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Thread: Battlecat... Talking, Non-Talking, or Telepathy with He-Man

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    Battlecat... Talking, Non-Talking, or Telepathy with He-Man

    (NOTE: This poll isnt WHICH VERSION of Battlecat you like, but which METHOD he communicates with)

    Okay. I love the 200X series. BUT... One thing I felt was missing is He-Man and Battlecat being able to communicate.

    I was talking to a buddy today about how I missed Battlecat being able to talk. As silly as it was, it added to the character.

    He said, he liked it better that he didnt talk in the 200X series. But he would have preferred maybe a telepathic link between He-Man and Battlecat.
    This made sense to me and sounded like a cool way of having old Battlecat "talk" in that cool growl-y voice without the cornyness of having an animal be able to talk and pronounce words as a human(oid) would.

    So what say you MOTU Fans?

    Which do you prefer?
    Or a mental communication between them?

    Please share your reasons for your answer too! Its always interesting as to why people like certain things.
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    I went with non-talking. I never liked him talking as kid. It ALWAYS bugged me. And it bugs me even more as an adult. I think having him just growl and roar is a better way to go. Stick with the more primal bond between a man and his steed. I think it keeps the relationship between He-Man and Battlecat a little more personal and mysterious if He-Man is the only one who knows what Battlecat is thinking. It also makes Battlecat a little more dangerous because he seems more unpredictable. I always thought that having Battlecat talk was just one more way they softned He-man needlessly. Just my two cents.

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    Non-talking. Seeing a 200x episode there was one where Adam was captured and Cringer in a Panthor disguise (...) helped him out and they communicated just fine. Pantomime was still in effect and it worked fine. He even had a flash back to when he was younger (Hills Have Eyes 2 is the only other pet flashback I can think of. And I mean the original sequel not the Craven one).

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    Talking because he has more of a personality with it. Without a voice, Battlecat is merely an accessory that blends into the background.

    Plus, I love the scene in "House of Shokoti I" when he tells Stanlin:

    "I'm not a kitty. I'm Cringer, and you scared me!"

    Also in "The Huntsman:"

    "I'm sorry you live in such a creepy place, Sorceress."
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    Talking Battle Cat for me.

    This is ETERNIA! We have talking Dragons, talking trees, multiple species of humanoids... I don't see why a talking tiger is so far fetched.

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    Cringer has a voice and he uses it. Wether as Battle Cat or as Cringer the cat can talk. That was one of the only gripes i had with the MYP toon.
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    I'm the "buddy" Hawk is talking about.

    The reason I said I think the mental link made more sense to me, is because of the Eragon book series.

    For anyone who has read this series (3 books so far...) the mental link that Eragon and Saphira makes total sense to me. To outsiders, they seem to think as one, and if BC growls or roars, it adds the primal-ness(word?). To those close to them, BC may choose to talk to them (Sorceress, MAA, etc). And it makes the animal no less fierce, plus He-Man can have 2-way communication.

    Just my thought anyway...
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    I like the idea of both He-Man and She-Ra sharing telepathic links with their steeds. That's another way they're "in the know" with someone or something else everyone else isn't privvy to, i.e. Sorceress, Light Hope, etc.

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    I went with not talking.

    I've gone into this elsewhere but to me if he talks he is no different from the rest of the characters. He's just like any other hero on the roster but instead walks on four legs and has a harness. I also prefer that he be an animal and not simply a person that has the body of an animal. I am not sure of what I thought in the past but at least at this point upon more reflection, it has nothing to do with plausibility or silliness (although that might have been my stance in the past as well, I cannot recall).

    I think it is creepy to ride another intelligent, sentient being. Aslan from Narnia was a talking lion, but while under a special set of circumstances the two girls rode him to the battle, that was unique. He was not primarily a vehicle. In my eyes it is similar to when Superman quickly flies someone to another location. That sort of thing is a unique situation that happens under specific situations, but Superman is not treated as a steed.

    Obviously this is all just my personal opinion and I understand that others differ. In the end it is not a preference that will greatly affect my interest in a future show or movie regardless of the decision made.

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    Mental link with He-Man. i always saw it as a less-developed version of She-Ras telepathic abilities. After all...shes a woman..and therefore better at communication...

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    Well as much as the talking annoyed me , It was a useful trick when HeMan was separated from him .

    Battlecat is a giant monster tiger after all . His linguistic skills make others around him less nervous .
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    no talking...
    as a kid i never really dug the idea of him talking in the fiilmation series.

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    Talking. For all of its faults, the Filmation cartoon was MY MOTU and my childhood, and he talked in that cartoon. That's my Battle Cat. The MYP version always felt incomplete to me.

    That said, I LIKE that he doesn't speak in the current DC comics, because it doesn't seem appropriate for that continuity somehow. So...while I generally prefer him talking, I think it depends on the media. I'm not sure a talking Battle Cat would work in the planned movie, for example.
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    I believe almost ANYTHING done well can work for any audience, I will admit a talking battlecat will require great execution to not come off cheesy, I always felt Cat should talk to very few, don't make it known that he talks, I picture a scene when he's fighting beastman, who is, of course trying to control him, cat knocks him against a wall, he then stalks slowly and in a low threatening growl he speaks (in Keith David's voice) a threat to beastman, the threat and shock really messes up beastman, if it's executed right, it will be a moment that fans LOVE, esp if that's the firsdt time he talks.

    so I say talk, sparingly and purposefully only to a small few.
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    Talking. I'm old-school Disney like that.
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    One thing I hated about 2002 He-Man was that they took away Cringer's voice and reduced him to a giant house cat.
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    Orko is enough comic relief for me (or at times, even too much). I don't think the series needs a second for goofy sidekick chatter. There's enough personality in the cat anyway to communicate without words.
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    Non talking and most important in his SABERTOOTH 200X form. In a barbaric world like Eternia, with dinosaurs still around, the fierce green smilodon Battle Cat fits perfectly.

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    Not everything on Eternia needs the ability to talk.
    I always found it a little disturbing that Kittrina kept calling BC "Big Boy". Although others would have found this amusing I'm sure, there was something odd about a talking humanoid feline flirting with a non humanoid feline.

    I also feel, (and I know many will not agree) that 200X had a certain maturity to it. MOTU by definition is a fantastic world of seemingly incompatible ideas, that for the most part somehow work together. But with Filmation, there were things that were just that "little bit too much of a sprinkling of craziness". For me one of the things that fell into this category was talking Battle Cat/Cringer (Orko was enough to endure). Filmation took away some of the mystery and darkness of the original mini-comics, and I felt 200X brought some of it back.

    I was very glad to find a non-talking Cringer/BC and also an "O"-less Orko.

    But I have to say that She-Ra did the talking mount thing slightly better, with Spirit seemingly mute until his initial transformation into Swiftwind. It was implied he could not talk before that event.

    Having said that, I would have had an easier time loving a non-talking Cringer/talking Battle Cat (to distinguish them better), or a telepathic BC.

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    The Cat talks, period. He's been talking since before the 'Cringer' days, all the way back to the mini-comic.

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    I didn't like the the non talking battlecat at first but I got used to it. I guess its just hard to let some things go...don't know what ya got till its gone.

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