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Thread: Castle Grayskull at C2E2

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    I did vote for the display, but a playset that separates in two, for an inside (throne room/portal/orb,etc.) and outside (front of castle, NECA-like working door) view, thus two diorama options, would be sweet.

    Realistically, how much would a working (lights/sounds/accessories) playset in "classics" size cost?

    20 "easy" payments of $19.95?

    Perhaps a diorama of the front of Grayskull would be a less expensive option.

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    I think i may have put in a wrong vote. I actually don't want a Castle Grayskull until they make Snake Mountain first!

    At this point right now (and i was all for the play-set not long ago, but space dictates LoL) i'd perhaps rather have a diorama piece instead of a play-set - although not what we've seen pictured. Since i don't play with figures, a display piece such as CG/SM would add a nice touch. It's not a definite decision though as i'd want to see what potentially these play-sets would look like.

    Guess i'd better start saving for the shipping costs now...

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    Everything about my figures is for display purposes. I never show the inside of my toy CGs, It's the skull that is the money shot with the figures, so a display would more than make me happy, as long as it is to scale, meaning the Neca Door is the scale it is based on.

    Any playset they make will never live up display wise to individual dioramas. Skeletor, Hordak, Sorceress, Randor Throne rooms, Tri-klops / Duncan's Lab, Evil-Lyn / Marzo chambers, Snake Mountain / Horde Prison's Whispering Woods etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    We're getting the weapons Rack, but I don't see them selling the Throne or the Grayskull computers ...
    Battling WSOD for a toy chair?
    Yes, I would completely want the Throne.

    Additionally, I'd love a playset. It'd have to be large. I can say that if the only way to get a very large scale Grayskull was to get a display piece as apposed to a playset, I'd be ok with a great display piece.

    Of course they've already said that if they do Grayskull, it'd have to be a playset. So there's that.
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    A display set would be just fine by me, so long as the price reflected the fact it's just a display and not a functioning playset.
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    You guys that don't want it to look like the playset just aren't thinking 4 horsemen classic-izing. I don't care if it is a display or a playset as long as it looks as bad-ass as Zombiehamma's castle grayskull that that lucky S.O.B Eamon got a hold of. Perfect use of old toy to MOTUC.

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    take that castle grayskull extend the ridge on the crown so people can stand there and add the 200x balcony in the tower and itll be as close to perfect as id like.

    my true preference is for a bunch of modular rooms that can be swapped out so you can make your own interior depending if you prefer vintage, filmation, minicomics, original movie, or 200X

    the crystal chamber horde/snake painting and statue of king grayskull from 200x
    movie throne room with great eye that opens
    filmation dimensional doors and viewer
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