Ok, I saw the post by board member demiscy, and I looked at that photo and I was amazed of how cool would a castle Grayskull will be in this line. But questions began filling up my head...

1. Do we need CG to be a playset like the 80's one?
2. Do we need it to be green?
3. Do we need it to come with lots of pieces and parts?

After thinking about it... Even I was shocked over my own thoughts.

No, I don't need the CG to be a Playset, nor it to be green....And not even the parts and stuff.

Why? Simple, this is an ADULT COLLECTOR line. I for sure won't be playing with my MOTUC figs. Yes I will display them and change them from time to time.... But no, I will not play with them. At 33 years old I don't see me doing that. My vintage Castle Grayskull is displayed CLOSED... To show the awesomeness of a Skull faced castle!!!

Also, as an adult collector I understand that my current MOTUC figures looks more adult themed than the vintage ones. And for that reason I want a castle Grayskull that looks the part for those figures.

As you can see in the pictures, that castle does not open, does not have loose parts, it's not a playset...It is a display device for your figures.... With awesome Classic/Vintage/Wheathered colors and shades, it gives the figures a vibe of and ancient temple/castle of power and magic.

So the main question here is...Would fans accept a display CG instead of a playset CG....

I, as a 33 yr old Collector, vote for the display castle...in style with the one displayed there! Obviously, it needs to be a bit more scaled to the current height of the MOTUC figures.