I keep thinking about the possible casting and characters for this movie but I haven't really thought about what having Zack Snyder direct the movie means. He's really a mixed bag for me. I loved Dawn Of The Dead, hated 300, thought Watchmen was better than it could have been but still flawed(Malin Akerman is an awful actress), and was bored to tears at Legend Of The Guardians(I only saw it for the Looney Tunes cartoon that preceded it). I'm not ready to judge this movie before I see it like Transformers 3, but I am sorta nervous with his mixed track record.

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I hope that goes a long way towards retaining more of the John Williams theme at least.
I would love to see the DC movies get a brand new fresh start similar to what Marvel has done with their movies not tied up at Sony & 20th Century Fox. That's one of the reasons I'm upset that Nolan is not only doing another Batman movie(there is no way to do a DCU movie series with his "realistic" take on Batman without drastically altering the other superheroes), but is producing Superman. At least Green Lantern seems to be embracing the world of superheroes a little more than Nolan.

Having said all that, I can't imagine a Superman movie without that 33 year old theme from the great John Williams.

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Speaking of classic stuff, has everyone seen this?
I saw that the other day. I definitely like the animator's enthusiasm. The style reminds me of a mixture of the classic Fleischer Superman cartoons with a hint of John Kricfalusi.