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Thread: Tyranny Enslaved: a MotU fanfic

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    Tyranny Enslaved: a MotU fanfic

    This thread is where I'll be posting concept art and the actual story for what I'm hoping will be an enjoyable experience. I hope everyone likes the updates and if possible could leave feedback.

    Synopsis: After yet another crushing defeat, Skeletor conducts an experiment to fuse his Havok Staff with the shards of the Ram Stone, and in doing so accidentally summons a powerful being from another world. Now the Overlord of Evil plans to use this being to wage war on all of Eternia, forcing the Twins of Power to consult with the Spirit of Grayskull himself to discover how to stop the Child of Tyranny. A Masters of the Universe and a Dungeons and Dragons crossover.

    Hopefully I can post an update at least once a month. Hope to see you there!

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    This is the concept art of He-Man's new armor that will appear in the story. But why does He-Man need armor? You'll have to wait and see

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    Itīs sounds like a nice start!

    A Desperate Skeletor and the Twins of Power combined make up for a good story!

    Armor is never a bad thing, the sword looks really long, almost like a lance …?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niki View Post
    Armor is never a bad thing, the sword looks really long, almost like a lance …?
    Im rather fond of the length between longsword and greatsword, the length and strength that allows for reach, speed, and power.

    And thank you for the praise on the subject ^^. Im currently working on the second main of the story, the enslaved son of tyranny.

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