By now you may have heard that IDW has picked up the license to do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics. This is great news for TMNT fans, as IDW plans on doing trades of the old Mirage stuff (something that Mirage excelled at failing to do for decades) and will be doing a variety of other comics. The most interesting news piece, being that a new IDW TMNT comic will start this summer, with a second Nickelodeon cartoon based comic starting later down the road in conjunction with Nick's new TMNT.

With that in mind, an even cooler piece of TMNT comic news came across this past weekend as a long in production fan project has finally come together. A variety of TMNT fans with various artistic skill put together a page-by-page (with nearly every page done by a different fan) recreation of the original Mirage TMNT #1 comic. It's a great piece and a fitting tribute to the Turtles. Peter Laird saw it and definitely approved, although he was true to form, honest in his critique of the project.

Check out the story and then download the free fan recreation of TMNT #1 for a unique look at the Ninja Turtles!

Infinite Hollywood:Ninja Turtles Issue #1 Fan Recreation