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  • wish they had used all six slots for existing characters

    19 19.19%
  • am glad they added new figures and wouldn't have rather existing characters

    28 28.28%
  • really only liked one or two of them, but would have prefered the rest been existing characters

    40 40.40%
  • I would have rather had six new characters as we did, but didn't like the ones picked.

    12 12.12%
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Thread: 30th Subscription - If you knew then what you know now... PART II

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    30th Subscription - If you knew then what you know now... PART II

    A second question, after answering the first.

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    really only liked one or two of them, but would have preferred the rest been existing characters

    Draego-Man and Photog. I really like Draego-Man. The 4H deserve a figure slot because of their continuous contributions to MOTU and Fearless Photog is a long-lost figure from the past.

    That being said, I wish the rest were characters from all around MOTU joining the party by getting figures at last. We could have gotten Oo-Larr (He-Man's first media appearance), Darius, Lodar and Illumina.

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    I would have rather had six new characters as we did, but didn't like the ones picked.

    I love Draego-man and Castle Grayskullman, and Photog earned the right to a spot. However, I think characters like Vikor, Demo-man, Vykron, the vehicle pilots, or similar concepts would have been a more sensible pick for the remaining slots. In my opinion, they fit the idea of new characters being brought into the line, but they better represent the idea of celebrating thirty years of Masters.
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    I either would have liked 6 new, but existing characters, the 30th sub would have been the perfect place for Vikor, Demo-Man & a few others like Photog, Draego is cool, maybe even Eldor, or something, something actually linked to the MOTU past, you know, what an anniversary line is supposed to do....not 3 out of 6 absolute uninspired plain or horrible looking figures, that mey or may not even fit into MOTU.

    Or, would have preferred 3 more figures aside from The Mighty Suctor, Sir Lame-Lot & Cy-Crap
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    I liked the addition of new characters. They each added something nifty to the canon.
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    I liked having new characters and I don't mind having it the way it is. I think it would have been more celebrated if they made the sub like the fans choice where they had the fans vote on all 6 figures.

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    really only liked one or two of them, but would have prefered the rest been existing characters

    That's my opinion, as I only like Draego-Man and Castle Grayskullman, all the others are no worthy MotUC characters to me.
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    I voted: am glad they added new figures and wouldn't have rather existing characters. Now I would have rather had certain existing characters, but there are plenty I do not prefer over the 30th ones others do not like. I think all of the 30th characters are interesting and I will enjoy having them all in my collection.

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    I loved that we got 6 new characters.
    but is fearless photog all that new?
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    I really only like one or two of them, Spector and Castle Grayskullman. SO I guess I liked two of them. THe others were ok, but I dislike Photog and Cy-Chop is lame in my opinion. Draego-Man and Sir Laser-Lot were just ok for me.

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    I really have no use for Spector, and the jury is still out for me on Cy-Chop. Maybe I'll feel more positively towards him when I have him in hand, but at the moment I'm not really a fan.

    Photog I always wanted, though, and I really do like the other three figures. They all feel very MOTU-y to me, so I'm happy to have them.
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    Photog needed to be made. Castle GrayskullMan and Draego Man are both (simultaneously) the bees knees and the cats meow. Spector is Ok for what he is, but I could have easily done without him, SLL, and Cy-Chop. I definitely would have been happier with the line consisting of Photog, the new fan designed character, a new 4H character, and then 3 true 30th anniversary characters. Perhaps Oolar, Eldor, and someone else.
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    voted for this one "really only liked one or two of them, but would have prefered the rest been existing characters"

    but my feelings are more "really only liked one or two of them, but would have prefered the rest been better designs."
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    I liked that they used new characters. Even though I may not have liked them all (I'm looking your way Mighty Spector and Sir Laserlot), it was good that there was attempt to expand on the existing array of characters. That's how universes grow.
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    I would have loved all the character's that were added, and in truth I actually do It's the fact their are so many characters that deserve to be made into actual figures and hope beyond hope that they all still do! I would have rather felt that mattel should have progressed the Masters of the Universe story, allowing a sort of set up for these new characters! this might have allowed these characters to be embraced by all and incorperated them and establish them into the mythos as a solid and not just a glimmering light! But what is done is done and we have new ones to try and give welcoming homes to!

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    I loved all the new characters, and I am glad they did it. Just like Scott said, the greatest thing they could do for the 30th was give me back that old excitement of new toys for the first time in so many years. I felt like an excited kid again, in a way I dont always get. Not nostalgia (since they were new) but sincere NEW excitement.

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    It's not really so much a problem about the figures that came out in this sub, rather than the meaning this sub insinuated. This was an 'Anniversary' sub and it did not celebrate 30 years rather than introduce to new concepts and ideas. So once again it's a problem with the language and not the product, although I will say I am still (with respect to everyone) not thrilled at all with Cy-Chop, and that's my opinion. I think these figures would've properly been better dropped in the regular sub and with that being said very methodically not one after the other, that way the idea of new figures would be absorbed and accepted more...

    As far as what the sub should've been to me, and I see many agree as well the idea should've been something covering the HISTORY of He-Man and here's my list:

    1. Vykron
    2. The Guerrero Original Sculpt
    3. Vikor
    4. Demo-Man
    5. Oo-Larr
    6. Photog (being he was the original winner)

    I think this set covers the years of MOTU and many would've been more receptive to them (as we have seen some negativity at time towards them in the regular line) but as I've said I truly have no problems with the ones that came out; just that it should've been sub-titled something different. But I guess Mattel figured they would not sell them numbers as an individual category thus planting them into the line.
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    "really only liked one or two of them, but would have prefered the rest been existing characters"

    Glad I opted not to get the 30th sub. Yes new characters are good, but most of the new characters that were done in the 30th line were NOT good.

    Mighty Spector/SLL/Cy-Chop do NOT equal Draego-Man's awesomeness. Not by a long shot.
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    Thrahsor would prefer Thrashor figures!
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    Loved 'em all, and I'm really glad they made them all new. The 30th line wasa great throwback to the days of going to the store and finding something brand new that you'd never heard of. Each reveal was a total surprise! Everyone's mileage varies, but I love the heck out of all of them!
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    I was 50/50 on them. Draego was all kinds of awesome, made me start collecting the line honestly. SLL was great (what's a dragon without a knight), and I LOVE CGM....passed on the rest.

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