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Thread: New monster ebook for Kindle or Nook by David Logan and James Moon!

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    New monster ebook for Kindle or Nook by David Logan and James Moon!


    Got my first book published at last!

    Paradigm Shift Saga: Malediction

    Available in print as well as Kindle and Nook!

    Malediction is a 16,500 word Novelette featuring a story about an Englishman named Isaac, who is a career monster hunter, and a knighted member of a well known organization called PEHN. Along with his unique and unforgettable wife: Miasma, the two of them make a very interesting pair...

    The time period isn't exactly set in the world as we know it. Its a world were magic and the supernatural are somewhat commonplace. Though the story takes place in the Americas, it's a British controlled American so there is some intermingling of the cultures to be found. In this first story, Isaac is pitted against a version of the classic Frankenstein well as a few other monster surprises who lie in wait.

    Hold on's going to be a strange ride!

    Buy it now on:


    Barnes and Noble

    or Kobo
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