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Thread: Rik Mayall has passed away.

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    Rik Mayall has passed away.

    Any fans of British comedies such as The Young Ones, Black Adder and Bottom will be very sad to hear that Rik Mayall has died.

    I guess that means there won't be any Young Ones or Bottom reunion, which is a great shame.
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    huge shame, i was a big fan of bottom when i was a kid. i got into the young ones afterwards.
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    'Drop Dead Fred' was a favorite of mine growing up.

    R.I.P. Rik Mayall.
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    Never heard of him, but I'm always sorry to hear of a funny man passing.

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    A huge loss with the passing of Rik Mayall. The Young Ones was ground breaking comedy back in the day.

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    Rik's considerable body of work included a series of adverts for Nintendo video games in the early 1990s.

    EDIT Tried to embed the one for "Starwing" (see below) but it looks like you'll have to search YT yourselves if you're curious. It was a hoot as well, they all are, like pretty much everything he did....
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    I had thought I never heard of him but then after seeing a picture I realized it was Drop Dead Fred. Loved that movie as a kid and my son lives it now. RIP.

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