTIMATE fan-event in Germany!

    This year the biggest German MOTU fan-convention takes place near Frankfurt/Main, and we want YOU to be a part of it. Lots of spectacular program, awesome international guest-stars and hundreds of Fans from all over the world will make this an unforgettable weekend.

    "Since the beginning of the first convention in the year 2001 a lot of things have happened. Fans came and went, 200x came and went, rumors about a new live action movie came, went, came back, involved Brad Pitt, went again and so on... Stactions came and went and for more than two years now brand new MOTUC actionfigures pop up every month.
    But what remained all the time was the passion and love we Fans share for MOTU, that twice a year German fans celebrate together on various locations throughout Germany for 10 years now."

    This year, in the light of the 30th anniversary of Masters of the Universe, we are celebrating big time!
    From 2nd to 4th of September fans come together for a weekend loaded with everything MOTU at the “Waldschule” in Bad Soden-Salmuenster, app. half an hours drive from the Frankfurt international airport. And for the first time ever, not only German speaking fans are invited to attend, but every Fan worldwide.

    With support from Mattel, Studio 100 Media and many more, and in cooperation with all the major German MOTU-fansites as well as, the biggest international MOTU Fansite, we are looking forward to Guest stars, stageshows, workshops, exhibitions, cosplay, contests, raffles, world premieres and more.


    Emiliano Santalucia

    200x Comicartist from MVCreations and overall MOTU expert.
    Expect panels, autographs and really great chats!

    James Eatock

    also known as Busta Toons, Publisher of the Cereal:GEEK magazin and author of the Unofficial Guide to the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Cartoon.
    Expect live audiocommentarys for selected Filmation cartoon episodes, autographs and some really awesome stuff he will bring along!

    Frank-Otto Schenk

    German actor and voice artist for Buzz-Off from the 200x cartoon show.
    Expect panels, live readings and autographs!

    Scott Neitlich

    Also known as Toy Guru. Scott will most propably not be live on location.
    Expect a live Q&A video conference and some surprises!


    Cosplay – the remote location with various landscaping grants for excellent photoshoots with awesome cosplays. A cosplay contest will be held as well. And if you´re new to cosplaying, there will be a cosplay workshop.

    Wizard of Stone Mountain – World Premiere of the highly anticipated live-action fanfilm project. Producer John Carroll shows his movie live!

    Exhibition – A huge exhibition of various collectibles, unique pieces and background information

    Contests – Custom Speed Painting, Fan-Fiction or the “Roboto´s Gambit” chess tournament. Prove your skills and win awesome prices!

    Stageshows – From our guest stars panels and discussion rounds to full sized comedy shows, there will be something for every taste live on stage.

    Live-Audioplay – A constand highlight on previous conventions. Played live by enthusiastic Fans and with participation from professional artists.

    Merchants room and fleamarket – Browse through merchandise, toys, comics and find the collectibles you always searched for. Or have your old collectibles sold by convention staff at the Bring and Buy fleamarket.

    And lots more!

    Tickets can be ordered now! There are approximately 60 tickets including accommodation (shared rooms) and catering on location. Furthermore we offer tickets for individual days and tickets for the whole weekend for self-catering. (Accommodation and catering on one´s own responsibility)

    For registration to the convention please write an email to with “Registration to Grayskull-Convention” as the subject and including the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Your full address
    • Your email address
    • The ticket you like to order
    • Optional: Your nickname

    All convention ID-cards are personalized. Please announce whether you´d like your regular name or your nickname mentioned.

    Ticket prices are as followed:

    Daily Tickets:
    Friday: 6 Euro
    Saturday: 12 Euro
    Sunday: 4 Euro
    Full Tickets with accommodation and catering on location:
    1st of March to 30th of April: 29 Euros
    1st of May to 15th of July: 33 Euros
    16th of July till convention: 35 Euro
    Full Tickets without accommodation and catering:
    1st of March to 30th of April: 17 Euro
    1st of May to 15th of July: 19 Euro
    16th of July till convention: 22 Euros

    Tickets with accommodation and catering will be sold on a first come (first to pay), first serve basis.

    For an additional 5 Euros we offer Goodie Bags, including vouchers, minicomics, audioplays, toys and so on. One Goodie Bag per attendee only! Please note in your registration if you want to order a Goodie Bag or not.

    During the course of the convention we´ll offer softdrinks, water, coffee and beer.

    Until the convention in september we will certainly keep you updated with news and details to the program, and announce additional guest stars and program as applicable.

    Further information and the detailed program at:
    (english translation under construction!)

    We are looking forward to seeing you on the convention!

    Best wishes,
    your Grayskull-Convention Team

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    Leave it to the Germans to show America how it's done(I'm proud to say I'm over half German). If I had the money or spoke German(my late grandmother was a German immigrant but I never learned any), I'd love to go to this. Having Emiliano & James as guests makes me even more eager. It also makes me wonder why the country of MOTU's origin was so slow to the convention game when Germany has been doing it for a decade. They even have Mattel's support.

    I hope you guys have a great con! Maybe I might actually make it out to the country of my ancestors one day for the con myself.



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    awesome event

    this thread deserves to be on motuc forum.

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    VERY much looking forward to attending this!

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    SO AWESOME THAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING THIS!!! We've always wanted to visit nearly EVERYWHERE overseas, we'll definitely have to plan our trip someday to include a stop at the Grayskull Con.

    So, is anyone there gonna be doing a live feed to show-up everyone here in America? Lol. Would be cool to see everything live.

    Looking forward to hearing about everyone's experiences!
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    Fan-Fiction Contest

    Within the next few weeks we will compile detailed information sheets about the planned program, including some polls, to keep you all informed what to expect on the convention and to give you the chance to decide certain aspects.

    Since the convention will be held in Germany, obviously several things planned will be in the German language. So the first detailed info this week will be for something German:

    Fan-Fiction Contest

    What it´s all about:
    Lately, the "Eternian Post" published an article about a recent event in Eternos. This article featured 8 characters (see bottom)
    Your task is to write a story about ONE of those eight characters, after he or she read the article and tries to recall the events that really happened, as the reporter seems to have gotten everything wrong and mixed up.

    How to participate:
    Obviously, the contest is limited to 8 contestants. If you want to participate, please write an email including which character you´d like to chose to (subject: Grayskull Con - Fanfiction Contest).
    Please state your three favorite characters, so we have a little scope in allocating the characters, as they will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.
    After all the characters are taken, the news article along with the confirmation about your character choice and participation, along with further infos will be send via E-Mail.

    The rules:
    • The contest is limited to those attending the Convention
    • Language to participate is German
    • Text shall not be longer than app. 10 minutes (to check the length of your text, count the letters and divide by 900 - you´ll have the approximate reading time)

    The prizes:
    - All 8 stories and the original news article from the "Eternian Post" will be read live on stage by a professional German voice actor.
    - Afterwards the audience may vote the best story by casting a ballot and the winning author will be given his prize.
    - Furthermore, we will randomly pick a ballot and the voter wins a cool prize, too!

    The characters:
    - King Randor → taken
    - Adam / He-Man
    - Teela
    - Man-At-Arms
    - Orko → taken
    - Cringer
    - Zoar
    - Evil Lyn → taken

    Any questions left? Please let us know!

    Quote Originally Posted by KalesDad View Post
    SO AWESOME THAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING THIS!!! We've always wanted to visit nearly EVERYWHERE overseas, we'll definitely have to plan our trip someday to include a stop at the Grayskull Con.

    So, is anyone there gonna be doing a live feed to show-up everyone here in America? Lol. Would be cool to see everything live.

    Looking forward to hearing about everyone's experiences!
    We might be doing a live feed on some things. But what we will definetly do is making tons of photos and videos and post them online after the convention.

    KalesDad, if you are planning a trip overseas and want to include the Grayskull Convention, you should start planning soon Although we had smaller conventions for the past 10 years now, we just can´t tell if this event will be a big enough success to justify another huge event next year.


    He-Fans and She-Ravers,

    as you can see, we are planning a HUGE exhibition of all things MOTU. Toys, unique pieces, artwork, prototypes, collectibles and lots of background information. We already managed to compile a great list of things for display, but we know: "There can be more!" And thus we are offering YOU the chance to participate.
    Do you have rare collectibles, pieces of art, unique things or anything you feel worthy to share with other fans? Then this is your chance! Please get in contact with me via PM or Email (, so we can work things out from there on.
    To ensure the safety of all pieces on display, the exhibition room will be locked during off-times and constantly watched over by members of the convention team.

    You´ve got no idea what you might expect on display, or what we are looking for to display on the convention? Here are some examples:

    Again, we are looking forward to seeing you on the convention!
    Until then,
    your Grayskull-Con Team

    We just have finalized our first poster:

    Important Notification:

    We have sold almost all our "tickets including accommodation and catering on location".
    If you´re still on the fence, now it´s the time to decide.
    Once those tickets sold out, you need to manage your own catering and accommodation, e.g. in a nearby hotel.

    Attention MOTUC customizers!

    We´ll be offering a MOTUC part swap at the convention.
    Here are the (pretty basic) rules:

    1. Boil and pop your custom fodder figures. Divide the parts into feet, lowe legs, upper legs, torso, shoudlers, upper arm, lower arm, hands and head.
    2. Bring all these parts to the convention
    3. We will have a big box filled with various parts from various MOTUC figures.
    4. For each part you want to take out the box, you need to put one of your own parts into it. Note: 2 Hands and 2 Feet count as 1 item.
    5. Torsos can only be swapped with other torsos.
    6. Your parts should be in good condition. No broken parts allowed!

    We can always extend the part swap with weapons and accessories, if there is enough demand for it.

    We hope you´ll find the parts needed for your next custom and are looking forward to seeing you part-swapping at the convention!
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    Coolness! Wish I was able to make it out!

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    It would be awesome to see you at the convention, Val!

    Masters of the Universe Chronicles to support Grayskull-Con

    The Masters of the Universe Chronicles Podcast and Chris Vint "join" the Grayskull-Convention and support us with some excellent interviews with artists from various MOTU media.
    Expect lots of spectacular insight information into creating the cartoon series and discussions about cartoon episodes and movies.
    Interviews will be played in our Audio-Room at several times and dates during the course of the Convention.

    Stay tuned for the schedule and more information about the program
    Positivity, folks!
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    Holy man, this is all kinds of awesome! You guys have SO much stuff going on at this convention and really cool guests! I can't wait to see pictures and videos from the convention. It's sure to be an event of a lifetime!
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    cool, very cool, but uhm.. too far for me to travel
    Don't hate me cause ... (I'm Da Man)!

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    new york
    i wish i lived there

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    Grayskull Convention coverage 2 Sep - 4 Sep

    I just came back from the convention.
    I thought it would be nice to share my pics and perhaps of others in 1 thread
    Some pics taken with my Ipad. There was much more, a great collection to see.

    The highlights for me were:

    They already had the power and honor V1 on show and it looks great!

    real size weapon rack that my son Adam loves:

    The wind raider!

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    Movie props/ replicas:

    And VERY cool fan creations by Illvanno. SOrry about the blurry pics. They dont do the dios justice. They were very vibrant:

    And sitting next to Emiliano
    I didn't speak to him though. He was judging something and I was busy with my son

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    OMG @ the Weapons Rack!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Great pics!!
    Can't wait for more!

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    Wish I had the time to be there.
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    Awesome pics. Thanks for taking the time to share something most of us will never get to experience!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lookie View Post
    Who sells the custom heads? I gotta get me some of those.
    ^This, this, this, this!!! PM me if you have to!

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    At summer camp with Emiliano Here he is drawing a Trap Jaw for grazellka:

    It was a honour to be with Emiliano and James in such a familiar environment.
    Those two were super nice and Emiliano was drawing like a Berserker!

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    Hello Buddies,
    Here are my collection of Pictures :

    Enjoy !

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    Oh MAN!!!! Those pics are amazing! Love the Weapons Rack!!! Beast Man!!! Ohhhh!!! Power-Con better step it up Looks like everyone had a blasty-blast!!!...
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    I am thinking that in 2012 we should hold a convention in the UK. Anyone out there agree?
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    Wow, the Evil Lyn movie costume looks amazing! (would like to see a MOTUC Evil Lyn figure with that outfit )

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    Some great photos there, looks like you guys had a blast!
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