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Thread: The Man Of Steel/Superman Movie Reboot Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus Prime View Post
    Please tell me you've watched the Donner Cut of Superman II by now? LOL Such an improvement over Lester's.

    OH yes! It's the only one I watch anymore

    The only powers used are actual superman powers

    The Reverse time thing is twice as lame this time around... even the 5 year old had to comment. "Again?!?!"


    Granted the superkiss isn't any better... sooooooo there really ISN'T a good ending to that show....

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1592 View Post

    As for the 'not caring about people thing... I don't agree with that. It's too easy a complaint.
    "Easy" but true.

    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1592 View Post
    And seriously... Do you remember the pictures of the swath of utter Destruction that was in the comic after the 'Death of Superman' Doomsday fight?

    PRETTY Comparable. The next six months of comics was about people trying to rebuild and get on with their lives... Two (or more) Kryptonians battling all out... is REALLY similar to a Godzilla attack. Building fall... people Die... For everyone he swooped down to save... Zod would kill a few more just as fast. Taking the fight right to him and fighting for all he was worth WAS a valid strategy...
    I think there's a difference between the comics doing that and a movie doing it. The media are different and the human characters are well established in the comic world and Superman's relationship with them is well known. This however was the first outing with THIS interpretation of Superman, the people are not yet known to us, Superman isn't established with them or with us really. It wasn't earned like in the comics. Also, sorry to go here, but the Doomsday thing happened before 9-11. I and I think much of the audience feels differently about those visuals now than we did then, particularly in a photographic dramatization versus an illustrated one.
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