View Poll Results: What was your favorite MOTU Vehicle?

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  • Attack Trak

    8 9.09%
  • Dragon Walker

    8 9.09%
  • Battle Ram

    26 29.55%
  • Wind Raider

    8 9.09%
  • Bashasaurus

    6 6.82%
  • Land Shark

    9 10.23%
  • Jet Sled

    2 2.27%
  • Spydor

    12 13.64%
  • Stridor

    5 5.68%
  • Road Ripper

    4 4.55%
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Thread: What was your favorite MOTU Vehicle?

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    Heroic Warrior Replikor's Avatar
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    Well from this poll, it seems pretty obvious so far that making the Wind Raider to test the market for MOTUC vehicle buyers was a bad call.

    OBVIOUSLY it should have been the more popular vehicle the BattleRam.

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    Widget sanmi's Avatar
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    Attack Trak but my parents never bought it to me i always hated them for that...

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    Cringer's butler MannyB175's Avatar
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    My favorite vehicle was the Road Ripper. Does Spydor count as a vehicle? Spydor was my favorite, too.
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    In disguise! Barbecue17's Avatar
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    I went with the Landshark, but I was going to put the Roton. Too bad it isn't on the list...
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    Snappy Threader
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    Talon FIghter was my favorite, but Battle Ram from the list.

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    Human... Robot... Maniac Spacedust's Avatar
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    In terms of play, I'd definitely go for Spydor. I didn't have so many vehicles from the vintage line (they were bigger and more expensive for my meager pocket money!! ), but late in the day in the line, I got a reduced Spydor for a local department store near me, and loved it. It looks awesome, it moves awesome... one of the line's best; always felt a bit odd that it's sometimes overlooked.
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    Court Magician Design Lad's Avatar
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    Nobody going for Spitbull then?
    Bashasaurus or Spydor are probably my faves. Talon fighter was pretty cool. However Blaster Hawk will always retain a special place in my heart, those discs flew so far! Me & my brother almost lost an eye on several occasions.
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    Heroic Warrior Son of Keldor's Avatar
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    Mine was and still is the laser bolt, but you didn't have it listed to vote on so I voted on the jet sled!

    Minority vote I see.

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    Heroic Warrior Mantisaur82's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    SPYDOR, because of the coolest box art!

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jan 2013
    I make sadface that the Talon Fighter wasn't on this thread - my easy favorite! I love it and Point Dread so much, I forgot all about it!

    I'll explain: when it came out, the Talon Fighter was THE ONE THING me and my friends all wanted (two playsets in one, mystic/tech origin, FLYING BIRD JET, could use to justify getting the Castle to parents since it went on top, etc...), and unfortunately was the one thing none of us ever found. Just couldn't find it. Never found it. Remember, it was the early 80's- no interwebs, no online ordering. Where I grew up at that time, if the store didn't have it, tough. And nobody special-ordered anything; it's like we were in some kind of toy limbo (true story, a mint-in box Star Wars Death Star sat on an upper shelf at the local Winn's until 1985 or so, priced at $25 - I sometimes wonder who eventually got it...)

    Anyway, about three years ago, I was walking through an antique store and saw a stack of MOTU mini-comics in a display case. The seller wanted about 25 cents each, so I bought them, thinking to relive the fun, and aware that the Classics line was out and getting good reviews. Sure enough, one of them was the Point Dread issue, and I was like, "Oh, yeah! Forgot all about that thing!" Good times.

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