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Thread: Bags to store MOC/MIB toys?

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    Bags to store MOC/MIB toys?

    I've bought a small but decent collection of packaged toys that I plan to keep that way. But as you can see(this is only about 2/3 of it) thinks like standard clamshell cases are insufficient because of so many varying shapes and sizes. I still want to keep dust, dirt, insects and such off them. Ziploc makes larger sizes of bags but those can get expensive, are there any other larger clear bags suitable for storing carded action figures that won't put a hole in my pocket in the process?

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    The only problem is I cannot recommend you what type of bag, diosoth.
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    I use Mylar Magazine bags (like comic bags). They're pretty cheap, tough and unlike ziploc bags won't badly degrade over time.
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