Re: the female super costumes, it really is all about the artist. Wonder Woman's costume, CAN look modest, or she can look like she's a hair away from a nip slip, depending on how she is drawn. Michael Turner draw Supergirl looking like a mangy crack ***** who'd never eaten in her life and loved mascara more than life itself and who apparently had straw growing out of her head.

Despite having to draw her in a ridiculously out of style belly tee (Hit me baby, one more time!- 1999), Jamal Igle managed to make her look modest. He drew her skirt almost knee length and clearly showed that she wore long shorts underneath, so no Paris/Britney/Lindsay/Miley peakaboo shots could happen and even though he had to keep the stupid belly tee, he at least lengthened it.

Igle's Supergirl looks well-fed, healthy and modest. She's indestructible, so she doesn't necessarily need to be completely covered for warmth or protection. And that hair is so luxurious she could do a Pantene commercial! It's all about the artist... in most cases.

NO ONE can make Star Sapphire's costume acceptable. I'm glad to see that trash going away. Starfire's is revealing but it's in keeping with her character, an uninhibited, free willed warrior woman. Plus, her suit, as revealing as it is, has never seemed trashy the way Star Sapphires does. And The Huntress' is just silly. A belly window? I am torn on Powergirl... I mean... that's practically a trademark!

Also, just what is their judgement barometer? Wonder Woman is still showing a lot more skin than her Justice League teammates. Are legs verboten, but not cleavage and shoulders?