Hi guys, after all calm down here in japan im back to my favorite MOTU community and backing to my MOTU game project.

Im working in the video game industry per 5 years, im 3d designer (Maya and z brush), animator and i script and code a bit.

The project i started and stoped after all happened here in japan is continue again

ok, the game? Yes im working in a 3D fighting game with all our love 2D game play. At the moment the code name will be MOTU FGP (Fighting game Project)

The project status

I have a 80% he-man model and textures done and started with the fighting engine system.

For what platform is it?

Will run in Win and Mac.

When we can see something about MOTUCode Name : FGP?

I will try to finish he-man next week but im upping some screens of the prototype model and how it looks in the engine.

MOTU Characters, cool! but Classic or 200x style?

I love the first 4 mini comics so i want to make this project at classic i can

How Many Characters?

At the moment i will finish he-man and make some animations for him for develop more the engine. But there not he-man without skeletor so i will work in skeletor and i hope if all run well, make a couple of characters, maybe 10 characters, males and females.

How much will cost it?

0$ It will be free! cause I love 3D, what i do and Im a bit fan of MOTU, this project is a hobby for me so Not business with this. will be free!


Cause i only can work in this on weekends the progress will be slow but i will continue working in it

How you can help?

At the moment all is too primary to tell you how you can help but Im looking for good ideas and design for stages, art backgrounds for the stages and maybe in other time art for the characters.