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Thread: SDCC Exclusives Revealed - Marlena, Cringer, Polly Pocket POP!

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    SDCC Exclusives Revealed - Marlena, Cringer, Polly Pocket POP!

    I just caught a glimpse of Queen Marlena's green dress and a figure of a woman wearing a space-suit in a bumper at Attack of the Show"'s beginning. And MegaGearMax thought he saw Cringer as well.

    For the record exactly, what I saw was this: at the tail-end of the panning shot they did, I caught a glimpse of the green-and-yellow dress in question, in hard plastic, though it was headless. Next to it was a female figure wearing what looked to be a form-fitting space-suit, with a fish-bowl like astronaut helmet, and holding a gun.

    It all happened so fast that I'm not sure if they're related, though I am fairly certain that they are.

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