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Thread: Battle Armor Skeletor face variant?

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    Battle Armor Skeletor face variant?

    I haven't seen it posted anywhere but I got two BA Skeletors on different orders and was surprised to see this:

    The loose one on the left is what I've seen but the carded one on the right has a solid green line right around the whole jaw. Reminiscent of vintage Dragon Blaster Skeletor, I think

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    Looks to me like the machine that blasts the yellow paint over the green was just pushed down a bit on the front one.
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    My BA Skeletor (subscription) has the face paint like your carded one. Since these figures are painted by humans, paint applications may vary a little bit.

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    I actually like that one up front better. It has a very vintage feel to it.
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    I've seen a few BA Skelly's now and the yellow varies on all of them. The yellow seems to be 'blurred' into the green at varying levels. It's not a variation as much as an inconsistent application.

    My guess is that the yellow is applied and then it is suposd to be blurred around the edges. On some the brow is blurred. I haven't seen the jawline blurred on any but yours.

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    My BA Skeletor has the green "beard" as seen in the carded example. I don't really mind since I've seen pics of worse ones, but I was expecting something more akin to the display version in terms of the edges of the cheeks and jaw.
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