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Thread: Show your appreciation for Leech!

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    Count me in as well! I think it's pretty cool that we're getting another Horde figure this year. I'm glad there's no suction cup around the mouth piece as that is something this figure could've done without imo.

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    well, let's face it: vintage leech was one of the "strangest" figure ever done and the 4h gave us an amazing update in classics.

    even though any fan would like to see his own version, 'till this moment we had wonderful rendition of them all.

    i want no one else except for the 4h working on them!

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    I think the approach they took to designing the head sculpt was brilliant. Take the gimmicky looking suction cup head and sculpt it as it would look if there were no suction cup and the stickers were actual sculpted parts.

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    Leech can suck my blood any day.

    Bring on the monsters.
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    Leech looks totally awesome!
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    Leech looks fantastic-- my favorite figure growing up, my most anticipated figure of the line-- excellent job FH!

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    I'm incredibly excited for Leech. I figured with all the new parts he needed, it would be an age until we got him. I'm psyched, and I think he looks great.

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    The sculpting and paint apps are incredible. The details like the dry-brushing on his fingers and dark fingernails against the contrast of the suction cup is just great. Initially I thought his head was WAY too large, but with his head lowered it looks way better, and doesn't seem too large anymore. I would still rather see it smaller, but when it is positioned correctly, it looks good the way it is. I am officially excited by this figure. Yay 4-horsemen! Boo for mattel assembling it incorrectly at the factory....until proven otherwise.

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    I think Leech looks absolutely awesome! I liked him as soon as I saw him, it'll be good to have this hulking beastie stood bihind Hordak. I love Skeletor and his henchmen, but Hordaks' crew always seemed a bit more sinister. Definate addition to my growing bad guys!
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    Love him! He looks great!
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    He's dope. I think the 4H always have a challenge of re-inturpreting action features. They did'nt fall short on this one. Good job.
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    I saw Leech in person, and he kept drawing me back to the Mattel booth over the weekend at WonderCon. I think he looks AMAZING! i can't wait to have him in my collection - especially since Leech was in the opening credits for She-Ra! We bascially got to see him every episode!

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