There seem to be a lot of comic fans on this forum. There are also a lot of people here, like me, who spend more time here than anywhere else online. Since there is always news related to comics to talk about and I've personally found the comic forums I used to frequent not as fun to visit as they used to be, I thought a catch-all thread that covers all things superheroes & comic books could be fun & useful.

* Do you want to talk about DC Comics & their latest event mini-series?

* What are your opinions on Marvel Comics & their latest big screen movie?

* Did you read the latest Conan or Star Wars comics?

* What comic related TV show are you watching or looking forward to?

* Is there a manga you just finished that you're dying to talk about?

* Who is currently making the best comic book toys?

* Played any cool video games recently based on a comic book?

* Why did you start reading comics in the first place & what were your favorites as a kid?

Discuss any of that and more right here!!!