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Thread: Which figure surprised you with its "WOW" factor once in-hand?

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    trapjaw. when i got him, i was shocked at how awesome he was with all of his accessories and attention to detail. one of my top figures of all time!

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    One cannot help but smile while reading this thread...

    For me, it was my most recent purchase: Mer-Man!

    I was surprised at my preference to display the vintage head -he's just so cute! So far, the only thing that I'm changing is the sword. I'm going to add a stripe down the middle of metallic green paint to mimic the Wave 2-packs. Right now, it kind of looks like a giant corn cob on a stick in the solid yellow color.

    I must admit that Mer-Man was not high on my priority list originally. However, once he was "in-hand" he was nothing like I thought he would be. Such an amazing, quality action figure with surprisingly impressive detail. I originally purchased him as one of Skeletor's henchmen, but once I actually had him in-hand he was so much more than that. His appearance has a royal quality that certainly makes him deserving of the MOTUC title, Ocean Warlord. It almost makes me want to customize little minions for him and construct a diorama to serve as a display backdrop. That is, if I had the extra space.
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    Gygor, Chief Carnivus, Optikk, and Scare Glow were the figures I was most impressed with.
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    Gygor for me. What a magnificent toy. The details, the size, the armor and weapon.
    Went into my Top 5 toys of 2010 list.

    Scare Glow too, but I had him as a kid, and he was great already back then, I didn't expect any less 20 years later.
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    i think most of them wowed me to some degree. the earlier ones would have done it more easily than anything from the past year or so. it would take too long to explain why they wowed me so much, so i'll just list the ones that did it most.

    bronze king grayskull
    beast man
    trap jaw
    battle cat

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    Just to clarify- I'm pretty sure that this thread is about figures that surprised you and ended up being waaaaay cooler than you had expected them to be once you actually physically had them in your hands. It's not simply "What figures do you think are awesome?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrimmTrabb View Post
    Just to clarify- I'm pretty sure that this thread is about figures that surprised you and ended up being waaaaay cooler than you had expected them to be once you actually physically had them in your hands. It's not simply "What figures do you think are awesome?"
    I understood it that way at least. I thought Gygor looked awful in pictures. Just a monkey. A yellow one even. Not an important character in my universe.
    But when I got him in hand... He was so massive, his axe was so wicked, he had great articulation for such a big toy. Yup, waaaay cooler than I expected. Now he's among the few motucs I actually display.
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    Battlecat and Chief Carnivus

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    For me, Battle Cat was just the best when he as actually in hand. Hes huge and detailed, and just overall freakin awesome!

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    Vikor, he just gets cooler and cooler the more I see him, mess with him, etc.
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    Faker. I was unimpressed with him in all of the pictures I had seen of him. Then I got him in hand and my high expectations were exceeded! Once again he is my favorite toy of all time.

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    Moss-Man: I was surprised how much I liked the flocking in person. It took me back to getting the 80s original more than buying a vintage one did. Maybe it's the size. Also I generally strongly prefer vintage heads but in his case I much prefer the 200x head. I might have liked a vintage style head if they'd resculpted the Beast Man head just a bit, removing the fangs and making it so his chin doesn't jut out so much. But the 200x head actually reminds me of the old poster with Moss Man, He-Man and Skeletor on Spydor.

    MMA: I would have preferred vintage-accurate colors, but the details of his armor are really amazing

    Mer-Man: Pics don't do this guy justice. He's pretty much perfect, with great color/shading and sculpt.

    Slush Head: I wouldn't have bought this for myself, but in hand he's a pretty cool figure. Reminds me of a 50s B-movie monster

    Stinkor: I bought him despite the ridiculously stupid forearm swap, and he still commands the most attention of all my evil warriors since I bought him. Love the smell and the overall look. One of the few figs that I use with the 200x accessories. I regularly swap heads back and forth too, which is rare.

    Battle Cat: Up there with Mer-Man as one of the coolest figures of the line. Not that he looks bad in pictures, but he's even better in person. The definitive Battle Cat.
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    Nearly all of them. Most notably Man E Faces, Demo Man, Green Goddess, Jitsu, Fang man, Snake Face, BA He Man, Hordak, SoH, Marzo, Scare Glow, etc

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    The Griffin I knew I would like it anyways, but when I opened the box I literally said "WOW."
    Such a HUGE figure with the wings, etc... I just thought to myself how awesome this figure was and what other toy line would you see something like this? Battlecat made me say WOW too, but I knew before I got him I would say that

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    I liked almost all of the ones I now own from either having them as a kid, or from just the prototype pics then the reviews....but these I didn't expect to like so much once I got them.

    These I either had as a kid, but Classics wowed me, or new figures that really wowed me....

    Octavia (pics made me like her more, but once in hand....I really liked her)
    EP Randor
    TP He-Man

    Ones I never owned as a kid that I loved more once I received....

    DB Skeletor
    Faker (always wanted him as a kid, and I knew he was a blue He-Man, but once I got the Classics version....I loved regrets for never owning the Vintage vanished)
    Snake Face

    And I expect to be truly wowed by Castaspella and Mantenna!

    Ones that failed to woo me even after getting....

    Sy-Klone (even though now I like him more since getting the Flying Stands)
    Stratos (even though now I like him more since getting the Flying Stands)
    Shield Maiden Sherrilyn
    Recent.... HATMOTU Beast Man & Evil Seed
    Wanted.... Filmation Mer-Man, Teela & Sorceress
    Needed.... MOTUC Lord Masque

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    I'd have to say Thunder Punch He-Man. He wasn't a figure I was chomping at the bit for, nor a particular favorite in the old line. But all the little details on the backpack. the nods to the original action feature that they easily could have skipped over to reduce cost, really pushed the figure up a few pegs. I was much happier with him than I expected to be because of all the extra care they put into the design.
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    Man-E-Faces. Not a figure I was particularly in search of but I found one for a good price. When I got him out and started to actually play with him, I absolutely loved him! The vintage fig was never a favorite of mine but the Classics one really impressed me more than I counted on.
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    Fang-man blew me away because I was not expecting to like him. I also was pretty amazed with Marzo honestly because I never thought we would get him.
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    I was really happy with Grizzlor, Draego-Man, Kobra Khan, Granamyr, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Mer-Man, and Griffin.

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    I really loved Buzz-Off once I saw him in person. Did not care about him before.
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    That's actually a decent list for me...
    Star Sisters
    Sir Laser Lot
    Demo Man
    Slush Head
    Thundercats Hooooooooooo!

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    Man at Arms and the Fighting Foe Men come to mind. Both FAR exceeded my expectations once in hand!!

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    A recent one for me: Dekkar. I hadn't even planned to get him, and he ended up being part of a trade. I was surprised at how much I like him now that I have him
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    Scareglow: The first time I saw him glow in the dark, he just looked so damn wicked!!! that was enough for me.
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    Stinkor really surprised me by how awesome he turned out. Absolutely LOVE the civet cat head and Toxygen Mask! He also makes my clothes smell great, I put him in my drawer sometimes.

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