I've never felt the need to plug a Kickstarter before, since I'm usually okay if they succeed or fail, but this particular one for Petri Wars means a bit more to me than most. It's made by Angry Duck Games, a group of guys I've been good friends with since going to High School with. Ever since then, they have all enjoyed creating board and card games just for the enjoyment of our immediate friends, and only recently decided to try their luck and publishing something. They had some success with their first one, Student Bodies, however as newcomers, that company that published it gets most of the money they make off of it (pretty much same thing as indie video game developers).

Student Bodies is actually really pretty solid, and had a pretty good release (I've been able to see it in just about all the gaming stores near me), but they wanted to try one on their own through Kickstarter, in hopes that its success could help fund more ideas of theirs. I know there are TONS of games already out on the market for just about every taste, but I owe it to them to help spread the word in this final home stretch to bring some more awareness to it. The site does a better job than I would explaining how the game works, but in essence it's a fun tile-based game where you pick a type of microscopic organism in a petri dish, mutate and grow it, and attempt to assimilate other player's organisms. It's a pretty fun game, and we have had some great times playtesting it at their houses in the past.

So yeah, if you want to take a look, cool. If not, no biggie, but I wanted to help spread the word for them, and help them actually achieve this dream of self publishing something that they've been working towards since High School. And I can guarantee that you'll get a solid, well tested and polished product at the end.

The link for it is HERE.