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Thread: Elders Weapons

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    Elders Weapons

    So I painstakenly went through the Powers of Grayskull episode today to identify the weapons of the 9 elders. Here are the screen shots i took, I am going to use the names given by Gbabok to them to identify which one go with which, First off here are Elders
    first off Veridas, his sword is clearly seen
    elders weapons5.jpg
    Neptul i think everyone has seen, the trident
    Browser is an intreasting looking short double sided spear
    elders weapons14.jpg
    Ceratin has a very plain looking sword
    elders weapons6.jpg
    Argos Has a very cool looking weapon, looks like a double sided spear, but interesting tuning fork shape on one end
    elders weapons9.jpg
    Azura a short curved blade,
    elders weapons8.jpg
    Devlan and Galadria can be seen in the same shot, Devlan's being a sword, while Galadria's being a short blade
    elders weapons15.jpg
    and a better shot of Galadria's Sword handle and hilt
    elders weapons2.jpg
    And a group shot which gives you a perspective of the size of some of the blades but not very clear
    elders weapons1.jpg

    Seryn is not part of these elders from Gbaboks storyline, not sure if she was with the elders in their spiritual form (Transformed state) something i would have to look back into so no weapon for her.

    Finally Dr. Omega did a group shot and looks like he has most weapons right, some sizes and shapes might be wrong on some blades and Argos is without a weapon and Galadria's is not shown.
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    I never knew that the Elders also had weapons just like in the 200x cartoons. I haven't watched them, though.
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