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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    In a recent interview they said that Power Girl DOES still exist in nuDC and will in fact cameo in one of the 52 books. So I guess that's some hope for the rest of the JSA.
    I knew JSA would come back again in some compacity(it was one of Johns' best books at DC), but that's nice to know that Power Girl is still around. Now I just need to know about Blue Devil & Krypto so I can get a good night's sleep again.

    Quote Originally Posted by wyldman11 View Post
    Just noticed something interesting in Aquaman's pants.
    I noticed it after I posted it and became a tad nervous that it would be taken down. Since it is just a harpoon in his pants and not a "harpoon", I think I'm safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    I'm very tempted. I love Alpha Flight vol 1 so much (well, up until the last few issues when it just went dumb). And I am hopeful due to Snowbird getting such a nice portrayal recently in Hercules and its spin-offs.
    As a kid, I was never really into team books except for Alpha Flight and Keith Giffen's Justice League. I agree that Alpha Flight ended with a whimper, but, overall, that run was amazing. All the kids my age were going nuts for the X-Men, but it was the Canadian spinoff that I loved. The new book's writer Greg Pak has written things that I've liked before(he's definitely more Dan Slott imo than Brian Bendis or Mark Millar), but I'm not sure if I love what I've seen of his resurrected Marrina. Although, if you consider what was done with her recently(Norman Osborn made her a monster and her husband Namor ripped her head off & tossed her corpse through a window), it could be a lot worse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    I have to wonder why they even bothered to bring Mac back though. Byrne created him to be killed off, and I never felt he was needed for the group to be "complete".
    I never knew Mac was created just to be killed off, but since it happened so early in the original series' run, I guess it makes sense. I have problem with Mac sticking around, but Heather will always be the leader of the team imo.

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