View Poll Results: Panthor: Would you or would you not purchase him again if he was flocked?

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  • I'm happy with my current Panthor and WOULD NOT purchase a flocked version

    105 62.13%
  • I'm not happy with my current Panthor and WOULD purchase a flocked version

    19 11.24%
  • I didn't purchase this Panthor but WOULD buy a flocked one in a heartbeat

    14 8.28%
  • Heck I'd buy anything MOTUC

    31 18.34%
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Thread: POLL: Panthor, would you buy another if he was flocked??

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    The non-flocked one has won me over, but I'd still like the option of buying a flocked one.
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    Damn, I clicked the wrong option.

    I'm VERY happy with this Panthor, but would still consider a flocked version. Because Panthor is awesome in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    I am unhappy that PANTHOR isn't flocked, but I won't be a fool.

    I would not buy a flocked version simply because the plan would have been to get us to buy double the product.
    I agree with this, I wanted a flocked version but I'm not going to waste money buying a second now I have one. Can't help think it was done just so everyone would then buy a second flocked Panthor later on.

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    Hmm, these old polls keep showing up. LoL.

    May as well make the most of it as obviously its not gonna happen via Mattel so i've taken the next step and done up a flocked Classics Panthor myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donimo View Post
    I am happy with the unflocked Panthor, but would still like to purchase a future flocked version as well. There doesn't appear to be an option for that, so I didn't vote.
    Same here. I think the current one is great AND I would love to buy a flocked one. I did not vote.

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    I don't like how the flocking looks on Moss Man, I actually prefer the non flocked prototype, I certainly wouldn't buy a Panthor that was flocked, not with joints and all.
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    Still holding out for a flocked panthor.
    When the line ends and he isnt made, ill get unflocked only then.

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    I have the original and wanted a flocked version but i think the time has passed. I'd rather get Clawdeen or Battle Lion.
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    Nope. I don't need 2.

    I think the one we have now would still look better.

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    If they could cover the joints well, yeah I'd buy one in a heartbeat!

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    Why couldn't this poll have the choices simply say, "YES' or "NO"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Tamusk View Post
    Why couldn't this poll have the choices simply say, "YES' or "NO"?
    Only the OP knows for sure, but nonetheless, I don't think it would change the outcome.
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    no way would i buy a flocked panthor... really dig the one we have.. besides i dont care much for flocking...
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    This late in the game I can say that ship has sailed. I love my unflocked panthor and would not waste my money on another just for flocking that takes away the detail of the sculpt.
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