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Thread: Is Vac-Metalizing In MOTUC a Good Idea or Bad Idea?

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    Is Vac-Metalizing In MOTUC a Good Idea or Bad Idea?

    This thread is coming from all the talk about Hurricane Hordak being vac-metalized.

    I see a lot of varying opinions on this, so I thought it would make for a good discussion thread!

    Is vac-metalizing a good idea in MOTUC?


    - It's shiny and cool looking, reminiscent of real gold, silver, copper, etc.
    - The vintage toys had it (like HH and Entrapta)
    - Adds something unique to a figure/gives him or her more personality
    - (story-wise) it can BLIND/distract an opponent


    - It can chip pretty easily (loose accessories flopping around in package during shipping, moving arms, removing armour, etc.) and might look really bad in the long run
    - Not all figures with gold armour are vac-metalized (He-Ro, Bow, King Randor, Chief Carnivus, She-Ra)
    - It might cost more than paint, which could take money away from additional accessories or pieces (like a new head, feet or something)

    We actually HAVE vac-metalized pieces in MOTUC right now: Mo-Larr's dental tools! I think I read a bunch of people had them chipped though.

    I personally am not sure how I feel about vac-metalizing for toys. It does look cool, but can chip really easily. I really like the gold paint job we saw at WonderCon on Hordak. The metallic green paint Mattel used on Hal Jordan (Green Lantern, DCUC) in gold would look like a good compromise between the two.

    I don't know. What do you guys think?

    Here's a sample of what can happen: red wearing off of Horde symbol. You can see the gold coming through. This happened a lot to Entrapta too. Her skin came off and revealed silver:

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