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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread April 2011

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for April 2011!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    What are the chances of getting a MOTUC Serpos?
    I really love how the MYP cartoon added a backstory to Snake Mountain.
    And the Snakemen deserve to have a beast in their ranks. So what would be better than a huge three headed Hydra?

    Serpos of course couldn't be as enormous as he was in the MYP cartoon series. A Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man for example couldn't be in-scale either, so that shouldn't be a reason to not think about the possibility of having Serpos in MOTUC.

    But regarding the size of the vintage "Serpos" (snake of Snake Mountain) in comparison to vintage figures, a MOTUC version actually wouldn't need to be THAT big to work. Sure bigger than Tytus, but it's pretty much the same with Grannamyr, so why not?

    What do you think about SERPOS in MOTUC ?

    He (it?) would certainly be awesome but nothing has been planned right now. Maybe one day!

    One of my favorite things about "Serpos" is he is actually mentioned in the 1983 DC Comics mini series. Kinda cool huh?. (although I don't think the writers of the 200X series were actually referencing this, especially since they were going to call him Aspa, and changed the name last minute. Still, it is a cool "connection" that keeps him in both vintage and modern collecting huh?)
    200X Heads

    I know that actually 200X style is retired, it has been said several times.
    What I would like to ask (and understand) is: why, even if fans are so greedy about second heads (200X style and not - like Zodac/k without helmet) and including seconds would make you sell a lot of figures more, you are not reconsidering your position?

    We will still include a second head when there is a compelling reason (and a budget!) to do so. We actually have quite a lot of figures on tap for 2012 with second heads. But because the 200X style is retired, a 200X styled head is therefore not a "compelling" reasons for a second head.
    Prince Adam reissue with flocking?

    In the event that you do release a single-carded Prince Adam, how would you feel about his vest being flocked like the original? Since he would use up a development slot anyway, I assume you guys would want to change him up somehow. I think he'd look great with the same material used on the King Grayskull re-release.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    The vintage Adam actually had a cloth soft goods vest. It was not flocking. It is always possible we could do a soft goods vest on a single release as an A-list quarterly variant. But othing is locked in or planned right now.
    What is the A list?

    What is the A list?

    An "A-list" character is someone that most of the public might know and not just super fans. A character like He-Man, Batman or Peter Venkeman. (in relation to a lesser known C-List character like Snout Spout, Bronze Tiger, or Walter Peck). There are no exact lists, usually just varies by each fan's perspective of what there own A list or C list characters are!
    MOTUC new characters

    Hey guru, just wondering since MOTU was a toyline first, has Mattel ever thought of having the FH sculpt a new character a male and female for the motu universe?

    We have talked about adding new characters into the MOTUC line. It would likely take a special event or new media for us to do this. Whether or not we have the Horsemen "create" a new character remains to be seen! A cool idea though...

    As you know there are many "20XX MOTU" Fans.

    I want to thank you for the "New" characters direct from the 20XX cannon, as CARNIVUS or FACELESS ONE. Until now we have not seen any A-LIST CHARACTER in his/her 20XX Style. I understand you can not tell us about any figure pass Toyfare, but please try to give us one of those before the end of this year.

    With the Galactic Protector, We will see all the factions; except the one that I am talking (I now it is not a faction, it is a interpretation). I would love to see a 20XX KING RANDOR or 20XX EVIL LYN or SNAKE TEELA or YOUNG PRINCE ADAM; in his/her 20XX "Classicised" interpretation.

    Please, make the 20XX fans happiest than ever.

    Thank you for answer.

    We do have some 200X "variants" in the long term plan. When they will show up, we're not ready to spill the beans on quite yet! Stay tuned! We know fans want this which is why we built it into the long term roll out plan created around the time of Stratos' release. So far, we haven't strayed that much from the plan! Do these variants are coming in time...
    What Will Be The Future Of Current Female Buck ?

    In NYFT, you've announced that you are slowly building a "Brand New" female buck & it will be completed and it will be used by She-Ra 2.0 & the other 2 female figures to come this year !

    So... What will be the status of current female buck then ? Will it be used at some point again OR will it be discontinued forever ?

    Thanks !

    The old buck could potentially be used, but only if the new one is not working for a particular figure. Likely though, I am guessing the new buck will be pretty universal or even newer parts. It isn't likely we will go backwards and use a buck that offers less articulation unless the figure really called for it.
    Preternia He-Man Hood On Future Skeletor Figures.....

    The hood which was used on Preternia He-Man was amazing ! Will it be used on future (New Variant) Skeletor figures ?

    I think it will be even fantastic when compared with current Skeletor head !

    It is always possible I suppose. But nothing to announce right now.
    Upcoming New Figures & Reissues Using Fur Boots....

    Will these figures get the new fur boots which Vikor had ?

    I think the "NEW" fur boots should be used forever (on figures like He-Man) since it has tight ankle joints & doesn’t comes with that BIG round joint holes !

    Yes, the idea is going forward any figure needing the He-Man boot will get the Vikor boot.
    An "Open Statement" About She-Ra 2.0 !

    Since She-Ra 2.0 announcement, we've been getting the figures details in bits & pieces. Some of your answers revealed that few accessories which came with She-Ra 1.0 will not be included with She-Ra 2.0 figure !

    Most of the fans are terribly confused whether to wait for She-Ra 2.0, OR buy She-Ra 1.0 Reissue, OR buying both for making “Ultimate She-Ra” like you said. For making things on “clearer” route, Can you please give us an "Open Statement" about She-Ra 2.0 figure (like the figures accessories, leg articulation, knee & ankle joints condition ETC) ? I know revealing this on a BIG event like SDCC will be a cool thing to do. But with She-Ra 1.0 Reissue coming next month, the open statement will certainly help fans to decide whether to buy the She-Ra 1.0 reissue for the newer figure for making "Ultimate She-Ra" !

    The "Open Statement" doesn’t have to be with images (I definitely know it’s not going to happen). All we need is just a detailed info on page !!!

    I hope you’ll spill the beans for the sake of FANS this time !

    We're not ready to spill the beans yet, but to help fans know what to do, the new She-Ra will be the first figure with the complete new female buck. It will feature a twist waist and other improvements. She will also have new arms and leg parts. It may only be the hands and hair that are shared between both figures, but I'd have to check with design to make sure of that. I don't have either figure in front of me right now.

    2.0 will feature a few new accessories such as a toy accurate vintage sword and clip on "armor/headgear" pieces to allow a maskless look (without a hole in the head for the mask!). But to make the ultimate She-Ra you will need parts from the original release (such as the style guide head and red cape) so fans may want to pick up both versions to mix and match!

    Hope that helps!
    Will She-Ra 2.0 have a new bio?

    Will She-Ra 2.0 have a brand new bio or will it be the same bio as the old She-Ra figure?

    Yes, just as Battle Armor He-Man did, so will new variants of any character.
    MOTUC Prince Adam Reissue - New Packaging Issue?

    You have said many times that reissues are "turning the machine back on."
    Can Prince Adam be reissued, but on his own single card for MOC collectors? I realize that the figure production would simply be "turning the machine back on," but does the actual figure packaging cause a "new SKU" issue?

    A single Prince Adam would require a new package to be developed and therefore it would be a "new" development sku. The reissues are just that, direct reissues with no change to product or package (minus the new burst on the package).

    So a single carded Prince Adam would need to wait for a development slot to open up and right now we are putting all of those into new figures. Likley one day down the road we'll do this, but not anytime soon.
    Reissues: June through September (Please)???

    Since we now know which monthly and quarterly figures will be released up until September of 2011, can you please tell us which reissues will be offered for the remaining months of June, July, August, and September? Thank you!

    We don't have this locked in yet. Once we do we will announce it on our news section. We can tell you starting in the fall there will be fewer reissues. Only the A list characters tend to sell well on a reissue so we will be cutting back on the overall number of figures that get a reissue going forward.
    Does She-Ra 2.0 Has No Cape ?

    Your previous answer reads "If you want the "style guide" mask and cape you will want to pick up the reissue" !

    Are you confirming this ? I think its not fair decision because you are already cutting style guide head ! Fans can take that, But not including cape will be a horrible move on fans !!!

    A She-Ra 2.0 figure without a cape is totally unfair ! Please...Please reconsider this decision !!

    Who said she had no cape at all?
    She-Ra re-issue

    The re-issue of She-Ra is coming May 16th. According to the solicitation, no changes have been made. I thingy it was mentioned somewhere (I forgot where) that there was going to be corrections, i.e. buck, for the figure itself to fit on the upcoming release of Swift Wind. What's the official word?

    There will be an all new version of She-Ra coming in late fall. The reissue in May is a reissue of the previous version with no changes made. The reissue will be a slightly different version and will only include a classic toy mask.

    If you want the "style guide" mask and cape you will want to pick up the reissue. (and as a side note, the new version is being designed so if you want to mix and match parts with the original release it can be done!)
    New Adventures figures

    First off I don't want specific release dates or anything like that. I'm just wondering if any assurances can be given regarding NA. At the current rate of one every 18 months or so, are we looking at only 5 or so being released? Are we being unrealistic in expecting more?

    Some years there will be more. Others less. But they are all in the long term plan (as are all vintage figures).
    BG Teela "Heir to the Sorceress" Outfit

    In another answer you wrote that the Outfit from the BG Teela is Teelas Outfit as the heir to the sorceress. In fact she is the heir till she becomes the sorceress in the end. But in which time she has us this outfit and her original one? Is the BG Outfit only her trainigsoutfit that she wears in the elders trainings citadel?

    You'll just need to wait and see!
    Stratos Re-Issue Wings question

    Could you tell us if the Stratos re-issue will have his wings glued in place like the original run or will they be able to rotate around his wrists like the version in the TRU Dc VS. MOTU 2 pack?

    The upcoming sale is the remaining customer service stock from last year's re-release. It is not a new run.

    If we ever do a new run we will try to make this change.
    Is the BG Teela costume really Teela's Sorceress look?

    in BG Teela's bio it isn't explicitly stated that the bikini is Teela's look as the new Sorceress.

    So...Is it? Or is it Teela's look while training to be the Sorceress? Is it the costume Teela wears when the Sorceress gets poisoned by Hssss?
    Or is the costume unrelated to the actual bio?
    It would be great if you could clarify this point.

    PS: And if this isn't Teela's Sorceress costume: How does she look as the Sorceress?

    Just check out the character tag line on the front. This is Teela as the "heroic heir to the Sorceress" not the Sorceress herself.
    Preternian Disguise He man's Status

    Hi I just looked through the Matty list of MOTUC and saw that PDH is marked as 'Currently Unavailable' whereas Wun-Dar is marked 'Gone For Good' is this an oversight, or will he be re released?

    Als as much as i hated the look of PDH, now that I have him, hes a great figure! thankyou! (can we have a Skeletor Variant as next years Exclusive?)

    He's gone for good too. We'll get that fixed/updated.
    We like the dials!

    What's your stance on the latest Hot-Button issue, Toyguru?

    I say keep the dials as is. If people want realism, they can dress up like Hurrican Hordak.

    I've seen the back and forth. Personally, I totally dig them. And I know Eric does as well, and he sculpts the figs and came up with the idea! So for those who are out on them, for the time being, you'll just need to learn to customized cause I don't think they are going anywhere for now.
    MOTUC SDCC Exclusives Announcement Date?

    When will these be announced? At what point/where in April? We already know what will be released otherwise through September. Thank you.

    The SDCC items will be announced on Attack of the Show, ideally by the end of April. They have not confirmed an air date yet. When they do we will let everyone know!
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